Henry Madden Fitzhugh and Elizabeth Carney Fitzhugh

Henry Madden Fitzhugh (1848-1937) and his wife Elizabeth Carney Fitzhugh (1856-1913) were my great grandparents. Henry was the son of James Young Fitzhugh and Philadelphia McElroy. Elizabeth was the daughter of Elijah Demoss Carney and Marcilla Brandon. Both Henry and Elizabeth were born in Stewart County and both died in Hood County, Texas where they moved hoping to help Elizabeth with her "lung ailment". They are bured in the Asbury Cemetery at Tolar Texas. Their children were: Henry Vermon, Martha Young, Anna Elizabeth, James William, Marcilla A., Robert Stuart, Minnie Delphie, Bowman E., E.B., J., Mary Mavis, Ruth Maranda and Charles Edwin Fitzhugh.