Transcribed By Patricia Abell


 e-3 Dorothula PETTY born in Dekalb Co., Tenn. 1849.


 f-3 Mary Frances.


g-3 Louella born July 7, 1859. and


h-3 William Alonzo PETTY born Dec.3,1861 and


i-3 Evalina PETTY born before 1859. There is some mystery connected with this one which I never did unravel. She was said to have dissappeared under mysterious circumstances, never to be heard of again.


b-3 - Thomas PETTY was a Confederate soldier - that makes four Thomas PETTYS that I recall at the moment, who fought for their Southern homes. He was born in Dekalb Co., Tenn. 1843. He married and raised a family in Union Co., Ky. but I did not learn anything about them. I remember seeing him once when I was a child. He was a handsome old fellow with long, snow-white beard.


e-3 Dorothula Clementine PETTY born March 4, 1849 - died March 14, 1940 - married William BULLARD born Oct. 1844 - died Jan 28, 1914.



1-e Robert Lee BULLARD born Smith Co., Tenn. Oct. 24, 1872 - died Aug. 1929 - married Jan. 7, 1899 to Emma KEMP. Children: Sallie, Odell, Raymond, Bessie, Marie and Iona BULLARD.


2-e Mary BULLARD born Smith Co., Tenn. Sept. 29, 1875 - died Mar. 1, 1951 - married Oct.1, 1898 to Newton WEST. Children: Estelle WEST and Claud WEST.


3-e  Henry BULLARD born Oct. 5, 1877 - died May 31, 1913. Married twice - 1st to Maud ____ and they had a son Doyle BULLARD. He then married Cornelia CORNWELL and they had Henry BULLARD Jr.


4-e  Edna BULLARD born May 11, 1879 - died May 30, 1963. Married to John LAW. Children: Carrie, Myrtle, Mabel and William (Billy) LAW. Myrtle LAW was a beautiful girl - one of my school-girl friends. She married a man named _____ LAMBERET and I lost touch with her. I was amazed to see her name turn up here as I did not know of her connection with the PETTY family.


5-e  Clara BULLARD born Sept. 18, 1881 - died June 18, 1958. Married William H. BROWN. Children: Ethel and Herman BROWN.


6-e  David BULLARD bron Oct.3, 1883 - died June 4, 1957. Married Emily KEMP. Children: Roy, Irene, Glenn, Beulah, and Aline BULLARD. (6)


7-e  Charles BULLARD born April 3, 1885 - died Aug.21, 1963. He married Maggie BOHANNON and they had a large family. Their children: Grace M., Mary B., E.H., James, Althea, Robert Lee, Edward, Patty, Beatrice, Terre, Frances and Donald BULLARD.


8-e  Elijah BULLARD born Jan.12, 1887 - died Aug. 30, 1965. Married Dec. 23, 1914 to Sallie GREGG. Their children: Hazel, Ivy and Ralph BULLARD.


9-e  Marshall BULLARD born Feb.25, 1889 - married Ethel TAYLOR. Information about Dotothula Petty Bullard's family was given by Mrs. R.B. Cowan, a daughter of David BULLARD. We are very sorry that she neglected to give us anything about her own family.


f-3  There appears to be some confusion about this daughter of William and Elizabeth DUNLAP PETTY - but the best I am able to learn is that Mary Frances PETTY born about 1857 in Tenn. married a man named _______ Patterson. Moved with him to Oklahoma where she raised a family and lived and died there. None of the family seemed to know much about her.


g-3   Louella PETTY born July 7, 1859 - died Jan.14,,1944 at Monoville, Tenn. where she had lived for most of her life. She was the 3rd wife of Henry HACKETT. They had nine children all born near Monoville, Tenn. In Smith Co. and all grew up there and many of their descendants still live in Smith Co. For some reason it was hard for me to get the statistics on this family - however, I do have some. The children of Louella and Henry Hackett:


1-g  Joseph HACKETT born Nov.16, 1883. Went to California when a young man, lived and died there.


2-g  David C. HACKETT  born Feb.12, 1885 -died at Riddleton,, Tenn. Aug.13, 1967. He married Maggie HIETT and they had several children: Henry HACKETT  II, Ernest HACKETT, Mary Eunice HACKETT who married a Mr. CAPLEANOR, Lena HACKETT married Glenn HARLAN, two other daughters Mrs. Bill MYKETTA and Mrs. WILSON BATES and two other sons Randal and C.E. HACKETT .


                   3-g  Lowe HACKETT  Born Oct.9,1886 - married Una ROBERTS.


4-g  Milton D. HACKETT born Aug.25, 1889 - married Hetty BEASLEY. They had a son named Clifton and a daughter named Beatrice and I think there were other children.


