Winters Family Gateway

Information and photos courtesy of Peggy Moore, Granite City

Elk Creek-area school

Front row left to right
Teacher Lara Knight
Robert Mathis, Buddy (Jessie) Winters, Leaton Winters, Ethel Richardson, Christine Coakley, Vannah Coakley
2nd Row: Charlie Mathis, Ruth Richardson, Lawson Hegwood, Annie Mathis, Willliam Winters
behind Williams is Kate Mathis, Lavella Wallace, Homer Shemwell

Buddy (Jessie) Winters, Leaton Winters, William Winters, Robert Mathis, Homer Shemwell, Charlie Mathis, Lara Knight, Ruth, Vannah, Annie, Lavella, Kate
2 small ones are Christine Coakley, Ethel Richardson

"This is my grandfather Ed Winters of Erin Tenn being baptized in Elk Creek Church creek right by the church."

Dinner on the ground at Elk Creek Baptist Church, Erin