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The photo and the information below has been shared by Jack LaPeer, son of Mary L. Morgan and great-grandson of Jesse and Nancy Ford.

This is a family group photo of my maternal great-grandparents, Jesse and Nancy Ford and kin. The exact date of the photo is unknown, but a close estimate would be in the early 1930's. My mother, Mary L. Morgan, is the left most child sitting on the ground and I estimate her age at 8 years old. She was born in 1926 making it 1934 the year of the photo. Below are the identities of the people in the photo which I'm very certain of. The person identified as Mary Francis Ford (a daughter of Jesse and Nancy's) may have been married at the time of this photo to Glen Eckhoff of Morrisonville, IL. She is listed as Mrs. Glen Eckhoff at Jesse and Nancy's 50th wedding anniversary gathering Ocotober 11, 1940.

The photo was taken at Jesse and Nancy Ford's home outside of Bumpus Mills. Their son, John W. Ford and his wife Helen lived at this home and raised their family as well as taking care of Jesse and Nancy in their old age. As a youngster, I can remember visiting the Ford farm as well as Uncle Toli & Aunt Dassie Wallace's farm and Uncle Eugene and Aunt Sally's farm. One of my strongest memories of the Ford home was the funeral wake for I believe Jesse who died in 1953. I can still remember the casket in one of the rooms of the home dimly lite by kerosene lamps.

Ford Family Group photo:

TOP ROW (LtoR)= Toliver Pugh Wallace, Dassie Elizabeth (Ford) Wallace, William Sanford Morgan, Maggie Belle (Ford) Morgan, John Wesley Ford & baby, Helen R. (Wallace) Ford, Eugene Wallace.

MIDDLE SEATED (LtoR)= Carrol Wilson Ford, Ethel (White) Ford, Jesse Allen Ford, Nancy Deadie (Morris) Ford, Mary Francis Ford, Sally (Ford) Wallace & daughter Nancy Pauline Wallace.

CHILDREN on GROUND (LtoR)= Mary L. Morgan, Betty Jean Ford, Nancy E. Morgan, Nobel L. Morgan, Allen M. Wallace.

Jack LaPeer
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