Bass Family

This is a picture of my great grandfather, William Wesley BASS, son of Norflet Wesley BASS, son of Jethro BASS. William Wesley was born in Stewart County and then migrated to Lake County to the Mississippi River. He and his wife tended the lanterns along the Mississippi River so the barges could see the shore. His ancestors had run ferrys across the Tennessee River in Stewart County. William Wesley BASS's family lived at BASS Landing in Lake County.

Back Row from Left: Leona, Myrtle, Eula Lee (my grandmother)

Front Row from Left: Maude, William Wesley, Sammie Dessie JACKSON BASS, William Jethro, Bertha Mae.

The house is built up on stilts because they lived where the Mississippi flooded every year. It was a common site to us who live in the bottoms, but his ancestors from Stewart County would have thought it strange.

Notice that the kids were all dressed up in their Sunday best but were barefooted.

Photo and information shared by Leslie Moore

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