a-- Jamie GRIFFEN born Nov. 1967 - Sometimes the name Jamie is used for a girl, Jamie GRIFFEN is a boy!


 4-x Marjorie Lorene PETTY born Oct.7, 1920 - married George SMITH. They had five children:


  1 - Ricky SMITH born Aug. 9, 1944.

  2 - Randy SMITH  3 - Bonnie SMITH  4 - Frank SMITH 5 - Roger Smith born Nov., 1946 - died Dec. 1946.


5-x Ora Emma PETTY born May 6, 1924 - married first husband Feb. 24, 1942 - Aubrey Eldred HAYNES. He died Feb. 1952. There was one daughter by this



  1 - Sharon Ann HAYNES born Dec. 26, 1942


     Ora Emma PETTY HAYNES married a second time - April 30, 1954 to William David HATCHER - born Aug. 12, 1925.


    Sharon Ann HAYNES born Dec. 26, 1942 - married Kenneth R. JONES born Dec 26, 1939. They have two children:


   a - Joree JONES born Nov. 12, 1960.

   b - Kieth Ray JONES born Dec. 29, 1962.


  Most of this information came from Mrs. Reginald M. (Pat) PETTY of Clovis, New Mexico - (With a very kind assist from Mrs. Ora HATCHER). The parts about the older members of the family - the ancestors - as they came out of Virginia and North Carolina into Tennessee I got mainly from Miss Katharine REYNOLDS of Houston, Texas and from Smith Co., Tenn. marriage and census records. Many of this branch of the PETTY tree are living today, in Smith County, Tenn. and many are scattered over the face of the nation.(71)




The next few pages will include a sketch of some of the descendants of the oldest son -- or the one whom we believed to be the oldest - of old John PETTY of North Carolina. This comes from various sources, but chiefly from Miss Katharine REYNOLD'S direct ancestor. As has been stated before, Old John PETTY our common ancestor, was a soldier in the American Revolution. It appears that in his old age he made his home with or near his son Stephen PETTY. Stephen it was, who helped his father make application for a Revolutionary War Pension, testifying that although at the time he was a very small child, he could remember his father being awayfrom home for long periods of time.  It was also Stephen who acted as his father's administrator after his death. He made petition that the heirs of his father come forward so that property left by their father John PETTY, who died intestate, could be sold and divided among said heirs. In the petition, Stephen stated taht all heirs except the widow Martha PETTY, himself (Stephen), one brother James PETTY one sister Elizabeth and her husband Elijah SORRELL lived outside the state. We know that Stephen lived in Chatham Co., North Carolina. The petition names beside the widow, Stephen, James, Elizabeth and Elijah SORRELL, these other heirs: William, Thomas, Joseph, Ambrose, Tapley and Jesse PETTY, Sally PETTY, Nancy PETTY and her husband Henry PICKARD and the children of Polly PETTY MAINOR (deceased) namely: William, James, Jess and Elizabeth MAINOR. We know that William PETTY who married Lavinia DILLARD was in Tenn. before 1820. We know that Thomas PETTY who married Lydia MAYNARD was in Tenn. before 1834 - or by that time. There is reason to believe that several of the others also were there - but Stephen himself never left North Carolina.


 1- Stephen PETTY born in N.C. about 1774 - Inscription on tombstone in PETTY cem. just outside Pittsboro, N.C. says he died April 8, 1850 age 76. Julia BYNUM, a granddaughter of Stephen, said he was married twice. His 1st wife was Laura DILLARD and his 2nd was Lutilda BOONE born Nov. 17, 1805, dau. of Raiford BOONE. Children of Stephen PETTY and Laura DILLARD:

  a-1 John Tapley PETTY born Feb. 7, 1802 in Chatham Co., N.C., moved to Miss. in 1849. He was married Nov. 16,1824 to Maria James NEAL born Aug. 23, 1805 in Chatham Co., N.C. - died Jan.15, 1847 in N.C. John Tapley PETTY died Aug.13, 1854. He is buried at Rienza, Miss. (72)


b-1 Winship S. PETTY born 1803 in North Carolina - married Mary CARLOSS daughter of Edward CARLOSS of Chatham Co., North Carolina. They moved to

Hopkins Co., Texas and he died there in 1881.


c-1 George PETTY was born in Chatham Co., North Carolina and died there in 1839. He was married Aug. 26, 1835 to Sally TEAGUE daughter of David TEAGUE

of Chatham Co., North Carolina.


d-1 Betsy PETTY born Feb. 11, 1804 in Chatham Co., N.Carolina married Gray BYNUM born Nov. 14, 1797 in Chatham Co. Sometime after 1830 they moved to

Alcorn, Miss. Where Gray BYNUM died March 24, 1867 and Betsy died there Aug.15, 1871.


e-1 Nancy PETTY born in Chatham Co., N.C. about 1800 married John BRANTLEY on Aug. 19, 1819 and moved to Haywood Co., Tenn.


