Transcribed By Pat Stubbs


a- George Douglas FINGER, born Jan. 20, 1940 at McMinnville, Tenn., married Ann CAMPBELL and has two children: 1- Nikki Douglas FINGER, born Sept. 13, 1963 and 2-Dwynn D. FINGER, born April 2, 1965.


b- Charles Ronald FINGER, born Oct. 28, 1944 at McMinnville, Tenn.- married 1967 to Generva LYLE.  One child Chanda Ronnell FINGER, born Oct 9, 1967.


c- Brent Harris FINGER, born July 16, 1960.


2-Connie Louise HARRIS, born Oct. 24, 1923 at McMinnville, Tenn.-died Feb. 27, 1926.


9-a Eddie Myers HARRIS, born Feb. 8, 1902 at Carthage, Tenn.-died May 26, 1963.-was married Dec. 26, 1922 to Rosalie SWAFFER, born Aug. 19, 1902 at Lebanon, Tenn. 

They had four children.

1-Albert Stanford HARRIS, born Aug. 18, 1924 at Hartsville, Trousdale Co., Tenn.-married Aug. 10, 1944 at Rossville, Ga. to Mildred NUNLEY. They have an adopted Daughter, Beverly Ann, born March 19, 1962 at Baltimore, Md.


2- Charles D. HARRIS and Geroge D. HARRIS (Twins), born Dec. 9, 1926, at Detroit, Wayne Co., Mich. Charles D. HARRIS was married April 10, 1952 at Springfield, Tenn. to Mary Louise (Pat) SCOTT, born about 1935 at Bethpage, Tenn., daughter of Homer SCOTT and Katharine (Kate) HACKETT SCOTT.  They had one child Richard Lee HARRIS, born Dec. 20, 1953 at Hartsville, Tenn.  Charles D. HARRIS and Mary Louise SCOTT were divorced in 1959.  On May 13, 1961, Charles D. HARRIS married at Randaltown, Maryland his second wife Tressa KUBEK.  They have three children: a- Edward Myers HARRIS II-born June 4, 1964 and b- Mitchell Gregory HARRIS, born in 1966 and c- Charles D. HARRIS, Jr. born 1970.


3- George D. HARRIS, born Dec. 9, 1926 at Detroit, Mich., married Dec. 21, 1949 in Franklin, Ky., Agnes SANDERS, born at Lafayette, Macon Co., Tenn.  They have two children: a. Kathy Lane HARRIS, born Dec. 20, 1951 and b. Kristy Lynn HARRIS born Aug. 23, 1958.


4. Margaret Louise HARRIS, born Dec. 27, 1930 at Detroit, Mich. -was married July 29, 1950 to Kenneth R.  GREGORY, born May 28, 1930.  They had three children: a. Charles Michael GREGORY, born July 4, 1951. b- Roger Allen GREGORY, born July 29, 1954. c-Connie Renee GREGORY, born May 22, 1961.


10-a-Leland Stanford HARRIS, born May 22, 1903 at Carthage, Tenn.- married 1927 at Toledo, Ohio to Mary Eunice BUTCHER, born Aug. 22, 1904 at McMinnville, Warren Co., Tenn.  They had one child:        

1-Leland Morris HARRIS, born March 18, 1929 at Detroit, Wayne Co., Mich.  He was married June 25, 1950 at Rossville, Ga. to Dorothy May HASSELL born Aug. 19, 1932 (16) at Franklin, Williamson Co., Tenn.  They had two children: a- Kim Morris HARRIS, born July 7, 1953 at Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenn. b- Manina Faye HARRIS, born Feb. 14, 1955 at Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenn.


12-a Clarence Thomas HARRIS, born Jan. 1, 1908 at Hartsville, Trousdale Co., Tenn.-married in 1938 to Beta May JORDON.  They had two children:

1-Betsy Frances HARRIS, born May 5, 1946-married Aug. 30, 1966 to Reeder Halley MARTIN.  They have one son, James Anthony Martin born June 2, 1970 at Dyersburg, Tenn. 

2- Nancy Lee HARRIS born Oct. 19, 1951.



The second child of Thomas Haskel PETTY and Aletha LYNCH:

(2) Mary PETTY born 1870 Smith Co., Tenn. was married Jan 14, 1889 to Sud LYNCH.  They had five children- I have not been able to learn anything about these- not even all their names-  I did get three of their names- Minnie, John and Haskel-  If anyone seeing this book, knows anthing about them- I hope they will write to me.