5-g   Eva Mai HACKETT born Aug3,1891 - md  Wm. ROBERTS  (7) Eva Mai HACKETT ROBERTS died Sept. 21, 1967.


6-g  William Winship HACKETT born April 15, 1893 married Jewell SMITH.


7-g  Annie HACKETT born July 7, 1896 - married Harrison SNODDY.


8-g  Pearl HACKETT born June 29, 1898 - married Elston GREGORY.


9-g  Samantha C. HACKETT born Oct.21, 1901 - married Lucas RUSSELL and this couple had no children. It is my impression that most of the other children of Louella and Henry HACKETT did have children.


 h-3  William Alonzo PETTY born Dec.3, 1861 - died Dec. 23, 1955. He was married Sept.26, 1886 to Julie     B. KNIGHT. They had children: William T. born 1888; Walter E., Stanton, Haskel, Zollie, Charlie, Austin, Aletha, Ruby who married Lillard POPE and Effie who married Alfred SMITH.


 i-3 (note this is the same Newton  c-3 from page 5 son of William and Betsy Dunlap Petty)

 I have saved this one until the last because I have more information on his family, thanks to Mrs. Fite PETTY and Miss Opal GIBBS, whose ancestor he is. Newton Jasper PETTY was born Dec.19, 1844 in Dekalb Co, Tenn. - died Dec.25, 1922 in Smith Co., Tenn. He was married to Martha J.ARNOLD.  Newton J. PETTY fought beside his brother Thomas for the Confederacy - they had an older brother, Alexander, in the Union ranks. Brother against brother in that sad, bitter struggle. Children of Newton Jasper PETTY and Martha ARNOLD:


 1-i  Newton Thomas PETTY born Dec.23, 1863 - died June -, 1946. He was married twice - 1st to Helmetia PATTERSON. They were married in Smith Co.

Nov. 1822. They had six children:

          a - Esmer PETTY married Wilber VADEN,

b - Lillie PETTY married Wm Turner,

c - Very PETTY married Clayton HESSON,

d - Maggie PETTY  married Henry C. OLDHAM, 

e - James Alex PETTY – no further record on him, 

f - Robert PETTY married Estelle SHOULDERS.


Newton Thomas PETTY'S 2nd wife was Lillian HINES and they had four children:

g - Claud PETTY married Evie OLDHAM,

h - Fannie PETTY  married Samuel EVITTS. 

i - Nannie A. PETTY married Wm. PARKHURST and

j - Lucy B. PETTY married George PIPER and they had two children:

1 - Naomi PIPER married George SIMMS and

2 - Margaret Piper married B.C. HESSON.


2-i  William Edward PETTY, son of Newton Jasper PETTY and Martha ARNOLD, born May 30, 1866, Smith Co., Tenn. - died there June 5, 1937. He married Hetty LAW. (8)

Their children:

a-Ernest H. PETTY born Aug.19,1900 - married Mary Lou YANCEY

b-Walter W. PETTY b June 2, 1913 married Grace ADAIR.

c - Fred L. PETTY born Feb. 1, 1911 - married Garnet DYSINGER.

d- Willie Mai PETTY born June 17, 1903 married Fred DENISON.

e- Hubert E. PETTY born Jan 19, 1909 - died Nov. 10, 1911

f- Cassie Eula PETTY born Sept.14, 1898 - married Grover ANDREWS

g- Mildred Pauline PETTY born July 16, 1920 married Clifton POTTY.

h- Julia Alyene PETTY born Sept 6, 1922 - married Lester HAMPTON. 

i-Mary Elizabeth PETTY born Feb. 13, 1925 married J.T. EDWARDS.

j- Lela PETTY born May 18, 1906 - died Dec. 9, 1918.

k- Mattie Frances PETTY born April 21, 1915 - married Cassie LANGFORD.

l- Emma G. PETTY born Nov. 23, 1917 - died Nov. 15, 1918.


3-i  Nancy E. PETTY born Dec.9, 1869 - died Oct.11, 1933 married March 26, 1894 to Monroe “Mounce” GORE born Feb. 27, 1857 - died Oct 1, 1922. They had one child – Jay GORE who married Blanche BOZE.  (Note: "Mounce" - a nickname.)


4-i  James Columbus PETTY born Nov. 17, 1870 - died Feb. 26, 1950 - married Minnie GIVEN born March 1, 1879 - died July 3, 1956. Their children:

a- Lizzie Forrest PETTY born July 9, 1904 - married Stanton SHEPHERD and they had these children:

1 - Larry SHEPHERD born July 30, 1925 married 1st Jean DENNIS - 2nd Pat SMITH.

