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Stewart County is located in Middle Tennessee, one of the state's three "grand divisions". It is bordered on the north by Trigg Co., KY and Christian Co., KY, on the east by Montgomery Co., TN, on the south by Houston Co., TN and Benton Co., TN, and on the west by Henry Co., TN and Calloway Co., KY

Published December 4, 1997................... Last Update August 21, 2017

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Hi! I'm Stew, and I have been adopted by the Stewart County coordinators. I host my own page, dedicated to the research efforts of children interested in genealogy and history of Stewart County! It also features children of yesteryear in Stewart Co.


Stewart County History



Stewart County Virtual Museum

Click on the link above to tour our Virtual Museum, a collection of photographs of Stewart County events and artifacts, contributed by our Stewart County Genealogy Mailing List members.

Stewart County Ancestors

Stewart County Family Gateway

Information and photos shared by family researchers. Although GEDcoms are not allowed, we welcome descendency lists covering as many as six to eight generations, NO living individuals PLEASE, just family histories, family narratives, marriage/death records, etc. Please document your sources.
Just click on the family name below to be taken to that family's Gateway page.




Drury Bird/Byrd
Cub & Long Creeks  




Vinnie Maurice Brunson


Shadrack Byrd
Lick/Byrd Creek of Tenn. River  

Cherry Men

Cherry-Gardner Wedding Photo


Jefferson Davis Cherry

Wallace Roy Cherry


Collins (2)

Cranford - Simpson



Dunaway-Lancaster Marriage License





Fitzhugh-Carney ca 1910










Daniel Hicks 






Levi & Ona Martin homeplace (John Jones Place)

Joyce Family ca 1920


Walter Keel


Lancaster-Rougemont 1904 Wedding Photo




G. W. Mathis

W. E. Mathis


McGee (2)






Vinson Page


C. M. Parker

Cigmarion Parker

Exum Parker


Dill & Novella Phillips

Jonathon Phillips





G. C. Robertson


A. B. Ross







A. G. Wallace

Pinkney Wallace






Stewart County Meetin Place
Marty Cossey's blog for making contact with fellow Stewart County researchers. Family names include Hicks, Manning, Stalls, Sills, Page, Sexton, Smith and Baggett.

Stewart County Genealogy Yahoo Group
Debbie's place for discussing Stewart County families. Her main lines are Shaw, Fox, Chadwick, Sutherland.


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Goodspeed's Biographies (published 1886)

Biographies A & B

Biographies C-D-E-F-G

Biographies H-J-K-L-M

Biographies P-R-S

Biographies T-V-W-Y


Other Research Resources for Stewart County Ancestors:

Early Settlers & Biographies

Surname Volunteers

Stewart's Cherokee Connections

Ira Shares

(Sharing and information about the Stewart area, locations, history, families by the late Ira Bell, native of the area)

Group Photos of Ancestors:

Hog Killing Group, c. 1900
1906 Church Group to Identify?
1910's Group to Identify?
Antioch School, 1922
Antioch School Abt. 1923
Bear Spring School, 1925-26
Bear Spring School, 1935
Bear Spring School 8th grade class
Big Rock High School basketball team, 1936
Big Rock High School 1938 Senior Class
Bumpus Mills Odd Fellows group, ca. 1905 
Bumpus Mills flood, 1933
Bumpus Mills High School 4-H Club, Dec. 1938
Carlisle School 1900-1901
Center Point School, ca. 1937
Chestnut Grove School, ca. 1928
Cumberland City Academy, 1907-08
Desmond Hargis Birthday Group, Bumpus Mills, 1923
Lineport Masonic Lodge, ca. 1900
Model School Abt. 1915
Model School Abt. 1918
Mount View School Abt. 1922-1923
New Haven School, 1913
Pine Bluff School 1906-1907; 1910-1912
Antioch School, 1905 see Feltner Photo Archive - Schools

Folklore, Sayings, Folk Remedies, Etc. of the Area

The Tales They Told...: Stories and folklore about Stewart County and the people who called it home shared by their descendents.

Folk Remedies contributed by subscribers Folk Medicine by B.W. Dortch

The Way They Lived....pj Thompson Shares...

"Come Sit in the Swing Under The Shade Tree and Let Me Tell You Of Days Gone By"

Hog Killing Day ...... Making From Scratch: Woodstove Recipes ..... Making Do: Old Time Household Recipes & Remedies ....Wash Day ... Laying a Corpse...Patsy and Paula Saga...More to come! ...About the author: Meet pj


Stewart County Research

Stewart County Genealogy Research Guide
A guide showing which records were created in the courthouse, which have survived, and where to find them.