(3) Matthew T. PETTY born Oct. 29, 1873 in Smith Co., Tenn.-died Jan 21, 1948 and is buried at New Macedonia Baptist Church at Chestnut Mound-out on one of those beautiful wind-swept ridges.  He and many of his kin were members of this church and several of them sleep the long sleep near him in this quiet place.  He was married twice-1st in 1896 to Sallie BELLAR and 2nd Oct. 31, 1909 to Fannie DILLARD.  By the first marriage there were four daughters and one son:

a-Betty PETTY married a Mr. ROLLINS, b-Cornelia PETTY married Leslie CLAYTON, c- Grady PETTY married James H. VANDERPOOL son of Alfred VANDERPOOL and Mary Belle GLOVER. He died in 1967 in Smith Co., Tenn. where he had spent his entire life.  He was a Deacon at New Macedonia Baptist Church and is buried there.


d-Vina PETTY married Shirley F. NABORS in 1925 and they had six daughters: 1-Margaret married a Mr. COWAN, 2- Frances married a Mr. HUNTER, 3- Joanne & 4-Geraldine each married a Mr. SMITH, 5- Hilda married a Mr. BENNETT, 6- Betty Jean NABORS, the youngest,

still unmarried at the time of her mother's death.


e-The son Virgil PETTY, born in Smith Co., Tenn. about 1901 married Dec. 28, 1921 to Eve FITZPATRICK.


From Matthew T. PETTY's marriage to Fannie DILLARD (17) he had three more children:

f- Reba PETTY married Solon GENTRY, g- Maurine PETTY married Melvin ROGERS, h-A baby son who died with his mother.


           (4) Andrew Jackson PETTY born March 9, 1868 in Smith Co., Tenn. -died Sept. 1947 and is buried at New Macedonia Baptist Church where others of his kin are buried.  He was married twice-1st Aug. 18, 1894 to Lulu HARRIS and 2nd Aug. 7, 1909 to Mary Cassie DILLARD, born 1886, dau. of Chas. DILLARD and Mary COWAN.  Andrew Jackson PETTY and Lulu HARRIS had three children and by his second marriage to Mary Cassie DILLARD he had six.


Three sons born to Andrew and Lulu HARRIS PETTY:

a-Benton PETTY born Oct. 29, 1899-died May 29, 1900.

b. Abe PETTY born Dec. 1, 1901, Smith Co., Tenn.  Not clear when he died- However it is known that he lived to be a grown man for he was a veteran of World War I.

c- Earl PETTY born Oct. 27, 1905 in Smith Co., Tenn., died March 9, 1964 in Akron, Ohio and is buried there. Do not know whom he married but he has a son Edward PETTY who with his two children David and Cheryl PETTY live in Akron.


Children of Andrew Jackson PETTY and Mary Cassie PETTY:

d- Charles Andrew PETTY born June 21, 1910-died Aug. 19, 1910.

e- Robert Ryan PETTY born July 26, 1911-died Aug. 26, 1911,

f- Letha Lorene PETTY born July 28, 1912-died Sept. 16, 1912.,

g- Hattie Edith PETTY born Dec. 1913 married John L. OVERSTREET and they have a daughter Carolyn, born in 1948.

h. Herman Harrison PETTY born March 6, 1917-married Elizabeth COPELAND of Livingston, Tenn., and they have three children:

1- Larry Keith PETTY married Judy HINKLE and has two children, David and Karen PETTY, 2-Betty and 3- Louellen live with the family in Akron, Ohio.

i- Lurlie Kate PETTY born April 11, 1921, Smith Co., Tenn.  married Robert COLE.  They live in Fairlawn, New Jersey and have two children: Patricia Irene and Robert COLE, Jr.

Note: Of Andrew Jackson PETTY's nine children only five lived to be grown.


(5) Henry PETTY born 1879, youngest son of Thomas Haskel PETTY and Aletha LYNCH married Hermie DULIN.  They had eight children: A. B., Stanford, Thomas, Haskel, Annie, Lizzie, Esther, Garland and Sidney James PETTY. It is a matter of regret to me that I was unable to learn more about this family.  I know some of them live in Nashville, Tenn (18)


(6) Annie PETTY married Bennett HOLIDAY.  They had six children: J. B., Jesse, E. B., Clara, Belle and Annie Mai Holiday.


            (7) Rachael PETTY married Julius WILBURN and they had four children, none of whose names I have been able to learn.


