b-4 Stephen PETTY born 1812 in North Carolina - married Sarah (Sally) CARR born Smith County, Tenn. 1818. They were farm people - although for many years Stephen served his neighbors as Justice of the Peace. They had several children and many of their descendants still live in Smith Co., Tenn. in the Chestnut Mound, Gordonsville, Stonewall areas. Some, like our own branch of the family, have wandered to other states and strangely enough, it is some of these that I have met. Here are some of Stephen and Sally CARR PETTY's children - (as many as I can find!):


I- William PETTY born in Smith Co., Tenn 1837 - married Emmaline  _____  and they had at least 8 children:

1 - Ruth PETTY, 2 - Wirt, 3 - Brad, 4 - Sid, 5 - Carr, 6 - Mary, 7 - Martha and 8 - Sally PETTY.


5- Carr PETTY married Fanny FLETCHER July 22, 1895.


 II - Harve PETTY born about 1839 married Dutch _____ and they had:


        1 - Sally,  Ned, Charlie and Bob PETTY and I think there are others whose names I have not learned.


 III - Henry PETTY born 1841 - married April 7, 1874 to Harriet E. BETTY and they had:

        1- Betty, 2- Solon and 3- Alf PETTY and probably other children. Solon PETTY married Alice

             McDONALD and Alf PETTY married Siddy TRAWICK.


 IV - James Winship PETTY born about 1843 married Becky BUTLER. They had at least seven children:

   1-Floyd, 2- Myrtle, 3- Doyle, 4- Arvin, 5- Mettie, 6-Willie and 7-Oscar PETTY.


  V - John Tapley PETTY born 1849.


  VI - Martha Jane PETTY born 1839.


VII - Kizzie, VIII - Carolyn and IX - Malvina. These last four were born in Tennessee but died in Texas. I wish I knew more about them.


X - Joseph PETTY was born in Smith County, Tenn. March 17, 1845 - died June 9, 1927 in Texas. He was married twice - his first wife was Alabama HUGHES

born Smith County, Tenn, 1850. They had one child:


  1- Minnie Belle PETTY born about 1870. She was married Sept. 29, 1888 to Robert L. BALLARD and they had two children:


   a-1 Clifton BALLARD, b-1 Bertha BALLARD marrid Hayden FITZPATRICK. (66)


Joseph PETTY'S second marriage was to Emma Eliza WILSON born March 10, 1856 in Smith County, Tenn. - died Sept.8, 1945 in Loveland, Texas. She was a

daughter of Monroe WILSON  and Adeline Melissa BLACKWELL. Joseph and Emma PETTY had four children:


 X-1 Arthur James PETTY born March 31, 1880 - died April 17, 1886.


X-2 Fred Benton PETTY born Oct. 24, 1882 at Chestnut Mound, Tenn. - died                 Oct. 6, 1958 at Oklahoma City, Okla. He married Ada Lorene BLACKBURN born

Feb. 14, 1888 in Texas - died Sept. 29, 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


 X-3 Ernest PETTY born March 22, 1885 - died Feb. 2, 1886.


X-4 Mettie Edna PETTY born Sept. 22, 1891 - married July 12, 1911 to her first husband Harve KIMBROUGH born 1882 - died Aug. 14, 1920. She married a second time, Jan. 2, 1925 to James Robert DICKENSON born March 20, 1881 - died Feb. 6, 1965. There were three children by the KIMBROUGH marriage and four by the DICKENSON marriage.


 1x - Tharon KIMBROUGH born Feb.1, 1915.

 2x - Howard KIMBROUGH born Jan.6, 1917.

 3x - Zora KIMBROUGH born Sept.3, 1912


 4x - Florence DICKENSON born April 26, 1926.

 5x - James Robert DICKENSON Jr. born July 12, 1928.

 6x - Melba Faye and 7x - Melvin Ray DICKENSON born Feb. 9, 1931.


 1x - Tharon KIMBROUGH married Reola ALFORD born Nov. 6, 1915.

