3- Thomas Jenkins PETTY born March 20, 1871. He was a soldier in the Spanish American War 1898 – 1899. In 1901 he left his fathers house in Carthage,

bound for Alaska and was never heard from again.


4- Winship Blackstone PETTY Jr. born at Carthage, Tenn. May 31, 1873 – died in Oklahoma in 1925. He was married Nov. 19, 1907 to Maggie GORE. They had two children:


a - Alfred Tennyson PETTY Born Dec. 21, 1908 – died Dec 23, 1908


b – Pualine Gore PETTY was born Nov. 19, 1909 – died May 22 1918.


Both children are buried in the little family graveyard near Monoville, Tenn. Their father is buried in Oklahoma, their mother in California.


5- John A Fite PETTY – born Feb. 9, 1876 – died Jan. 30, 1950. He was married twice- 1st  Oct. 11. 1906 to Mattie STEWART. She was born July 4, 1883 – died Aug. 24, 1908. They had one child:


a- Mattie Lee PETTY born Aug 20, 1908 died April 23, 1912. Both mother and chil are buried in the family graveyard near Monoville, Tenn.


John A Fite PETTY’S 2nd marriage was Dec. 21, 1913 to Naomi Jane BEASLEY – born Oct. 12, 1889 – died April 12, 1930. They had four children:


b- Robert Blackstone PETTY born March 16, 1915 – died March 17, 1947. He was an invalid for most of his short life – he was born in Carthage, Tenn., lived all his life there and is buried there in Ridgewood Cem.


c- John Fite PETTY Jr. born July 25, 1916 at Carthage, was married May 14, 1938 to Glenice Estelle HEWITT born Nov. 5, 1917 at Defeated Creek, Tenn. They had one child:

cc- Glenda Lee PETTY born Feb. 5, 1939 at Lebanon, Tenn. – was married June 8, 1957 to Joel Kenneth GLOVER born Feb. 5, 1937 at Clubb Springs, Tenn. They had three children:


cc1 – Penelope Lee GLOVER born Sept. 10, 1958 at Smith County hospital, Carthage, Tenn.


cc2 – John DeRice GLOVER born March 11, 1960 at Smith County Hospital, Carthage. (56)


d- Bertha Grace PETTY born March 23, 1920 at Carthage, Tenn. Was married May 12, 1945 to Kearney Lee ROBINSON. They had two children:


dd1 – Kearney Lee ROBINSON Jr. born May 26, 1947 at Fort Knox, Ky. – died Feb 14, 1964 in a automobile accident.


dd2 – Elizabeth Jane ROBINSON born Jan. 15, 1953 in Germany where her father, a soldier in the U.S. Armed Forces, was sationed at the time.


e- Nancy Jane PETTY born Jan. 1, 1923 at Carthage, Tenn. – married John SIMMS. They have two children both of whom were born at Louisville, Ky.:


ee1 – Nancy Lane SIMMS born Oct. 26, 1955


ee2 – Emily Lou SIMMS born July 23, 1957.




10-3 Stephen PETTY


The youngest son of Thomas PETTY and Lydia MAYNARD was born  in Tennessee. I am not sure he was born in Smith Co. but if not, his parents moved there a short time afterward, for the family was in Smith Co. by 1840. Stephen PETTY was born July 20, 1838 – died March 10. 1915 at Smithville, Tenn. In DeKalb Co. He is buried in Bright Hill cemetery south of Smithville. He was married twice 1st to Jane WOOD and 2nd to Jane ALLEN. He was a member of the Methodist Church. His father died when he was small and he grew up in the home of his brother Henderson B. PETTY and wife Nancy – my grandparents. My Grandfathers’s oldest son “Tommy” was about the same age as Stephen and they grew up close as brothers. When the war broke out between the states Stephen – always called “Steve” – went together to Nashville, Tenn. where on July 22, 1861 they enlisted in the 8th Tenn. Calvary – Confederate, of course. It is remarked on each of their war records: “$50.00 bounty due – furnished own horse.”  They were together one rainy night – May 29, 1863 – when they stole home to the old house at (57) Stonewall to see their Mother and Grandmother Lydia, who was dying. All day the two armies skirmished around the house and while Uncle Steve and Uncle Tommy still were there, a party of Yankee soldiers came to search the house, as they had been informed that a couple of  “Rebs” were hiding there. Thet didn’t find the boys, so they picked up the sick woman bed and all, and moved her out into the yard and were ready to set a torch to the house, when one of their superior officers rode up and ordered them to take the sick woman back into the house and leave it stand. That old house is still standing (1969) more than one hundred years later – and all connected with the story have long since crumble back to the dust. I used to hear my dad tell about the “Minie Balls”  (bullets) that lodged in the old walls during the years of that war. Well, grandmother Lydia died a few years later – and the boys still had a war to fight. On a dark rainy night Steve and Tommy started back to the Confederate lines. Steve made it – but a flash of lightening showed Tommy’s gray coat, and the Yankees – men from an Ohio regiment- captured him.


My mother used to say what a kind. Jolly person Uncle Steve was and hoe everyone liked him. My Dad loved him as well as any of his brothers and better than some of them.