B- The second son of Henderson B. PETTY and Nancy Pryor GRESHAM was named Andrew Jackson PETTY- was born 1846 in Smith County, Tenn., where he lived his whole life.  He died Oct. 11, 1922 at his home at the Upper Ferry on the Cumberland River at Carthage.  He is buried in the Moss Graveyard located in the forks of the Caney Fork and Cumberland Rivers.  He was an expert riverman and for many years owned and operated the Upper Ferry.  He was married five times.  Four wives he lost to death- the fifth survived him.  He was married first Jan 14, 1865 to Mary Susna BOZE.  They had seven children:


1-Martha PETTY born 1866- married Jim JONES.  They had one child John, who lived about one year.


2-Nancy PETTY born Smith Co., Tenn. in 1869-was married Nov. 4, 1866 to Ridley KNIGHT.  From Mrs. Agnes WEBB of Lebanon, Tenn.  I have the names of Nancy and Ridley KNIGHT's children. a- Martha KNIGHT married Thomas ROBINSON. b- Leila KNIGHT married Herschal GIBBS c- Lovie KNIGHT married Chas. SMITH. d- Samantha KNIGHT married Benton GIBBS e- Wade KNIGHT married Effie HUFFHINES. f- Thomas KNIGHT, g-Ira KNIGHT, h-Edward KNIGHT and i- Ernest KNIGHT who only lived about one year.


3-Sarah PETTY born March 16, 1871-was married Jan. 12, 1888 to William ELLIS.  I am also indebted to Mrs. WEBB for the names of Sarah's children:


a-Jennie ELLIS married Joseph BRYAN,  b- Lucy ELLIS died at age seven, c- Van ELLIS married Ona WILKERSON, d- Lillian ELLIS,  e- Henry ELLIS,  f-Edward ELLIS.


4- Cora Lee PETTY born March 16, 1874-died Aug. 11, 1949- she married Oct. 13, 1897 to Leslie A. HUGHES.    Their children:

a-William Andrew HUGHES born July 30, 1900-died Apr. 17, 1958- married Ruth POSTON.  They had no children.


b-Jesse Celsor HUGHES  born Aug. 17, 1905 was married to Nellie Douglas PETTY, daughter of Corbin and Bess WOODARD PETTY and the grandaughter of Pryor and Susan Stewart PETTY.  Pryor PETTY, was of course, a brother of Jesse C. HUGHES' grandfather, Andrew Jackson PETTY.  Jesse Celsor HUGHES and Nellie Douglas PETTY  had (19) four children:

1-William Clayton HUGHES married Billie DUKE,

2-Gerald Leonard HUGHES married Jeannette GARRISON.

3-Edward Eugene HUGHES married Paulette BENNETT.

4-Roger HUGHES  born Nov. 11, 1952.


c- Martha Agnes HUGHES born April 14, 1910 -married Howard Oakley WEBB.  They had two children:

1- Lee Allen WEBB born Feb. 28, 1938,

2-Wayne Oakley WEBB born Aug. 2, 1941-married Dec. 16, 1961 to Dixie Lee DAVIS.  They have one child:  Bruce Wayne WEBB born Aug. 11, 1967.


(5) Agnes PETTY married Nov. 24, 1897 to Ben SUTTON.


(6) Joseph M. PETTY married Ella NIXON and they lived for many years on the Cumberland River at Lock 8 where Joe was a lockmaster.  They raised a fine family and when the children were small I knew the family- but the PETTY family has a great talent for losing touch with people-for a long time I heard nothing about any of them and in trying to reconstruct the story of the family, I find I know painfully little about them.  The more I study on this the more firmly I believe that we should get this big family together into a family organization!  There are so many of us- if we banded together into a family organization there are so many wonderful things we could do to help each other and to make fuller lives for all of us.

             Well, anyway, here are some of the names of Joe and Ella PETTY's children:

1-Luster Floyed PETTY married Dimple CORNWELL. I know he died some years ago but do not have the date.  They had three children: Mrs. John GRAY and Mrs. Jane HEDGES of Goodlettsville, Tenn. and Mrs. Richard FULLER of Morganfield, Ky.

2-Billie PETTY died at age 2,

3- Robert H. PETTY,

4-John M. PETTY,

5-Lulu PETTY married James OWEN, Jr.,

6- Mildred PETTY married Howard Boone and

7- Mary PETTY born about 1910- married in 1929 at Gallatin, Sumner Co., Tenn. to Hubert O. KEMP.  She died in 196-  at Nashville, Tenn. and is buried at Nashville in Springhill Cemetery.  Hubert O. KEMP had just been named Chief of Police of Metropolitan Gov. at Nashville the day before Mary Petty KEMP died of a heart attack.  For twenty-five years she had been a member of Edgefield Baptist Church in Nashville, was active in church and missionary work, a teacher in the sunday school.  For some years she had worked for the Sunday School Board in the Church Literature Dept.  She and her husband had three ch: (20)


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