They had

 1- Barbara KIMBROUGH born Dec. 11, 1937 - married Milton WRIGHT and had:

                    a-Darlene,  b- Sharon and c- Kenneth WRIGHT.


2- Joyce KIMBROUGH married Irvin STEGAL and had:  a- Darla and b- Phillip STEGAL.


          3- Harold,  4- Jimmy and 5- Shirley KIMBROUGH.


 2x- Howard KIMBROUGH married Hortense HAYES. They had two sons:


1- Doyle KIMBROUGH born Jan. 9, 1942 - married Winifred ROMAINE and has two daughters:

a- Jenifer born Sept. 27, 1965 and b- Judith Lynn KIMBROUGH (67) born Nov. 14, 1967.


2- Dennis KIMBROUGH born Oct. 4, 1945.


3x- Zora KIMBROUGH born Sept.3, 1912 married her 1st husband March 19, 1929 - James CURREY. They    had three children:

          1- James CURREY Jr. born Dec. 25, 1929.

          2- Mettie Nell CURREY born Aug. 23, 1932.

          3- Harvey CURREY born Feb. 17, 1934.


James CURREY Jr. married and had four children - two girls and two boys.

Mettie Nell CURREY married D.E. MORRIS and had five children:

a-Dewayne, b-Kathy, c-Cynthia, d-Sherry, and e-Judy.

Harvey CURREY married Juanita MAYFIELD and they had six children:

a-Donny, b-Bobby, c-Delinda, d-Paula, e-Randy and f-Christi.


Zora KIMBROUGH CURREY was married second to Lee PRUITT. They had seven children:

1-Ann PRUITT married T. COLEMAN and had:

a-Pamela, b-Tammy and c-Marvin COLEMAN.

          2-Delbert PRUITT married Donna... and had a daughter

a-Destry PRUITT.

3-Jack PRUITT married Lois REESE and they had: 

a-Sue Ann and b-Joe Dale PRUITT.

          4-Janice (PRUITT) married Mike VAN ZANDT.


          5-Glenn, 6-Ray and 7-Debra PRUITT.


4x-Florence DICKENSON born April 26, 1926 married Wendell KIRBY and they have two children:

          1-Kay KIRBY born Feb.17, 1950 - married Wayne SMITH.


2-James KIRBY born Dec.15, 1952. (These children are Mr.KIRBY's by a previous marriage.)


5x-James Robert DICKENSON Jr. born July 12, 1928 - married Dell KEENEY born Sept. 30, 1930. They had two children:

          1-Kenny R. DICKENSON  born Sept. 20, 1960.

          2- Sue DICKENSON born July 29, 1964.


6x-Melba Fay DICKENSON* born Feb. 9, 1931 - died March 13, 1931. (spelled DICKINSON in book?)


7x-Melvin Ray DICKENSON born March 9, 1931 married Virginia NEW born Dec. 8, 1930. (68)


X-2 The second child of Joseph PETTY and Emma Eliza WILSON was born at Chestnut Mound, Tenn. but while he was still very young, his parents moved to

Texas. That child was Fred Benton PETTY, born Oct. 24, 1882. He married Lorena BLACKBURN, daughter of G.W. and Ora BLACKBURN. They had five


 1-x Reginald M. PETTY          2-x Marvin V. PETTY

 3-x Velma V. PETTY             4-x Marjorie Lorena PETTY

 5-x Ora Emma PETTY


1-x Reginald M. PETTY born Jan.29, 1906 at Cedar Bayou, Texas. He was married Oct.22, 1929 at Portales, New Mexico to Jennie Naomi BROWN born Aug.1, 1912 at Estacado, Texas (Lubbock Co.), the daughter of Joseph H. BROWN born Nov. 15, 1890 and Mary Melissa CATER born Oct. 15,1889 - died Feb.9, 1961. She was a daughter of Allen CATER and Jane LYONS of Ark. and Joseph H. BROWN was a son of Franklin Pettus BROWN and Naomi CLARK. Franklin Petus* BROWN was the first Judge of Lubbock, Texas and was also Supt. of schools - serving his county in one capacity or another all of his life.   (*Transcriber's Note: Petus = Pettus)


Reginald M. (Pat) PETTY and his wife Jennie are successful business people - highly interested in their family, church and community - all around good citizens. They have four children to whom they have given good educations and good moral training - they are following in the footsteps of their parents, a close-knit family, rearing young families of their own.

