Horace Dotson LANKFORD Jr. born and died April 26, 1947 - buried in Ridgewood Cemetary at Carthage.




3- Robert Hershal PETTY born Sept. 13, 1889 - died at Defeated Creek, April 13, 1962. He is buried in    Ridgewood Cem., Carthage, Tenn. He was married May 11,

1915 to Lorene Buford McCLELLAN. They had one child:


  a-3  Oraleen Eloise PETTY born Feb. 26, 1916 - married April 19, 1935 to Ethel Lee SIRCEY. They had one child:


   a - Robert Gene SIRCEY born March 23, 1936 - married July 7, 1958 to Betty Joyce REEVES. They have four children:


  aa - Benita Gayle SIRCEY  born May 15, 1959.

  bb - Robert Jeffrey SIRCEY born Dec. 3, 1960.

  cc - Michael Anthoney SIRCEY born June 22, 1965.

  dd - Lori Dell SIRCEY born May 18, 1968.




4-  William Ernest PETTY born Aug. 1, 1891 in Smith Co., Tenn - died Nov. 20, 1958 at Englewood, Colo. and is buried there. He was married May 5, 1912 to Alma

Pearl MARTIN born May 28, 1895 in Smith Co., Tenn. They had four children:


  a-4  Alta Estelle PETTY born Sept. 19, 1913, married July 2, 1937 to Ernest F. FENTON. They had one child:

  a- Carolyn Ruth PETTY.* (Carolyn Ruth PETTY should be Carolyn Ruth Fenton.)


  b-4  Ossie Lee Petty born Feb.4, 1919 at Englewood, Colo. She was married twice - 1st Oct.2, 1943 to John Robert HARTLEY. 2nd May 6, 1962 to Merret

ARLEDGE. There were two children by the first marriage:

  a- William Robert HARTLEY

  b- James Harrison HARTLEY.


 c-4 Helen Dorothy PETTY  born July 6, 1922 at Englewood, Colo. She was married Oct. 10, 1941 to Raymond Eugene CHILDERS. He was killed in action in World

War II. They had a daughter:

  a- Barbara Louise CHILDERS.

 Helen Dorothy CHILDERS married Dec. 17, 1947 to Dr. John Daniel BURD. They had two children:

  b- John Daniel BURD Jr.

  c- Marjorie Lynn BURD.


d-4 John Cordell PETTY born Sept. 4, 1924 - died Aug. 3, 1939 at Englewood, Colo. (51)


5- John Floyd PETTY born Aug. 3, 1897 in Smith Co., Tenn. He was married April 30, 1932 to Bertha WILLIAMS, daughter of Oliver and Ada WILLIAMS. John

Floyd PETTY, a Veterinarian and farmer - a good one - raises fine cattle and incidentally is a fine man. He and Bertha had one child:


 a-5 Mary A. PETTY born July 28, 1933. She married Nov. 28, 1953 to David MASSEY, son of Dewey K. and Avo MORROW MASSEY. They have one child:


 a- Stephanie MASSEY born Aug. 20, 1960, Smith Co., Tenn. (52)


This 5th son of Thomas PETTY and Lydia MAYNARD should have been an easy one to record - but somehow I never got nearly the information I thought I could

pick up so easily - However, I will put down what I have and I hope that for my own satisfaction, someone who knows will see this and write to set me straight on the

whole thing.


7-3  Thomas PETTY 5th son of Thomas PETTY and Lydia MAYNARD was born in North Carolina in 1822 - He died in Smith Co., Tenn. about 1908 and is buried in Dixon Springs Cemetery with other old soldiers who rode with Nathan Bedord FORREST in the War Between the States. Yes, he was a member of old "Bed" FORREST's "Critter Company" - cream of the Confederacy, those gallant men who fought to the bitter end for a lost cause.  It is a little difficult to gather material about the Thomas PETTYS because it is a name that is used over and over again - our Thomas PETTY had several ancestors named Thomas and he had a son named Thomas and seven other sons, five of whom we know had a son named Thomas - and they are still using the name. Four Thomas PETTYS that I recall at the moment, all from this family, fought for the Confederacy. To identify this Thomas born in N.C. in 1822 (He was my Dad's uncle) from the younger Thomas, who was my Dad's brother, my mother used to speak of him as "Old Uncle Tom" -while my Dad's brother was "Tommy". She was fond of "Old Uncle Tom" and used to talk about how kind he was. She said he had a long white beard and as he used to come often to our house when I was a baby, he would hold me on his lap and never minded if I pulled his beard but if my fingers caught his moustache , Mama said he would quickly hand me over! Old Uncle Tom was married twice - 1st Oct. 7, 1850 to Mary ROYSTER and they had at least two children:


 a- Charlie PETTY who married Doanie STAFFORD - and


 b- Sarah E. PETTY who was married Dec. 23, 1879 to Brown Lee ASBURY.