Stewart County Public Library
link to the Library's official web site

click here for Research Databases

Cemetery Listings, Cemetery Atlas, Bible Records, Census Records, 1840 Pensioners from the American Revolution, Churches, Court Records, Deeds, Letters, Marriage Records, Obituaries, Post Offices, School history, Soldiers, Tax Lists, Undertaker Records, Wills


For sale from the Stewart County Archives:

Stewart County, Tennessee Abstracts of Settlements, Wills and Bonds, 1804-1896
Stewart County, Tennessee Census Records, 1820-1860
Stewart County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes, Vol. 1 & 1A, 1821 - 1831
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1804-1812
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1813-1819
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1819-1828
Stewart County, Tennessee County Court Minutes, 1828-1831
Stewart County, Tennessee Deed Book Indexes, 1786-1884
Stewart County, Tennessee Marriages Revisited, 1804-1881
Stewart County, Tennessee, Tax Lists 1804-1840
Stewart County, Tennessee, Tax Lists 1841-1866

Now for sale from the author:

Founded Upon a Rock, by Dr. Dale Edwards Young

Dr. Young, a former, long-time Stewart County resident, educator and past President of the Stewart County Historical Society, has written a book about Stewart county native William Henry Oliver (1903-1991), a long-time Free Will Baptist pastor and educator in Tennessee and North Carolina, who retired from public education as superintendent of Nashville City Schools.


Now for sale from the author:

"Old Times Not Forgotten:  A Pictorial History of the Lost Communities in Land Between the Lakes"

by Norma L. Loeffler

Price:  $30.00, available from the author.


Now for sale at the Stewart County Public Library and the Houston County Public Library:
1838-1871, Marriage Licenses Applied For, Stewart County Tennessee, published by Friends of the Library, Houston County, TN
Price for the book: $10 ($8.00 + $2.00 shipping, checks payable to Friends of the Library).

BY JAMES MEREDITH SMITH, (c) 2007, hardback, $45.00

Send orders for either book to:
Stewart County Public Library
102 Natcor Drive
Dover, TN 37058-3524

For sale from Simmons Genealogy Books:

Births and Deaths 1881-1910
Census 1820 and 1830
Census 1840
Census 1850
Census 1860
County Court Minutes Vol. 1 - 1804-1807
County Court Minutes Vol. 2 - 1808-1811
County Court Minutes Vol. 3 - 1812-1814
Deed Books Vol. 1 - 1791-1806
Deed Books Vol. 2 - 1803-1814
Deed Books Vol. 3 - 1813-1817
Deed Books Vol. 4 - 1817-1819
Marriage Records Vol. 1 - 1838-1848
Marriage Records Vol. 2 - 1849-1866
Marriage Records Vol. 3 - 1865-1881
Marriage Records Vol. 4 - 1882-1894
Marriage Records Vol. 5 - 1908-1915

And from our friends across the border in Trigg County:

Cemeteries of Cadiz and Trigg County, Kentucky
compiled by David Sumner, Kim Fortner, Pam Metts & Charles Morris.

To purchase your copy send $30 plus $5 shipping ($3 shipping each additional book) to:

Trigg County Public Library
Attn: Kim Fortner or Pam Metts
244 Main St.
Cadiz, KY 42211


local residents - come by the John L. Street Library in Cadiz and see Kim or Pam, Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM

  • Hardback book, 450+ pages Contains over 400 Trigg Co. cemetery listings
  • 100+ cemeteries never before recorded
  • Full name index
  • Driving directions to each cemetery
  • NOTE: This book does NOT contain Trigg Co. cemeteries located in LBL / Between the Rivers.


Stewart County Historical Society
The Stewart County Historical Society, not affiliated with TNGenWeb, the Stewart County Archives or this site, does not have its own web site. We are pleased to share the information below about the Society here on the TNGenWeb site.

About the Society

Programs & Projects


Montgomery County Historical Society

Stewart County Heritage, Volume I (1980) on eBay

Stewart County History and Families, Volume II (2000) on eBay

Facebook page for Stewart County Historical Society



Ask Jim
Do you have questions about HOW to do Stewart County research? WHERE to find information? How to decipher what you DO find? Then click on the Ask Jim link above, and send your question in to someone who's been around the courthouse a few times.
NOTE: This page is about general research, not specific persons. If you want to ask about specific people, please post a query.

Note: Looking for volunteer transcribers! If you have public records you want on the site and are willing to either furnish copies of the records or transcribe, please e-mail!

Stewart County Bulletin Board

Stewart County Web Site Search Engine

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Mailing List for Stewart County Genealogy

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