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Biography of John H. Boswell (see also Goodspeed Biographies A &B)

John Hiram Boswell was born 11 Sept 1840, in Stewart County, Tennessee, the son of John William Boswell and Matilda Boyd. His paternal grandparents, Walter Boswell and Susannah Gardner, both believed to have been born in North Carolina, first bought land in Stewart County, Tennessee, on 29 Aug 1810. His maternal grandparents were George Boyd and Mary (Polly) James born in Virginia and North Carolina respectively, who arrived in Stewart County in 1795 or shortly thereafter. Hiram volunteered for Company B, Heavy Artillery, and was in the battle at Ft. Henry, Stewart County, Tennessee, on 6 Feb 1862, when he and fifty-three other men from his unit volunteered to remain and defend Fort Henry to allow 3,000 other Confederate troops to withdraw to prepare for the defense of nearby Fort Donelson. In that battle he helped man the gun which struck the boiler room of the Union gunboat Essex causing 38 dead, wounded and missing (reports differ on casualties). Local tradition says the Essex sunk and is still there but one historian said it floated downstream. Fort Henry’s commander surrendered and Hiram was a prisoner of war from 6 Feb 1862 - 26 Mar 1862 at the Military Prison at Alton, Illinois, being one of the first Confederate prisoners incarcerated there. He returned home in 1862 and resumed farming. John Hiram Boswell married Mary Ann Newberry (6 Jun 1838 - 26 April 1903) in 1863. They had two daughters, Alice and Anna. After the death of his first wife, he married Sarah (Sallie) H. Stone Smith (31 Jan 1859 - 30 Jan 1943). They had no children. John Hiram Boswell was a successful farmer, teacher, mason, road constable, and school and road commissioner. He died 7 January 1911 and is buried next to his first wife in a Boswell Cemetery near the site where his former house was located near Fort Henry, Stewart County, Tennessee, in what is now land owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) called “Land Between The Lakes.”


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