          Click Here for additional information on Sarah E. Petty


Thomas PETTY'S 2nd wife was Elizabeth BUSH. I know some of their children's names, although I do not have nearly as much as I need to make a clear record.


c- Dorothula (This one I always heard called "Sudie") was married Nov. 13,       1887 to Horace PARKER. I went to school with some of their children, and although a half century has gone by, I think I can remember all their names:


1- Mary Jane (Maymie) PARKER. I remember her especially well because she was an artist. She never had a lesson in her life, but

could draw beautifully.(53)


There was one boy - Floyd PARKER - I do not remember him - just his name. There was Leila, born about 1889, then Mattie, Julie, Kate and Eppie PARKER. I think Eppie was the youngest. She was probably born about 1905, as I think she was a little older than I.


Another of Thomas PETTY'S children was


d- Amanda Paralee PETTY born about 1859 and married Feb. 13, 1879 to William Arch MOSS.


e- Alice PETTY married Wiseman MERRYMAN.


f- Josie PETTY was blind and when her father died was in a school for the blind in Nashville, Tenn. I never did hear what became of her.


There was g - Hezekiah (Hezzie) PETTY, h- Andrew PETTY, i- Frank PETTY and


j- Sampson (Sampsie) PETTY. Frank died when a young man and Sampson married Nov. 17, 1900 to Susan JOLLY a daughter of Dr. JOLLY of Riddleton, Tenn.


There was also one named William (Willie) PETTY.






Thomas and Lydia MAYNARD PETTY migrated to Tennessee from North Carolina after 1827 but before 1834 - for the last child born in North Carolina was John Tapley PETTY born in 1827 - the next child was born in Tenn. The year was 1834 and the child born Nov. 22, 1834 was Winship Blackstone PETTY - he died Jan. 14, 1923 at Carthage, Tenn. - was married Feb. 12, 1863 to Charlotte S. GREER born Jan.24, 1837 - died Aug. 29, 1906. I was almost seventeen when Uncle "Wins" PETTY died and remember him well. He was a proud, handsome old man with a long, white beard. I used to see him sitting in the old courhouse yard in Carthage, usually with two little grandsons, Fite and Blackstone PETTY playing near him. They were almost always with him and I can also remember seeing him walking uptown leading a tiny granddaughter. I remember sitting in the Methodist church at Carthage at his funeral. I believe he was a member of the Baptist church - but at that time the Baptists in Carthage were building a new church to replace the old one that had burned - so they had his funeral in the Methodist church and then took him back to his old homeplace to bury him beside his wife in the little graveyard where a daughter-in-law and some grandchildren were also buried. Winship Blackstone PETTY gave many years of service to his country. He fought for the Southern Confederacy the entire duration of that awful conflict between the states. He organized his own company, known as "PETTY CO." or Co. B of the Seventh Tenn. Regiment. He was its Captain. The (54) Seventh Tenn. was incorporated into MAHONE's Div. at Gettysburg and spearheaded PICKETT's ill-fated charge. He was at the "Battle of the Clouds", he was in the trenches outside Atlanta and wherever else that gallant regiment went - and that was where the fight was the hottest! After the war, he served Smith County twelve years - 1870-1874 as Registrar and 1874-1882 as Circuit Court Clerk. I have seen some of his beautiful, spidery old handwriting on some of the old books at the courthouse in Carthage. He was a man devoted to his country and his home. He loved his grandchildren very much - most of what I remember about him centers around his grandchildren - the children of his son John Fite PETTY. When John's first wife died, she left a tiny girl named Mattie. Uncle "Wins" idolized that child. In those days he came often to our house and he loved to talk to my mother about Mattie and how cute and smart she was. One Sunday he was there, laughing proudly about something little Mattie had done - that is the last time I ever remember that he was at our house - before the next Sunday Mattie was dead of some mysterious malady that I think must have been some sort of food poisoning.

Winship Blackstone PETTY and Charlotte GREER had five children:


1. Nancy Emmaline PETTY born Aug. 8, 1866 - died in the 1940's. She was married to W.T. DOZIER. Children: Thomas Blackstone DOZIER has a family and lives in Nashville, Tenn.


Willkie DOZIER - dead


Louis Lynn DOZIER - dead


Mary Louise DOZIER married Edward M. MOONEYHAM. She died May 28, 1934.


2. There is a daughter listed in the Smith County Census record as "Josephine Ancybelle" born 1869.  A relative says that this is Grace PETTY who was born Jan. 20,

1868 - died in the 1940's - ws married to Russ HACKETT in 1895 and had a family. Her children:

a - Millie HACKETT married a Mr. HAILEY. She has at least four children: Harry, T.C., Thomas E. and Alyene.


b - Jack HACKETT married and had two children - Mary Catherine and Donald Neal HACKETT.


c - Raymond HACKETT         


d - Eugene (Sal) HACKETT (55)


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