They are:


1- Cleta Margaret PETTY born at Lubbock, Texas, July 28, 1930 - married May 5, 1951 at Clovis, New Mexico to Richard PERSHALL. They have two children:

   a-Kim PERSHALL born April 1, 1955

   b-Kay PERSHALL born May 30, 1965.


2- Joanne PETTY born at Oklahoma City, Okla Aug. 21, 1932 - married Aug.13, 1955 at Clovis, New Mexico to Kenneth Dale PAUL. They have three children:

   a-Kenneth Dale PAUL Jr. born Sept.7, 1957.

   b-Diane PAUL born Oct.12,1959

   c-Donna PAUL born Jan.8,1961.


 3-David PETTY born Aug.25,1935 at Oklahoma City, Okla. - married July 5, 1954 at Clovis, New Mexico to JoAnn HUGHES. They have three children:


  a-Rodney PETTY born May 5, 1955

  b-Sandra PETTY born July 11, 1957

  c-Randy PETTY born March 30, 1964. (69)


4- Richard PETTY born April 12, 1938 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - married June 15, 1957 at Clovis, New Mexico to Carol Jean ROSS. They have one son,

Anthony Wayne PETTY born April 25, 1958 at El Paso, Texas. Like so many of the young men of our family, Richard PETTY went into the service of his country

after finishing his education. He spent three years in the service then married his boyhood sweetheart. She teaches in the schools of Clovis, New Mexico while

Richard is in the family business. It was our very great pleasure to have this completely delightful young family to visit for a couple of hours in our home. They are most charming people and I am proud that they bear the name of PETTY.


2-x Marvin V. Petty born July 9, 1909 in New Mexico - married Nov. 27, 1929 at Portales, New Mexico to Anna Florence BURKE born Sept.1, 1912 Lubbock Co.,

Texas. They had three children:

1- Marvin Gerald PETTY born Aug. 23, 1930, Lubbock Co., Texas - married Kathleen .... They had two children:


                    a-Mary PETTY born May 21, 1961

                    b-John PETTY born April 22, 1963.


2-Ruth PETTY born Feb.9, 1933 at Bledsoe, Texas. She married Robert WILKES and they have three children


                     a-Larry WILKES born Aug.16, 1950 at Springfield, Mo.

                     b-Richard WILKES born Feb. 11, 1955.

                     c-Sabre WILKES born Feb. 11, 1958


3 & 4 - Twins, Rozell and Ralph PETTY born May, 1935 at Bledsoe, Texas -    died shortly afterward.


5-Edith PETTY born Feb. 11, 1938 at Portales, New Mexico - married William (Bill) DODSON. They have three sons.


a- Allen Frank DODSON born April 30, 1957 at Warrensburg, Missouri.


b-James Benton DODSON born June 2, 1959 at Oklahoma City, Okla.


                    c- Robert Jay DODSON  born Aug. 12, 1960 at Oklahoma City.


3x-Velma Vonie PETTY born Oct. 18, 1912 -  married William (Bill) BELEELE. They had two children:


                    a-Peggy Jean BELEELE born Aug. 18, 1934.


                    b-Lola Merle BELEELE born 1936 - died Sept. 1947.


  Peggy Jean BELEELE married Jack FOGLE and had four children:


a-Donna Jean, b-Darla June,  c-Daniel J. (Danny) and d-Dewayne FOGLE.

Donna Jean FOGLE married Jan 14, (70) 1967 to Michael GRIFFEN and they have one child:


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