D- Emma James PETTY (daughter of John Tapley PETTY and Maria James NEAL)  born Sept. 22, 1832 in Chatham Co., North Carolina.  She died of apopplexy, Nov. 21, 1907 at Booneville, Miss.  She was married Jan. 2, 1862 to Lafayette Pitt REYNOLDS born March 6, 1834- died July 31, 1911 at Booneville, Miss. 

Their children:


D-1 Mary Jessie REYNOLDS born April 5, 1863- died Jan. 29, 1938.


D-2 Martha Julia REYNOLDS born April 13, 1865- died Oct. 26, 1937.


D-3 Henry Davenport REYNOLDS born Aug. 3, 1867 at Jacinto, Miss.- died Dec. 20, 1936 at Livingston, Texas.  He was married twice- first May 12, 1889 to Sarah Arabella JOBE born Oct. 8, 1866- died May 10, 1928 at Houston, Texas.  His second marriage was to Lillian GLASS.


By his marriage to Sarah Arabella JOBE, Henry Davenport REYNOLDS had the following children:


dd-1 William Lafayette REYNOLDS born Aug. 8, 1892- married Dec. 12, 1920 to Ruth HILL.

Their children:

1-William Lafayette REYNOLDS, Jr. born Jan. 16, 1925 married first July 27, 1949 to Marjorie UPTMORE- second to Bobbie NEWMAN.  He has a son:                                                                       

a- William Lafayette REYNOLDS III born July 28, 1950.


2- Betty Kathryn REYNOLDS born Nov. 11, 1927- married Dec. 23, 1945 to J. C. BUMGARDNER.  They have an adopted son:

a-Scott Hill BUMGARDNER born March 4, 1954 in Chicago, Ill.


dd-2 James Boone REYNOLDS born May 5, 1894 Belmont, Ark.- died March 2, 1958- never married.


dd-3 Zilpah REYNOLDS born March 6, 1897 at Hope, Ark.  Married Oct. 8, 1921 to Robert Clayton GIBSON- no children.


dd-4 Patrick Henry REYNOLDS born Feb. 6, 1899- died April 13, 1900.


dd-5 Kathrine Bell REYNOLDS  born May 2, 1901 at Kress City, Ark.


dd-6 Bess Jobe REYNOLDS born Sept. 7, 1903   (76)


Henry Davenport REYNOLDS and his second wife Lillian GLASS had a son:


dd-7 Henry Davenport REYNOLDS Jr. born Oct. 1921- married April, 1944 to Mary Dean GRIMES. Their children:


7-a Rosemay REYNOLDS  born Nov. 14, 1947.


7-b Kit REYNOLDS and 7-c Bess REYNOLDS- twins born Feb. 5, 1950 at Houston, Texas.


7-d Henry Davenport REYNOLDS III born 1962.


D-4 Junius Wesley REYNOLDS  born July 19, 1871 in Mississippi- died Nov. 26, 1942.  He was married Aug. 2, 1896 to Nancy Belle JOBE born March 8, 1871 in Mississippi- died April 30, 1958.

Their children:

d- Mary REYNOLDS born June 8, 1897- married Nov. 21, 1923 to Charles Frederick SAUNDERS.

Their children:


d1-  Charles Frederick SAUNDERS, Jr. born Jan. 20, 1930 at El Paso, Texas- married Feb. 27, 1955 to Elizabeth Ann JONES.  Their children:


a- Mary Katherine SAUNDERS and

b- Susan Elizabeth SAUNDERS born Jan. 20, 1962.


d2- James Wesley SAUNDERS born Sept. 20, 1926- died Oct. 31, 1928.


d3-  Nancy Elizabeth SAUNDERS born April 26, 1933- married Feb. 1957 to W. R SMITH.


a- Nancy Reynolds SMITH born Dec. 1957.

b- W. R. SMITH, Jr. born 1960.

c- Wesley Saunders SMITH born 1965.


dd-Junius Wesley REYNOLDS, Jr. born July 16, 1901- married June 10, 1927 to Kirk MARRS.

I                       ssue:


dd- Junius Wesley REYNOLDS III- born March 1929- married June 10, 1950 to Bette Jane REYNOLDS.  Their children: (77)


a- Daniel Wesley REYNOLDS- born May 10, 1955 in Japan.


b- Margaret Stacey REYNOLDS and her twin


c- Elizabeth Pendleton REYNOLDS born July 20, 1958.


ddd-Robert Lee Reynolds born Nov. 29, 1904- died April 22, 1906.


dddd-Anne Elizabeth REYNOLDS born May 10, 1909 at Zwolle, La.- married Nov. 22, 1932 to Paul Eaton WISE.

Their children:

1-Anne Elizabeth WISE born Jan. 11, 1934- married Nov. 7, 1959 to Robert W. PULLEN.


a- Robert W. PULLEN, Jr. born June 17, 1960.

b- Wesley Reynolds PULLEN born June 6, 1961.

c- Anne Elizabeth PULLEN born Jan. 11, 1965.

d- Lee Corrie Pullen born 1968.