Stephen PETTY’S first wife, Mary Jane WOOD was born 1843 in Smith County, Tenn. a daughter of Jefferson and Lucinda WOOD. Stephen PETTY and Mary Jane WOOD had two children:


1- Caroline (Callie) PETTY born 1865 in Smith County, Tenn. – married Jesse GOFFE. Have been unable to discover very little about her. She had six children, all of whom are now dead. Only two were ever married:


a1- Stephen GOFFE, b1- William GOFFE, c1- Leon GOFFE, d1- Mamie GOFFE, e1- Henry GOFFE and f1- Brown GOFFE


Leon GOFFE married and was the father of three children. Henry GOFFE married and had four children – two boys and two girls.


Callie PETTY GOFFE must have been a wonderful woman, for besides her own children, she raised three of the children of her half-brother Robert PETTY; Alta, Mamie and Callie (Kelly Erline) PETTY.


2- Frances (Fanny) PETTY born 1869 – died July, 1897. She married W. R. GLOVER and had one child:


a2- Kala GLOVER born March 10, 1897 – married Lee Compton FITZPATRICK- born Mar. 2, 1893 – died May 30, 1967. (58) They were married Aug. 10. 1913. They had five children:


A- John Alvin FITZPATRICK  born Dec. 28, 1914 died Jan. 7, 1967 – married April 27, 1935 to Dorothy KNIGHT. They had four children:


A1 – Gail FITZPATRICK married Terry P. MOSES they had two children:

a- John Mark MOSES born Jan. 23, 1963

b- Terry Patrick MOSES born Dec. 20, 1957.


A2- John Lee FITZPATRICK married Catherine CRABTREE. They had one son:

a- Joseph Michael FITZPATRICK born Oct. 3, 1967.


A3- Joseph Neal FITZPATRICK born April 23, 1944.


A4- Vicki FITZPATRICK born July 29, 1951 – died Jan. 29, 1955.


B- Chas. William FITZPATRICK born Oct. 18, 1917 – was married March7, 1937 to Marie YAGER. One Son:


B1- Roger Yager FITZPATRICK born Dec. 11, 1937 – married in 1958 to Carolyn DILLARD. They had

       three Children:


a- Christie Marie FITZPATRICK born Aug. 8, 1959.

b- Tracy Lynn FITZPATRICK born   March 10, 1961

c- Roger Yager FITZPATRICKJr. Born Dec. 1, 1964


C- Robert Neal FITZPATRICK April 17, 1925 – died June 27, 1927.


D- Harold Worth FITZPATRICK born Oct. 18, 1930 – married Aug, 5, 1952 to Martha Nell McINTIRE. They have two children:


D1- Amy Kay FITZPATRICK born Nov. 12, 1961


D2- Abby Nell FITZPATRICK born June3, 1965.


E- Mary Frances FITZPATRICK born May 5, 1928 – married Feb. 14, 1947 to B. Nolan GATLIN. Three Children:


E1- Jennifer Ann GATLIN born Nov. 12, 1954.


E2- Gray Nolan GATLIN born Oct. 23, 1963.


E3- Holly Beth GATLIN born Dec. 17, 1964. (59)


Stephen PETTY was married a 2nd time June 20, 1876 in Smith Co., Tenn. to Sarah Jane ALLEN born 1854 in Tenn., a daughter of A. W. and Mary A. ALLEN. Soon after this marriage, Stephen PETTY moved his family to Smithville, Tenn. in DeKalb Co., where they had two children:


1- Robert PETTY born in DeKalb Co., Tenn. in 1877 – died Oct. 23, 1918 and is buried in Cantrell Cemetery south of Smithville. He was married and had four children. His sister Callie PETTY GOFFE raised the three oldest and his younger sister Jenny JACOBS and her husband adopted the youngest child when he was two months old.


2- Mary Jane (Jenny) PETTY was Stephen PETTY’S fourth and youngest child. She was born March 19, 1880 at Smithville, Tenn. She married C. C. JACOBS and they had no children of their own but adopted Jenny’s brother’s son when the child was two months old.


a- William Leon PETTY JACOBS was born Oct. 3, 1812. He was married April 28, 1934 to Louise MEDLIN.



I – Robert Alton PETTY (son of Robert Petty born 1877 – died 1918) was born July 31, 1902 aqt Smithville, Tenn. – Married Fannie Inez WHITT born June 15, 1908 at Athens, Limestone Co., Ala. They had four children:


I-1 Jesse Robert PETTY born July 30, 1926 at Athens – married Polly BLACK born April 5, 1928 at Athens. They had two children:

a- Page PETTY born Oct. 23, 1960 at Decatur, Morgan Co., Ala

b- James Allen PETTY bornJune4, 1963 at Decatur.


I-2 Ervin Andrew PETTY born Nov. 18, 1929 at Athens – married Barbara Jean KIRBY born Oct. 25, 1937 at Athens. Ala. They had four children:


a- Robert Edward PETTY born Feb. 22, 1958 Athens.

b- Allison Dean PETTY born Mar. 12, 1959, Athens.

c- Phillip Ervin PETTY born May 19, 1960, at Athens.

d- Susan Jean PETTY born Aug. 3, 1962, Athens, Ala.


I-3 Charles Allen PETTY born Nov. 30, 1940 at Athens.


I-4 Bobby Ray PETTY born Sept. 18, 1949 at Athens , Ala.


II – Kelly Erline PETTY (I had thought this was “Callie”for the aunt Callie GOFFE and the great Grandmother Caroline WOOD – why the change to Kelly?) (60)


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