But Kelly Erline was the name sent to me and that is the name I am going to use here. Kelly Erline PETTY was born March 18, 1904 at Smithville, Tenn. She married Thedo WALLACE and had one son:


a- Robert Lincoln WALLACE born Jan. 9, 1930 at Athens, Ala. married Montie SPENCER born May 7, 1930 at Smithville, Tenn. They had two children:


a-1 Robert Patrick WALLACE born Oct. 12, 1956 at Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tenn.


a-2 Mark David WALLACE born Feb. 1, 1958 at Lebanon, Tenn.



III - Mamie Douglas PETTY born June 23, 1905 at Huntsville, Ala. Madison Co. - married Delmar Odie CARTER born April 21, 1907 at Rogersville, Lauderdale Co., Ala.They has eight children:


a- Jesse J. CARTER born Sept.14, 1927 at Athens, Ala. married Dorothy Virginia GREEN born March 14, 1941 at Athens, Ala. They had two children:


a-1 Jenifer Kay CARTER born March 8, 1957 at Athens.


a-2 Jeffery Dewayne CARTER born April 26, 1960 at Athens, Ala.


b- Delmar PETTY CARTER born April 8, 1930 at Athens, Ala. - married Margaret Louise ADCOCK born Dec.29, 1938 at Athens. They had two children:


b-1 Mitzi D. CARTER born July 21, 1957 at Athens.


b-2 Lisa Michelle CARTER born June 19, 1961 at Athens, Alabama.


c- Charles David CARTER born April 18, 1932 Athens, Alabama - married Barbara Jo MARTIN. One child:


c-1 Anthony Bryant CARTER born May 2, 1961 at Toledo, Ohio.


d- Frances Jean CARTER born June 22, 1934 at Athens, Ala. married Robert William STEVANS born June 18, 1940 at Berkley, Oakland Co., Michigan.



d-1 Susan Jean STEVANS born May 18, 1963 at Madison Heights, Oakland Co., Michigan. (61)


e- Melva Dean CARTER born June 23, 1937 Athens, Ala.


f- Dorothy Nell CARTER born Sept. 3, 1939 Athens, ALA


g- Douglas Aline CARTER born July 3, 1942 at Athens, Alabama - married Joe Alfred LAXSON born June 3, 1940 at Athens.


h- Mary Jane CARTER born Aug. 18, 1944 at Athens, Ala. married Fred Allen BOYD born April 7, 1941 at Athens. They had a son:


h-1 Brad Allen Boyd born April 7, 1964 at Athens. (62)




Because of my desire to make some sort of permanent record I have omitted much of our history that I had intended using. But last year I had the pleasure of meeting some descendants of another branch of the family and found them such delightful people that I cannot resist outlining the little that I know about their line. It is a great wonder that we do not know more about each other for all were in the same locality in Tenn. after moving from North Carolina - the families all grew up and and new families within a few miles of each other. Many of them are still there in Smith County.




4- William PETTY another son of old John PETTY, was born in North Carolina in 1780. He married Lavinia DILLARD about 1807 - and about 1813 they migrated to Smith Co., Tenn. He is found in the 1820 census records for Smith Co., Tenn. and we know two of his children were born in North Carolina, one in 1808 and another in 1812 - so we know that they were still in N.C. in 1812 but in Tenn. by 1820. His first two children were born in N.C. and more were born later in Tenn. but it is the first two about whom I have a little information.


a-4 Mildred (Milbrey) PETTY was born 1808 in N.C. What information I have about her comes from a great-granddaughter of hers, Mrs. Gladys LINTON of Princeton Kentucky. Mildred (Milbrey) PETTY was married probably about 1828 in Tenn. to William HIGH born 1797 in North Carolina. Mildred died at Sherman, Texas about 1872. He died during the war between the states.

