very busy person as well as getting along in years so certainly she is to be forgiven for forgetting to tell me the names of some of her children although she mentioned the birthdate! Anyway, I have seldom enjoyed anything more than her letters.


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Children of Henry PETTY and Beulah BROWN:


a-3 Robert Lee PETTY born Oct.22, 1910- died Feb. 1947 Married June 18,

               1938 to Leola SIMPSON. 4 children :

a-Robert Lee PETTY Jr. probably born about 1939.

b-Lola PETTY married Bud HARRIS.

c-Irene PETTY born 1941.

d-Ruth PETTY a teacher in a Brownsfield, Texas school.


b-3 - George Lewis PETTY born Sept.8, 1912.


c-3 - Ozelle PETTY born Dec.13, 1913 - married a Mr. Young and had two children:

          a- Annette YOUNG born May 2, 1941.

          b- ...... YOUNG (a boy) born Oct.4, 1943.


d-3 - Louisa PETTY born July 30, 1915 - married 1941 to William STANLEY. three      children - I do not have the names.


e-3 - Marie PETTY born Oct. 28, 1919 - married a Mr. SIMS and had two

         children - and again I regret that I do not have their names.


g-3 - Eliza Grace PETTY born Sept 26, 1926 married a Mr. LUCKIE and they

                  have one child:   Gerry LUCKIE born April 22, 1954.


h-3 - _____ PETTY born April 7, 1930. Whether this was a boy or girl for I couldn't

        find   the name - I don't know


4 - Green Berry PETTY born Feb.18, 1883 in Smith Co., Tenn - died Big

Springs, Texas, Dec.1956, was married Sept. 11, 19.. to Fannie McARTHUR.

They had 4 children: a- Velton died 1945, b- Nona died when young, c- Otis

lives at Big Springs, Tex. d- Elston PETTY.


5 - Solon PETTY born Aug. 29, 1885 Smith Co., Tenn. married Sept.10, 1909

to Florence LYNNE. He was married a second time and the family lost track

of him. He had 5 children: a- Carl died in 1960, b- Elvis c- Ernest

d- Minnie e- Emma. He was last heard from in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1936.


6 - Elijah PETTY born Dec. 14, 1888 in Smith Co., Tenn. married June 7,

1909 in Texas to Minnie WHITEFIELD. There was a son named Earl PETTY  and

I am sure there were other children but this is all I have found out. (31)


James Pryor PETTY born Sept.4, 1856 at Stonewall in Smith Co, Tenn was married Sept.25, 1877 to Susan Elizabeth STEWART, born in Smith Co., Tenn., daughter of Carroll STEWART and Mary Jane PARKER. She died at Chestnut Mound, Tenn. Feb. 1952. She is buried at New Macedonia Baptist Church near Chestnut Mound. These two were very special people to me when I was a little girl. The old expression "Good as gold" describes both of them very well. Uncle Pryor used to take the path across the river bluff between his place at the old Bridgewater Landing and our place at Taylors branch, to visit with Dad almost every Sunday. Aunt Susan was a great one for flowers and when her roses, peonies and the like were in bloom, she always cut a big bunch for Uncle Pryor to bring to me. There was one rose I have never seen one like anywhere else. I used to call it Aunt Susan's black rose - the petals were like velvet and were the darkest red I ever saw - almost black. Uncle Pryor and Aunt Susan first lived with my grandparents at their old homeplace near Chestnut Mound, Tenn. after the old people died Uncle Pryor sold the old place and in the early 1900's, he and Aunt Susan moved their family to the old Bridgewater place near Monoville, Tenn. And there on the banks of the Cumberland river, his children grew up. When they were old, Uncle Pryor and Aunt Susan moved a short distance away to a house in the Boston Hollow and there he died Mar. 28, 1926 - in the little house where just twenty years before I had been born.  He was buried at the Bridgewater place beside the two little graves of an infant son and a grandson. After Aunt Susan's death, their daughter and son-in-law, Mary and J.B.BRINDLEY had the bodies disinterred from those three graves and buried with aunt Susan at New Macedonia.

Their children:

1- William Tapley PETTY born Jan 23,1882.


2- George Herman PETTY born Jan.1, 1884.

(Both of these children died in infancy, and are buried on that hill-top

near Chestnut Mound where their granparents are buried.)


3- William Jordon PETTY - born about 1908 at Monoville Tenn. - married and

has at least two children:

1- Randal PETTY

2. Linda PETTY who was married at the Carthage Church of Christ, June 1,

1968 to Perry Lee WARREN son of Mr. and Mrs. William WARREN of Frankewing,



b-3 Ray Casper PETTY born about 1909 - married Ethel BRIDGES. They had

five children:

1- Buddy, 2- Jerry, 3- Bobby, 4- Dan, 5- Patricia.


c-3 Laura W. PETTY - married Hayett FLOYD.


d-3 Nell Douglas PETTY - married Jess HUGHES - her family is listed with

the descendants of Andrew Jackson PETTY as he was Jess HUGHES grandfather.


e-3 Mary e. PETTY married Roger CARSON.


f-3 Jewell Vetres PETTY married Frank SHIPPER of Louisville, Ky.


g-3 James Pryor PETTY II married Mildred DEDMON. They had two children:

    Kenneth Casper PETTY and Janice PETTY.


