Transcribed by Patricia Abell


f - Anna Ada HEWITT born Feb.11,1911 - died May 3, 1940. She married F.

HINDSLEY and they had Ernest, Cecil and Joyce.


g - Eula Willette HEWITT born March 16, 1909 - died Nov. 10, 1936. She

married Elgin CARVER and had two children : Charles Nielon CARVER born

Sept.3, 1928 and Kenneth R. CARVER born Aug.4, 1932.


h - Beulah Willis HEWITT born March 16, 1909 - died Nov. 25, 1933 - was

married 1924 to Claude KEEL. They had four children:

1 - Clinton DeRice KEEL married Jean SHAFF and have children:

Clinton David, Paul, Pamela and Stephen DeRice KEEL.


2 - Frances Ruth KEEL married 1st Bert NEWCOMB and had Michael and Bob NEWCOMB. The 2nd time she married William SMITH. They have a daughter, Melissa and they live at Taylor, Michigan.


3 - Butler Clark KEEL married Vi..... and they have children whose names I

do not know. They live in Cleveland, Ohio.


4 - Mildred Willette KEEL born 1932 - died 1934.


i - Luther Lawrence HEWITT born June 8, 1914 - died April 27, 1941. He married Jimannual HIETT and they had a son Robert Nolan HEWITT born March 27, 1938. He married Helen_____ and they have a son Jeffrey Allen HEWITT. Luther Lawrence HEWITT and his wife had the same great-great-grandfather and G-G-Grandmother - Thomas and Lydia MAYNARD PETTY.


j - Ethel G. HEWITT born April 27, 1914 married E.B. HIGHTOWER.

Their children:

1 - Ernestine HIGHTOWER married Aug. 12, 1956 to Jack DUNCAN and they had David, Martha Ellen, Emily and Mary Elizabeth DUNCAN. Jack DUNCAN died Jan.20, 1965 and Ernestine HIGHTOWER DUNCAN then married James Lee WARDLAW at Germantown, N.C. The family now lives in Honolulu.


2 Mary Ethelyne HIGHTOWER married Hershall STAFFORD and they had four children Patrica, Michael, Stephen and Katrinka.



k - Glenice E. HEWITT born Nov. 5, 1917 at Defeated, Smith Co, Tenn. She was married May 14, 1938 at Franklin, Ky. to John Fite PETTY Jr. born July 25, 1916 at Carthage, Tenn. They have one child Glenda - but since Glenice's great-greatgrandparents Thomas and Lydia MAYNARD PETTY were John Fite PETTY's great grandparents - we will record the family with his line as it is usually through the male line that descent is traced. (11)


5-3 Balaam Baldwin PETTY, third son of Thomas PETTY and Lydia MAYNARD was born in 1816 in North Carolina. Married about 1841 to Rachael A. McKEE born 1819 in North Carolina, daughter of _____ McKEE and wife Elizabeth. Children:

a- Mary M. PETTY born 1842 in Tenn.

b-Robert E. PETTY born 1846 in Tenn.

c- Thomas L. PETTY born 1847 in Tenn.

d- John H. PETTY born 1848 in Tenn.

e- Elizabeth PETTY born 1850 in Tenn.

f- Isaac PETTY born 1851 in Tenn.


This family eludes me completely. I find them in the census records of Smith Co., Tenn. 1850-1860, living "North of the Cumberland River and east of the Caney Fork." That covers a lot of territory and lots of the PETTY clan lived - and still live - in that region. But somehow I have a feeling that Balaam Baldwin PETTY moved his family elsewhere. I wish I could have found out more about this man's family. My father was named for him and I remember hearing him talk about "Uncle Balaam" but I was too young to care then.