They had several children:


a-James HIGH married Victoria ROBERTSON in Smith Co., Tenn. Afterwards moved to Kentucky, then to Okla.

b-Rufus H. HIGH born 1829 in Tenn. went out to Tex. and his family lost touch with him.


c- Alsey J. HIGH born 1833 in Smith co., Tenn.


d- Woodson HIGH born 1835 in Smith Co. - was killed in the Confederate service.


e- Stephen HIGH born 1842 in Smith Co. - served in the Confederate Army died at home during the war.


f- Amanda Elizabeth HIGH (Mrs. Linton's grandmother) was born 1845 in Smith Co., Tenn. She married German Taylor CRAIGHEAD also born in Smith Co. She died at Cerulean Springs, Ky. in 1895.


g- Kizzy HIGH born 1850 in Smith Co., Tenn. married Abner PERKINS also a native of Smith Co. Kizzy and Abner PERKINS and Amanda and German CRAIGHEAD left Tenn. and moved to Cerulean Springs, Caldwell Co., Kentucky, where they raised families and lived most (63) of their lives. Kizzy and Abner PERKINS had five children all born in Caldwell Co., Ky.:


g-1 Mildred Jane PERKINS born May 25, 1871 - married Bob DAVIE. They had a daughter:


a- Ora Lee DAVIE married a Mr. BRYANT. They had one child:

aa- Mildred BRYANT.


g-2 William Leamon PERKINS born Nov.6, 1874 - died Aug. 18, 1889.


g-3 Amanda Elizabeth PERKINS born 1876 married 1st - James COOK and they had one son: Stanley COOK.

She married 2nd a Mr. STALLINGS but they had no children.


g-4 Preston Leslie PERKINS born Dec. 9, 1878 - married 1st, Nov.8, 1903 to Anna LADY. No children. He married 2nd Mary AVERETT. They had five children:

a- Thomas, b- Douglas, c-Evelyn, d-Ruth and e-Nell PERKINS.


g-5 Ida May PERKINS born Dec. 1, 1881 - married Presley M. ADAMSON. They had five children: a- Presley M. ADAMSON Jr., b- Warner Abner ADAMSON, c-Katharine K., d-Grace L. and e-Mildred ADAMSON.


f- Children of German Taylor CRAIGHEAD and Amanda Elizabeth HIGH


f-1 Mary Bell CRAIGHEAD died at age 5.


f-2 Kizzie CRAIGHEAD born March 14, 1871 - died 1894.


f-3 Elnora CRAIGHEAD born March 19, 1874 - married Dec.24, 1894 to Clealon ADAMS. They had two children


a- Gladys Lee ADAMS born March 19, 1900 - married Aug. 1921 to Leo LINTON. He died June 29, 1963. They had two children:


aa- James Lowery LINTON born July 31, 1922 at Princeton, Ky. He was with the U.S. Coast Guard in World War II. He was married July 13, 1945 to Virginia WALTZ. They had two children:


aa-1 Robert Jon (Bob) LINTON born April 19, 1946 married Linda DUNNING. They have a son:

1- Robbie LINTON born Nov.29, 1966.


aa-2 Judith LINTON born March 3, 1951. (64)


bb-Mildred Lucille LINTON born Oct. 21, 1923 at Princeton, Ky., married Aug. 7, 1942

to Alfred RAY born in Princeton, Ky. They had two children:


1- Alfred Joel RAY born July 22, 1945 - married Sept. 19, 1966 to Judy WESMAN.


2- Daryl Paul RAY born March 13, 1955 at Detroit, Mich.


b- Norris Clifton ADAMS born May 3, 1905 - died June 26, 1968 at Nashville, Tenn. He married Olean BROOKS of Smith Co., Tenn. and they had lived in Nashville, Tenn. for more than forty years. They had one child:


b-1 Gerald Clifton ADAMS born May 5, 1931 at Nashville. he served in the U.S. Air Force

and is now a commercial artist at Nashville. He married Sept.15, 1951 toWilma JOHNSON.

They had two children:


1- Stephen Douglas ADAMS born Sept.12,1954 at Nashville, Tenn.


2- Peggy Marie ADAMS born Nov.17, 1961 Nashville, Tenn. (65)


f4- Wm Lee CRAIGHEAD died as infant.


f5- Florence Virginia CRAIGHEAD also died as infant.


f6- German Leslie CRAIGHEAD born 1881- died 1965 married Dec. 1902 to Letty MARTIN. They had one child:

1- Lora CRAIGHEAD born Oct. 25, 1903 married Slyvan CLARK. Children:

a- Ben CLARK married Helen JANCA.

b- Leslie CLARK married Thelma STONE.


c- Letty CLARK married Craig LOWE.


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