            D-5 John  Burke REYNOLDS born Oct. 10, 1872 - married July 27, 1915 to Elizabeth Privett.


1- Mary Burke REYNOLDS  born May 12, 1916- married May 6, 1936 to James Pascal BOX.

Their children:

a- Ruth Elizabeth BOX- born March 1947.

b- Claudia Reynolds BOX - born July 25, 1951.


E- Mary Elizabeth PETTY (daughter of John Tapley PETTY and Maria James NEAL) born Jan. 8, 1839 in Chatham Co., North Carolina- died Dec. 1, 1910- was married Sept. 13, 1859 to William Leftwich WILLIAMS born Sept. 10, 1838- died Feb. l5, 1893.  He was a son of Charles Wesley WILLIAMS and Mary Leftwich BOONE. Mary Elizabeth PETTY and William Leftwich WILLIAMS had nine children:


E-1 James Leftwich WILLIAMS born Aug. 5, 1860- died April 7, 1866


E-2 Mary Louise WILLIAMS born Nov. 5, 1862- died Jan. 28, 1867.


E-3 Julia Evelina (Julina) WILLIAMS- born Sept. 1, 1865- died April 29, 1930.  She was married Dec. 27, 1881 to Robert Burton SMITH born about 1864- died March 15, 1947. (78)


E-4 Katie Neal WILLIAMS born March 10, 1868- died March 1937.  She married Dr. Edwin PHILLIPS.


E-5 John Wesley WILLIAMS born May 27, 1870- married Minerva PETTY born 1862- died 1913- was a daughter of Wesley Addison PETTY and Mary FLAKE- John Wesley WILLIAMS married second

Lillian ________.


E-6 Annie Reese WILLIAMS born Nov. 7, 1872- married Aug. 6, 1889 to T. Edward SPAIN.


E-7 Walter Junius WILLIAMS born July 15, 1875- died July 28, 1875.


E-8 Fanny May WILLIAMS born July 19, 1876- was married twice-first to Representative Osborne DUFFER and second to Jesse N. THORNTON.  They adopted a son Wilford THORTON and he was killed in World War I.


E-9 Henry L. WILLIAMS born Nov. 26, 1878- died Nov. 4, 1880.


     Children of Julia Evelina (Julina) WILLIAMS and Robert Burton SMITH:

1- Mary Annie SMITH  born Dec. 9, 1882- married March 15, 1905 to Stephen Davenport (Tobe) GREENE.  Issue:

a- Walter GREENE married Myrtle BOYETT.

b- Bobby GREENE

c- William Joseph GREENE

d- Jimmy GREENE

e- Mary Louise GREENE married Arthur PHILLIPS and had:

e-1 Mary Ann PHILLIPS and e-2 Arthur PHILLIPS Jr.


f- Kathryn GREENE married Sidney BREVARD.

g- Sarah GREENE married Thomas ABERNATHY.

h-James GREENE married Loretta ODUMS.


2- Katie Louise SMITH born Jan. 30, 1885- was married three times- first to Samuel B. RITCHEY in 1905-second Thomas E. GORDON and Third to Ralph WERNER.  She had a son by her first marriage:

a- Robert Lee RITCHEY born about 1906- married Katharine STEVANS and they had three children:


2-a Janina RITCHEY, b-2 Samuel RITCHEY, c-2 Robert RITCHEY


3- Eleanor SMITH  born June 7, 1887- married June 1919 to Baxter THOMAS born Sept. 3, 1878- died June  7, 1937. (79)

                                    Their Children:


a- Julia Ruth THOMAS born June 24, 1922- married July 22, 1948 to John Melvin McELROY.


b- Nell THOMAS born July 31, 1924


4- Walter Williams SMITH born------1890- married Mary Virginia SANFORD.


5- Lila M. SMITH born 1894- married 1912 to Claude C. GRESHAM.


6- William Richard SMITH born 1897- married twice- first to (in 1924) to Louise ESKRIDGE- second to Mabel Saylors DEATON.


7- Robert Burton SMITH, Jr. born June 30, 1900- married 1920 to Elsa May Jones.



        Children of Katie Neal WILLIAMS and Dr. Ed PHILLIPS


1- Edwin PHILLIPS, Jr.


2- Kathryn PHILLIPS.


3-John Wesley PHILLIPS.


Children of John Wesley WILLIAMS and Minerva (Minnie) Petty are listed with the descendants of Addison Wesley PETTY and Mary FLAKE.


    Children of Annie Reese WILLIAMS and T. Edward Spain:

1- Mabelle SPAIN born Sept. 21, 1891- married Larry BALL.


2- Charles Leftwich SPAIN born Oct. 29, 1893- married Julia BRITTON.


3- Annie Williams SPAIN born Feb. 20, 1896- married April 23, 1919, to Charles McGEE.


4- Mary SPAIN born Aug. 22, 1901- married July 20,1927 to John EVANS born Jan. 29, 1899.  They live in Memphis, Tennessee.


5- Edward SPAIN born Dec. 19, 1903- married Nov. 30, 1924 to Beatrice BARNETT. (80)



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