Transcribed By Charles Gregory


 county- he was affectionately known as “Mr Lum.” He took an active, intelligent interest in public affairs, always glad to find a way to help someone. He dearly loved people, and I know of several kind deeds which he thought no one knew about. He and his wife had no children, they lived a quite, contented life together and the world was a little better place because they lived in it.


f2- Ferbia MATTHEWS born Nov. 1, 1877 Smith Branch Community of Smith Co., Tenn. – died Nov. 1 1951 at Athens, Ala. And is buried there. She was married about 1894 to James Marshall KEMP born Oct. 8, 1873 Smith Co., Tenn. son of Riley KEMP and Frances BROCKETT. Ferbia MATTHEWS and James Marshal KEMP had seven children- six of them born at Monoville, Tenn. The seventh born at Athens Ala. Where the family move in 1916 and where some of them still live. James Marshall KEMP outlived his wife by a few years but is buried now beside her at Athens.


1- Marcellus KEMP born Oct. 8, 1895 at Monoville, Tenn. was married June 9, 1920 to Amy HODGES born April 26, 1897 at Carthage, Tenn. a daughter of David P. HODGES and Sallie PAYNE. Marcellus KEMP was a member of one of the best football teams that Carthage ever had- he is also a veteran of World War I. After his marriage he removed to Akron, Ohio where the family still lives. He has retired and he and his wife travel and enjoy these latter years. They had one child:


a- Marcella KEMP born June 8, 1921 at Carthage, Tenn. She was married to Henry Alexander PACE and is a teacher in the schools of Akron. They have two children: Gary James PACE and Hugh David PACE born Jan. 24, 1952.


2- Grace KEMP born May 25, 1899 at Monoville, Tenn. was married Feb. 9, 1913 to Edward G. MASSEY born March 30, 1894 at Carthage, Tenn. son of David K. MASSEY and Laura LEMONS. He is a grandson of Geo. Washington MASSEY and Catherine (Kates) BURNETT. Ed and Grace moved to Alabama Jan. 1915 and have made their home there ever since. They have four children:


a2 – Mabel E. Massey born June 3, 1914 at Carthage, Tenn. – married Feb. 6, 1938 to Garland E. KILPATRICK. They have one child:

1- Judy G. KILPATRICK born May 18, 1942 at Athens, Ala.


b2- Blanche MASSEY born Oct. 25, 1918 at Athens, Ala. Married June 23, 1942 to Douglas MILLER.

They have two children: (6)


a- David E. MILLER born Jan. 15, 1945


b- Kim Massey MILLER born Nov. 8, 1952.


c2- Dewey B. MASSEY born July 27, 1923 at Athens, Ala. – married Jan. 16, 1945 to Elaine TRIMBLE. They had two children:

a- Edward G. MASSEY II born Nov. 24, 1952.


b- Mona Ruth MASSEY born Dec. 19, 1952.


d2 – J. Dewight MASSEY born Dec. 16, 1928 at Athens, Alabama – married Feb. 10, 1950 to Lovise  LOWERY. He died Jan. 7, 1967. He and Lovise LOWERY had three children:


a- Mike L. MASSEY born March 6, 1952 at Athens, Ala. – died in an automobile accident April 5, 1968.


b- Jeffery L. MASSEY born Oct. Nov. 11, 1953 at Athens, Ala.


c- Emily Grace Massey born Oct. 15, 1958 at Athens.


3- Lovie KEMP born Nov. 27, 1902 at Monovile, Tenn. married about 1922 to John Girault GAMBLE born Oct. 8, 1897 at Tanner Ala. son of John Girault GAMBLE and Kate GARRET. They had three children:


a3- Helen GAMBLE born Aprl 25, 1924 at Tanner, Ala. married William Emory BOWLES. They had two children:

a- Jo Ann BOWLES born Dec. 19, 1954.


b- Marie Carolyn BOWLES born Sept. 29, 1959. This family lives in North Carolina.


b3- Gerald Girault GAMBLE born Sept. 19, 1926 at Tanner, Ala. married Lenore MARKS and they have one child:


a- Mark David GAMBLE born Feb. 12, 1955.


c3- James Gilbert GAMBLE born April 22, 1929 at Tanner, Ala. – married Betty CROUTCH. They have two children:


a- Lisa Carolyn GAMBLE born April 11, 1953.


b- Zana GAMBLE born Nov. 2, 1964. Both of these children were born at Tanner, Ala. on the place that has belonged to their father’s family for more than a hundred years. Lovie and John GAMBLE still live in the beautiful old house at the end of (7) a long tree-lined lane – the house where John was born and which was standing there before the Civil War. They are building a lovely, modern house just across the field from the old one. The new house will be the last word in comfort and convenience- but the old one- so steeped in history and romance and memories- whata wrench it must be to leave it!


4- Edith Irene KEMP born June 15, 1906 at Monoville, Tenn. moved with her folks to Athens, Ala. in 1916. She was married Aug. 19, 1939 to Chad MOYER. He died in 1948 and on July 31, 1960 she was married to William Houston PAYNE. He died Sept. 1, 1962. Edith has no children and is a teacher at Meridianville. Alabama.


