The Petty Coat Of Arms


PETTY (Granted by Carney, Ulster, 20, March 1656 – To William Petty of Rumsey Co., Hants.

This William PETTY became physician-General to the army in Ireland and was

Surveyor-General of that kingdom. He was knighted in 1661 and founded the

noble house of PETTY,  Barons and Earls of Shelburne.)


Arms – Ermine on a bend az, a magnetic ppr. Pointing at the pole star.  or. (gold)

Crest – A beehive and bees ppr.

Motto- Ut APES GEOMETRIAM (as bees, Geometery)


Burks General Armory.



Bees = are accepted as symbolic of industriousness

Civic Crown= some victory achieved

Helmet= a Knight’s helmet without bars.

Shield= mark of a warrior

Ermine= virtue of high office

Bend= represents the shoulder belt or scarf.

Magnetic needle and star= used by the sailor in navigation or a surveyors of lands.


    Blue = loyalty

    Gold= generosity and elevation of mind.




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