6-3 Henderson B. PETTY born 1819 in North Carolina - died March 17, 1901 in the Dillar Hollow near Chestnut Mound, and is buried there on the remote little farm that was his home. He was married about 1837 to Nancy PRYOR GRESHAM born 1821 in Tenn, a daughter of ________ GRESHAM and wife Sarah Elizabeth KING. Sarah E. KING was born, I had always thought, in North Carolina. However, my friend, Mrs. Robert Q. McKINNEY found in a library at Beverly Hills, California, this interesting item in the mortality schedules for Smith County, 1880. "Sarah (Sally) Gresham age 78." At the time of her death, it goes on to state "She was living in household #118. She had been a resident of Smith County for 61 years and was born in Virginia as were also her father and Mother. She was living with her son-in-law and daughter Henderson and Nancy PETTY at the time of her death - and I found in the 1880 census for Smith Co., Tenn. that home was #118. She is buried there in the little PETTY graveyard. Nancy PRYOR GRESHAM also died there on Feb. 10, 1887 and is buried in that same little family plot where her mother, her husband and other relatives are buried. The little farm nestles in the head of the Dillard Hollow near Chestnut Mound - a lonely place shut in by high, rocky hills and reached by a road that is little more than a rough trail. There is no trace of a house now, except some old stones of a chimney foundation - the house was at the foot of a steep hill where the graves are. Mary PETTY BRINDLEY was born there and she took me there one blazing-hot July day in 1958. We waded through poke-weed, brambles and ragweed to reach the graves and I stood looking out across the lonely little valley and thought compassionately of my little Grandmother whose bones rested here on this rough hill-top. I never saw her - she was lying here in this quiet place many years before I was born - but I felt very close to her here.

She and Henderson B. PETTY had nine children:

a- Thomas Haskell PETTY born 1839 in Smith County Tenn. was the oldest of those nine children.

b- Andrew Jackson PETTY

c- Martha Emmaline (Patsy) PETTY

d- Mary C. PETTY

e- Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth PETTY

f- William Henderson PETTY,

g- James Pryor PETTY,

h- Silas Balaam PETTY and

i- John Tapley PETTY.


A - Thomas Haskel PETTY born 1839 in Smith County, Tenn. - died in 1914 near Algood, Tenn. Putnam Co. He was married twice - 1st July 1865 to Aletha LYNCH born 1843 in Tenn. The daughter of William and Permelia LYNCH. Aletha was the mother of all his children. After her death he married a widow named (13) Lizzie GREGG. They had no children.

Thomas Haskel PETTY was a Confederate Cavalryman. His father's youngest brother, Stephen PETTY was about the age of young Thomas and they were raised together. They were as close as brothers and together, July 22, 1861, they went to Nashville, Tenn. where they enlisted in the 4th Regiment, Tenn. Cavalry. Both war records remark: "$50.00 bounty due - furnished own horse." Thomas was captured May 29, 1863, by men of the 36th Ohio Infantry at TROUSDALE's Ferry near his father's house. He spent the remainder of the war in a Yankee prison - JOHNSON's Island, where his captors forced him to tend smallpox patients. After the war was over he made his way home and married his Aletha. They had seven children: 1- Frances Permelia (notation - Mother L.S.H.) 2- Mary, 3-Matthew T., 4- Andrew Jackson, 5- Henry, 6- Rachael and 7- Annie. Several of Thomas' and Aletha's descendants have very generously helped me with this record - among them Leland S. HARRIS of Old Hickory, Tenn, who travelled many miles gathering data on his branch of the family. Mrs Grady VANDERPOOL and Mrs. Margaret COWAN also helped, as did many others. Without them this record could never have been complete - "Complete" is not the right word for complete it is not nor can ever be - but without the help of so many, there would have been nothing at all. I know that there are many members of our clan, living right in Smith County, who have not been placed - I wish so much that I could have found them all.


1- Frances Permelia PETTY, born Mar. 27, 1866 in Smith Co., Tenn, died

Nov. 16, 1951. She was married Aug.30, 1885 to Albert Francis HARRIS born

Oct. 22, 1851 - died Jan5, 1920. They had 12 children all born in Tenn. -

eleven in Smith Co., one in Trousdale.