5- Mamie Alice KEMP was born June 3, 1909 at Monoville, Tenn. In 1916 she went with her folks to Athens, Ala. Later, she went to Akron, Ohio where she continued to live. She has been employed since 1939 at the B. F. Goodrich Co. She was married June 21, 1958 to Victor T. SWANN born Oct. 17, 1903 at Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. They have no children.


6- Bonnell KEMP was born about 1911 at Monoville, Tenn. He died in his second year and is buried with his grandparents in the Old Smith Graveyard near Monoville.


7- Maenelle KEMP was born July 29, 1920 at Athens, Ala. She was married in Akron, Ohio, April 13, 1946 to Von H. BROBECK. They have three children:


a7- James Michael BROBECK born March 3, 1947 in Akron, Summit Co., Ohio.


b7- Pamela Jane BROBECK born May 5, 1949 in Akron, Summit Co., Ohio.


c7- Mark John BROBECK born Oct. 19, 1957 at  Akron, Summit Co., Ohio.


All these KEMP cousins are people whom I am rarely priveliged to see. But the ties of blood are very strong and I am proud of these kinsfolk of mine. I know enough about them to wish we had a whole world full just like them! (8)


g2- Hattie Heidi MATTHEWS born Feb 7, 1880 in the Smith Branch Community, Smith Co., Tenn. – died Dec. 4, 1964 at Carthage, Tenn. She is buried with her husband and a son in Dixon Springs Cem. at Dixon Springs. She was married Oct. 3, 1895 to Henry B. SHOULDERS born Nov. 18, 1876 Smith Co., Tenn. – died Oct. 5, 1947 in a Lebanon Hosp., Lebanon, Tenn. and is buried in Dixon Springs Cem.


It is a little hard to write the cold facts about these people whom I knew and loved so well and it would take a whole book to say the things I would love to say – maybe in the old days there were a lot more people like them but nowdays the qualities inherent in these sturdy people seem to have all but disappeared.


Hattie MATTHEWS and Henry SHOULDERS had three children:


1- Gladys SHOULDERS born July 6, 1896 at Pleasant Shade, Smith Co., Tenn. was married to D. C. (Buck) MASSEY – born Dec. 26, 1891 at Carthage, Tenn. son of David K. and Laura (LAMONS) LEMONS MASSEY and grandson of Geo. Washington MASSEY and Catherine BURNETT MASSEY. (strange how these three families – MASSEY, PETTY, MATTHEWS keep allying themselves.)  D. C. (Buck) MASSEY was a veteran of World War I, serving with the A. E. F. in France. He died March 3, 1956 at his home in Carthage and is buried there in Ridgewood Cem. Gladys SHOULDERS MASSY was for several years a teacher in Smith County Schools. She and Buck had three children:


a1- Doris MASSEY born June3, 1921 at Monoville, Tenn. was married Sept. 21, 1951to Harold B. STONE. They live at Nashville, Tenn.


b1- Mary Vivian MASSEY born march 1, 1923 at Monoville, Tenn. – makes her home with her mother in Carthage and is emplyed in an office in town.


c1- Carolyn MASSEY born Oct. 11, 1935 at Monoville, Tenn. – married June 9, 1958 to Joseph R. VOULELL. They have one child:


1- David Allen VOULELL born March 14, 1960 at Middletown, Ohio. They now live at Nashville, Tenn. (9)


2- Carl SHOULDERS born Sept. 15, 1898 near Pleasant Shade, Smith Co., Tenn. – married March 8, 1919 at Monoville, Tenn. to Alice BAKER born Nov. 11, 1900 at Monoville, Tenn. a daughter of Joe and Annie BAKER. They had one child:


a2- Mai Catherine SHOULDERS born Dec. 31, 1919 at Monoville, Tenn. – died Aug. 2, 1965 at Nashville, Tenn. She was married Nov. 4, 1939 to William P. EWTON. They had two children:


a- Ronald Ristine EWTON born May 23, 1942 at Nashville, Tenn.


b- William Michael EWTON born Sept. 7, 1954 at Nashville, Tenn.


3- The youngest child of Hattie MATTHEWS and Henry SHOULDERS and the one closest to my brother and me was Malcolm Clyde SHOULDERS born Aug. 19, 1908 in Smith Co., Tenn.  When we were children we spent many hours playing together – he was about the only person I never had any quarrels with! He had such a sweet sunny nature – nobody could have had a quarrel with him. He loved horses and had not the least fear of them. He was always a delicate child and when he grew up and went away from home to work in Nashville he contracted pneumonia and in a very few days was gone. He died Feb. 11, 1930 at Nashville, Tenn. and is buried in the family plot in Dixon Springs Cem.


This saga of my mother’s people is so short – just the bare outlines of birth and marriage and death- how

I wish I could dress it in the warmth and personality of these wonderful people. (10)



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