2-Evelyn Marie SHEPHERD born March 28, 1936 - married Dewey KEMP:


b - Erma PETTY married Ernest KEMP. He died in 1968. They had three sons:

1- Paul KEMP born Dec. 29, 1933 - married Shirley BOWMAN. 

2 - Jimmy KEMP born Oct. 21, 1948 - married Linda OLDHAM.

3 - Ernest KEMP Jr. born Oct. 27, 1952.


c - Ruby PETTY  born Dec. 1, 1906 - married Thomas BROOKS. They live in Nashville, Tenn. and have a boy and a girl.


d - Casper PETTY born Jan 8, 1914 - married Mildred DILLEHAY born Nov. 19, 1914. They have a daughter, Myrna, born Feb.5, 1950.


5-i  Mary L. (Molly) PETTY born Jan 13, 1873 and died while still a young woman.


6-i Charles A. PETTY born Jan 18, 1880 in Smith Co., Tenn. married Nov. 15, 1900 to Buena BEASLEY - died Nov. 3, 1938 in Texas where he lived and raised his family. He had two sons: Dock B. PETTY and Ray PETTY who died at eight years of age. (9)


7-i  Harriet Rebecca PETTY born May 6,1875 - died Sept. 3, 1937. She was married May 20, 1896 to Charles De-Rice HEWITT born Sept.2, 1878 – died July 27, 1954.

They had 11 children:

a-Virginia B. HEWITT born Feb. 7, 1898 - died April 11, 1962 - married June 10, 1916 to Jame McDonald PLUMLEE born Feb. 18, 1896 - died Nov.1, 1952.

They had several children:


1 - Frances Christine PLUMLEE married Dan LANCASTER and had three children: Carolyn, Robert and Charles LANCASTER.


2. James McDonald PLUMLEE Jr. married Frances BRADSHAW and they have three children: Thomas R. with the U.S. Armed Forces in Viet Nam: Myra and Rex PLUMLEE at home.


3. Belvia Elizabeth PLUMLEE married Robt. BEASLEY and they have three children: Larry, Jimmy, and Kenneth.


4. Charles C. PLUMLEE born 1931 - died in infancy.


5. Jewell Thomas PLUMLEE 1st married Florence RAY. They had one child:

Jewell Thomas PLUMLEE Jr. Jewell Thomas PLUMLEE Sr. then married Juanita SMITH and they had Donna Lynne and Frances.


b- Minnie B. HEWITT born March 13, 1901 - died Dec.30, 1928 - married Jan. 20, 1917 to Thomas GIBBS.


c - Maude M. HEWITT born 1899 - died 1900.


d. Mary Elizabeth HEWITT born Feb.18, 1905 - married Aug.3, 1924 to W.C. GIBBS born Aug. 7, 1907. Their children:


      1- J. D. GIBBS was born 1927 and died in this same year.


2 -W.C.GIBBS Jr. 1st married Louise McSPADDEN - 2nd he married Polly Ann SUTTLE WHITE. They have three children by adoption: Bevery WHITE and Donna Lynne and Edward E. GIBBS.


3 - Jerry Edwin GIBBS born May 26, 1938 married Jane BRIGGS and they have two children: Jerry and Ronald GIBBS


4 - Claud GIBBS born Nov. 19, 1928 - married Oct.8, 1945 to Jean RAY.

They had three ch.: Dan and Richard Hale GIBBS and Billy Ray GIBBS who married Linda HAYES.


e - Alice Era HEWITT born May 26, 1907 - married Sept. 9, 1923 to Virgil GIBBS born March 29, 1904. Their children:

1 - Opal GIBBS born Aug.21, 1924

2 - Edward Allen GIBBS born June 30, 1926 - married 1st Tennie GRESHAM and they had one child Edward Allen GIBBS Jr, who died. Edward A. GIBBS Sr. then married Vella SPEERS and they had Sherry, Shenna and Kimberly.

3 - Horace Glenn GIBBS born Feb.25,1929 - md. Joyce HINDSLEY and they had Debby, Melinda, Glenda, Mark and Micky GIBBS born Feb 21, 1952.

4 - Imogene GIBBS born Feb.14, 1932 -  married Donald VADEN and they  had Donna, Timothy J., Darla, Beth and Jeffrey.

5 - Phillip Wayne GIBBS born May 20, 1941 - married Linda C. GENTRY born Feb.20, 1945. One child Rhonda Denise was born March 30, 1965.

6 - Max Albert GIBBS born ....... married 1st to Mildred DRIVER and 2nd to Betty Jo MERRYMAN. A child, Max (10) Albert GIBBS Jr. was born March 9, 1962.



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