Folk Remedies

Remembered by Stewart Countians and their Descendents

*Note: We are not advocating the use or effectiveness of any of these remedies!!!! For historical interest ONLY!

Asthma Measure someone with their shoes off, using a dry sour wood stick Tom McHood
Bee Sting Put wet tobacco juice on it. Dallas Greer
Boil Raw back-fat only-bandaged to the boil Sharon Smith
Cough Syrup made of wild cherry bark and yellow root Jan Philpot
Cough Tablespoon of whiskey with sugar or honey and lemon Linda DeVita
Croup Groundhog grease; onion and flour poltice Jan Philpot
Hives Catnip Tea Jan Philpot
Infection Poltice made of bread dipped in milk or bacon fat bandaged to the area Rose Kirchoff
Ringworm Boil black walnuts and apply the green tea to the infected area Cheryl Adams
Sore throat Rub vicks on throat and bandage with wool sock; stick head under blanket with pan of steaming water; hot toddy made of hot water, sugar, dash of whiskey Rose Kirchoff
Sprains Ginseng Jan Philpot
Sty Rub your wedding ring on fabric to get it hot, then touch it to the sty Rose Kirchoff
Warts Touch each wart with a rock you have picked out of the earth Cheryl Adams
Warts Cut a pinto bean in two and rub on the wart, then plan the bean in the back yard during a full moon Linda DeVita
Whatever ails you Dose of Castor Oil Sharon Smith

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