4 - Laura Lillian PETTY born 1886 at Chestnut Mound, Smith Co., Tenn.-

married Jan. 25, 1906 to William DILLARD. They had no children and spent all their married life together on their little farm tucked away in the Dillard Hollow a short distance from the place where Laura was born.


5 - Garlin Lydia PETTY born Feb. 21, 1887 - married Dec. 24, 1909 to

Berlin BOSTON. They had seven children:


a-5 Cornelia Pryor BOSTON born near Monoville, Tenn. married William

HALLAMS. They have six children: 1- Vessie married Ray HUDSON, 2- Mynette

married Claud NETTLES Jr., 3- Tom married and has a son, 4- Charles

married Dolores PARKHURST, 5- Lillian married M. PLUMLEE, 6- Nancy married _____VAN HOOK.


b-5 Lady Catherine BOSTON married Bryant OWEN. They have no children.


c-5 Mary Elizabeth BOSTON married Thomas DENTON. They live at Carthage,

Tenn. and have two children:


1. Mildred Ann married Kenneth LANGFORD and has four children: Penny

Lesia, Suzanne, Kenneth J. and Jeffrey.


          2. David Neal DENTON married Beverly Jean HOLMES. They have two

children: Marietta Lynn and Sharon DENTON.


d-5 Nettie Ruth married twice - 1st .....BENNETT, 2nd  _____  KELLY.

She had two children by each marriage.


e-5 Ona Sue BOSTON married Ray HARLAN. They had four (33) children.


f-5 Jean BOSTON married John BURTON and they have four children.


g-5 Robert Erwin BOSTON - no children.




6- Charles Orvin PETTY born Oct. 3, 1888 at Chestnut Mound, Tenn. Died

Feb. 25, 1957 in Smith Co. Hosp. at Carthage, Tenn. and is buried in Dixon

Springs Cem. He was a veteran of World War I, was married Sept. 21, 1919

to Annie Mai NIXON, daughter of William and Arah NIXON of Monoville, Tenn.

Orvin and Annie had five children:


a-6 Juanita Gray PETTY born Sept. 22, 1920.


b-6 Mildred Almeda PETTY born Dec. 10, 1923 - died in an automobile

accident when still a young woman. She is buried in Dixon Springs Cemetery.


c-6 R.H. PETTY born March 13, 1927.


d-6 Ruth Allen PETTY born Nov. 13, 1932.


e-6 Charles B. Petty born Aug. 3, 1937.




7. Mary Jane PETTY born Jan 26, 1897 at Chestnut Md. Tenn. - married Oct.

27, 1922 to John B. BRINDLEY born at Chestnut Md. They had a son who died

in infancy and two daughters:


a-7 Dorothy Dean BRINDLEY born Nov. 25, 1925 - married John Gordon SKEEN. They have two sons:

   a- John Gordon SKEEN JR. born July 31, 1940 at Lebanon, Wilson co,


   b- Bruce Neal SKEEM born May 18, 1945 at Lebanon.


b-7 Mary Sue BRINDLEY born March 11, 1928 - married Ottis CARR. He was a soldier killed in service. They had two daughters:


          a- Cynthia CARR born Jan 14, 1949 at Lebanon, Tenn.


b- Nancy CARR born June 12, 1951 Montgomery Co., N.C.

Mary Sue CARR and her daughters live in Nashville, Tenn.


Mary and John BRINDLEY live at their beautiful old farm at Bellwood near

Lebanon, Tenn. The gracious, high ceilinged rooms are furnished with

lovely antiques, many of them are family heirlooms. (34)


8- Elizabeth Lee PETTY born April 12, 1899 at Chestnut Mound, Smith Co.,

Tenn. - married Jess BENSON. They lived on their farm near Portland, Tenn.

until his death in 1967. Elizabeth now lives part of the time in

Cincinnati, Ohio with an only daughter, Juanita. I know Juanita is married

and has some children - but regretfully, I was unable to obtain their



When I was still a little girl, Elizabeth used to let me play paper-dolls

with her - and how I loved that!! She had some wooden boxes nailed to the

back wall of the smoke house which served as doll houses. She cut people

and furniture out of mail order catalogs and magazines and wove stories

abut these imaginary folk and we spent many happy hours playing there - I

bet all the costly toys the children have nowadays are not half as much

fun as that was - and after 50 years when I think of Elizabeth there is

still a warm, happy glow when I think of the fun we used to have when she

let me play "Paper-dolls" with her!


9- James Oval PETTY born Oct. 17, 1900 at Chestnut Mound, Tenn. - died

Dec. 23, 1955 at Manzinola, Colo. where he had lived since 1925. He was

married in Tenn. Dec.24, 1922 to Allie Mai WADE - born March 7, 1904 at

Chestnut Mound, Tenn. They had five children:


a-9 Helen PETTY born March 25, 1924 at Elmwood, Tenn - married April 9,

1945 to Chas. M. COLLIER. They had one child:


          a- Robert Lynn COLLIER born Nov. 24, 1948 at Yankston, South Dakota.


b-9 Richard C. PETTY born Nov. 12, 1927 at Manzinola, Colo. - married July

4, 1953 to Alice Evelyn McFALL. They have four children:


          a- Howard Carroll PETTY born July 26, 1954 at Alexandria, La.


          b- Evelynn Dianne PETTY born March 26, 1956 at Wichita, Kansas.


          c- James Loyd PETTY born May 23, 1961 at Wichita, Kansas.


          d- Susan Loraine PETTY born Jan.8, 1958 at Wichita, Kansas. (35)




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