   Children of Stephen PETTY and second wife Lutilda BOONE:


f-1 William S. PETTY born April 14, 1834 - died Nov. 7, 1901 - married first Oct. 30, 1857 to Emmaline STROUD. His second marriage was to Mary STROUD a niece of his first wife Emmaline STROUD.

Mary STROUD was born Nov. 2, 1843 - Jan. 15, 1900 - She was married to William S. PETTY March 14, 1868. (Emmaline Stroud was a daughter of John STROUD and Lois ATWATER).


g-1 Robert E. PETTY born Chatham Co., North Carolina in 1835. He was never married. He was a major in the Army of the Southern Confederacy.


h-1 Thomas PETTY born 1837 married Ora HATCH.


a-1 John Tapley PETTY born Feb. 7, 1802 and married Nov. 16, 1824 to Maria James NEAL born Aug. 23, 1805 -  Their descendants:


A - Julia Ann PETTY born April 30, 1828 in Chatham Co., North Carolina - died March 19, 1875 - married Dec. 9, 1851 to John STEVANS born 1829 in Virginia.

They had two children:


  A-1 Oscar W. STEVANS born 1857 - died unmarried.


  A-2 Harry STEVANS lived and died in Corinth, Miss. He was married in Ala. (73)


B - Addison Wesley PETTY born Nov. 30, 1825 in Chatham Co., North Carolina - died July 27, 1906 - married Nov. 30, 1852 to Mary FLAKE, daughter of Samuel FLAKE and Fatima HARGROVE.

Children of Addison Wesley PETTY and Mary FLAKE:


B-1 Eugenia FLAKE PETTY born 1854 - married William POVALL and had two children:


            a-1 Pearl POVALL married William HUFFMAN - lived in Tupelo, Mississippi.


            b-1 Carrie POVALL married William MARTIN and lived in Corpus Christi, Texas.


B-2 Mary Emma PETTY born 1856 in Prentiss Co., MIss. Was married three times - first to a Mr. KEY - second to a Mr. CONNOR and third to a Mr. McCREE.


B-3 Samuel PETTY born 1858 - died Sept. 3, 1878 near Booneville, Miss.


B-4 Katie Lou PETTY born 1861 in Prentiss Co., Miss. Married Charles Riddle LACEY son of William Carroll LACEY and Elizabeth RIDDLE. He died in the 1950's in Kansas City, Mo. at the home of his daughter Mrs. Frank THOMAS.

Children of Katie Lou PETTY and Charles Riddle LACEY:


            a-4 Wesley LACEY married Irene GAMBELL. They had a daughter:


   aa - Madge LACEY


b-4 Gene LACEY born about 1884 - married Marguerite ..... and they had three daughters: names not            known.


c-4 Tommie LACEY born 1891 - married in 1918 to Frank Dewitt THOMAS. He died in 1967 - they had three children:


                        cc-1 Lacey THOMAS born 1919 - died 1943.


cc-2 Dorothy Beth THOMAS was married Dec. 31, 1947 to Lt. David Bruce HOLLAND. They had two children:


                                    1. David HOLLAND

                                    2. Laurie HOLLAND


cc-3 Charles THOMAS born Aug. 21, 1922 - married Barbara SPEARS. He was an aviator in World War II - lives in Kansas City, Mo. They have two children:


                                    1. Lou Ann THOMAS

2. Bryan THOMAS (74)


d-4 Beth LACEY born about 1901 - died 1952 - married Shelly HUGHES and had three daughters, one of whom was Jane HUGHES.


B-5 Minnie PETTY born 1862 - died 1913 -  married John W. WILLIAMS born May 27, 1860. Their children:


            a-5 Lucille Gretchen WILLIAMS died in infancy.


b-5 William Neal WILLIAMS born Feb. 12, 1980** was married twice- first to Mary COOK at McAllistar, Okla. and second to Carita MARSTEN of Massachusetts.  He had two daughters:


   1- Marjorie WILLIAMS of Chicago.

                           2- Rosaline WILLIAMS of Los Angeles.


            c-5 Katie Dell WILLIAMS born March 25, 1895 - married but had no children.


B-6 John Wesley PETTY BORN 1866 - died 1946 in Oklahoma City. He had two children,


B-7 Carrie Petty born 1868 - died young.


C - Junius Nelson PETTY born Jan. 11, 1831 in Chatham Co., North Carolina - died Nov. 1911. He was married May 1856 to Justine E. POLLOCK born 1836 in Alabama. Junius Nelson PETTY and his family are listed in the census of Hardin Co., Tenn. for 1860. Their children:


C-1 Lena L. PETTY born about 1860 - married Sam BELCHER born 1856. They had a daugher:

            a - Ora BELCHER born 1878 in Prentiss Co., Miss.


C-2 Julia PETTY born 1859 - married a Mr. CONNOR.


C-3 John PETTY - never married.


C-4 Jessie PETTY married Willard LAWTON. They lived in Wayne, Pa., and had two children:

a-4 Gladys LAWTON

b-4 Lewis LAWTON - married and had a son born 1918.


C-5 Bettie PETTY. (75)


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