1-a - Delma Frances HARRIS born May 16, 1886 - died Feb. 23, 1900.

2-a - Wm. (Willie)* Francis HARRIS Jr. Born Nov. 1, 1887 - died Sept.14, 1888.

3-a - Zella B. HARRIS born Jan.13, 1890 - died Feb 19, 1891.

4-a - Ogden Paschal HARRIS born Jan.8, 1892. (died Aug. 2,1981.)

5-a - Oscar James HARRIS born Mar. 28, 1894 - died May 21, 1955.

6-a - Albert (Connie)* HARRIS born Feb, 15, 1896 - died Feb. 25, 1926. (14)

7-a Nance Altetha HARRIS - born Mar.9, 1898 (died Nov. 26, 1975) *

8-a Grace May HARRIS born Jan.10, 1900 - died Aug.20, 1900.

9-a (Eddie) * Myers HARRIS born Feb.8,1902 - died May 26, 1963.

10-a Leland Stanford HARRIS born May 22, 1903. died Aug. 20, 1989*

11-a Tealy HARRIS born Aug.3, 1904 - died Feb.16, 1905.

12-a Clarence Thomas HARRIS born Jan.1, 1908.


Of these 12 children, it can be seen that six of them died before the age of five years. The oldest child to survive past childhood was:


4- a Ogden Paschal HARRIS born Jan.8, 1892. He was married Feb.20, 1916 at Hartsville, Trousdale Co., Tenn. to Fannie Lou DIAS born Dec.19, 1896 at Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn. She died Oct.31, 1965. They had one child:

Craden Conwell HARRIS born April 1, 1917 Trousdale Co., Tenn, was married April 5, 1939 at Napoleon, Ohio to Marie Elizabeth NECEFE born Aug.28, 1920 in Detroit, Michigan. They had three children:

1 - Carolyn Ann born Aug. 20, 1943 at Detroit, Mich. - married June 25, 1955 at Allen Park, Mich. to Richard Allen TEWS born Feb.24, 1924 at Bay City, Mich.

2 - Edward Stanton HARRIS born March 8, 1946 at Detroit. Married March 8,1967 at Pinckney, Mich. to Judith Elaine ADDIS born Sept.26, 1946 at Sharon, Pennsylvania.

3 - Marilyn Lou HARRIS born June 17, 1952 at Detroit, Michigan.


5-a Oscar James HARRIS born March 28, 1894 at Carthage, Tenn - died May 21, 1955 - married Dec. 25, 1921 to Lola M. TAYLOR born March 6, 1904 at McMinnville, Warren Co., Tenn. They had two children:

1 - Virginia M. HARRIS born Sept. 24, 1922 at McMinnville, Tenn. married June 15, 1938 to Elmore Lanzie GRAVES, BORN Aug.28, 1914.

2 - James Edward HARRIS born Oct.24, 1928 at McMinnville, Tenn married Sept.3, 1945 to Peggy Sue CHRISTIAN born Nov. 29, 1929 at McMinnville, Tenn. They have three children:

a-James Timothy HARRIS born Oct.3, 1954,

b-Paula Sue HARRIS born Oct.11, 1956.

c-Daniel Lee HARRIS born Dec.11,1961.


6-a Albert Connie* HARRIS born Feb.15,1896 at Carthage, Tenn- died Feb.27, 1926 - married Oct. 17, 1920 to Mary Eunice BUTCHER born Aug.22, 1904 at McMinnville, Tenn. They had two children:

1 - Evelyn Catherine HARRIS born July 23, 1921 at McMinnville Tenn - married April 26, 1939 to Chas. Douglas FINGER born at McMinnville, Tenn. They had (15)



*Transcriber Notes: Nance Aletha HARRIS died Nov. 26, 1975 (handwritten) Wm written over with Wilie

Edward Myers HARRIS - Eddie (written in) Leland Stanford HARRIS died Aug. 20, 1989 (written in)

Albert Conwell HARRIS -Connie (written over Conwell)



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