By Irene Petty Watt


This Quote From Irene and the purpose of this website:


"But there is so much untold - so much yet to find out- so many things need to be added! 

I am hopeful that a younger member of the clan will take up the pen- and the search!"


This book is out of print and is placed on this website for research purposes only by Charles Gregory
a descendent of the PETTY family. Transcribed by volunteers and we thank them!


The pen we will use is the keyboard if you have additions or corrections please feel free to

send your research to be added to this website.


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The pages have been recompiled and the original page numbers are
shown in (brackets) as you read the book.



Irene Petty Watt Obituary


---------------------The Book -------------------


A Petty Coat Of Arms and Description


Preface and Some Acknowledgments


The Family Tree ca. 1644-1969


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The Matthews Family Page 1-5


The Matthews Family Page 6-10

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