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George Singer was a German Immigrant and arrived in this country on April 2nd 1853 in New Orleans, LA. Elizabeth "Runck" Singer came to America on Jan 15th 1855 arriving in New Orleans. Both were from Bavaria. Still working on which town George Singer came from in Bavaria. Elizabeth "Runck" Singer came from the town of Erlenbach, Kandel in Bavaria and the name of her parents were Johann Jacob Runck and Katharina "Kauther" Runck and they were married November 9th 1830 in the town of Erlenbach, Kandel in Bavaria. Elizabeth's Family live in this town for hundred's of years and there are church records that record the family history.

George and Elizabeth married in Dearborn County Indiana in 1856 and had their first child in 1860 by the name of Elizabeth. Their second child was named Kate. The third child was named Henry and the fourth child was named Mary Singer. Mary Singer married James Monroe Page.

Elizabeth "Runck" Singer and her Daughter Elizabeth (Lizzie) Singer, Jr.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Singer was the oldest Child of George and Elizabeth 'Runck' Singer. Lizzie was born in Ohio in 1860 and was married 01/13/1873 to Willis C. Burnine. No one knows what happened to the marriage, but in the 1880 census Lizzie is listed as widowed. Lizzie had three children, two died at birth and one by the name of George Burnine was also listed in the 1880 census as being two years old. In the 1890 census the child is not listed. Lizzie lived with her Mother until her death then she worked for familles around Stewart Co. When Lizzie was no longer to take care of herself she went to the poor house as it was called back then and died on 4/26/1951.

Henry Singer and his wife Cynthia "Green" Singer's wedding picture.

Henry and Cynthia'Green'Singer had 10 children:
John Henry Singer--Born 10/31/1903 Died 12/21/1983
Collie Jasper Singer-- Born 5/13/1906 Died 7/13/1941
Catherine Mae Singer--Born 2/12/1908 Died 11/29/1991
Addie Lee Singer-- Born 10/06/1909 Died 02/20/1997
Claude Singer--Born 5/28/1911 Died in 1911 or 1912
Lula Elizabeth Singer-- Born 2/13/1913 Died 07/29/1995
Falty Singer-- Died at Birth--07/31/1916
Roby Singer--Died at birth--06/09/1917
Ruth Elnora Singer-- Born 2/06/1919 Died 01/04/1923
George Singer--Died at birth--08/17/1921

This is Henry Singer in his later years. Henry moved his family to Granite City Ill sometime in the 1920s.

Kate Singer in her later years.

Katherine (Kate) Singer Dix and husband Lottie Dix.

Katherine (Kate) Singer Dix was born 18, June, 1866 in TN (some say Knoxville)
Married Lolley Dix 27, March 1887 In Trigg County, KY
Died 1, September 1946 Stewart County, TN
Barney (Male) born 1888 Golden Pond, KY wife-Thelma married in MO; died 24, June 1984
Hugh Pony (Male) born 12 May 1889 Golden Pond, KY married Mary Taylor (Mary died in 1932) Married Euple in 1942 or 1943 died 25 March 1969
Frances May (Fannie) (female) born March 1891 Golden Pond, KY married Gup Burks divorced @ 1924 married Hobe Hackworth died January 1992
Duggy (male) born 1892 or 1893 Golden Pond, KY lived about four years old
Birdie Lee (female) born 3 May 1896 in Golden Pond, KY married Claude Littlejohn 30 July 1923 died 12 January 1986
Eli (Bud) (male) born 29 February 1898 Golden Pond, KY married Louise died 28 November 1988
Hobert (male) born 25 May 1900 Golden Pond, KY married Clarice Barnes died ??
James (Jim) (male) born 13 September 1903 TN (Stewart Cty ?) married Nellie died January 1978
Ruby (female) born 1906 Stewart Cty, TN married Lester Farless died 1947
Baby ( Female) dates unknown lived 9 days, born after Ruby

Joshua P Page was born--1/05/1843 Died 1/23/1920
Emerline Wallace Page was born--12/20/1839 Died 11/11/1924
Joshua and Emerline were married on 04/07/1864

Their children were: Sam Page, James Monroe Page, Lonzo Page, Sallie Page Taylor, Eddie Page, Lucy Page Link, Allen D. Page.

Mary Singer Page and her husband James Monroe Page.

James Monroe and Mary Singer Page were married 01/21/1889, by the Justice of the Peace, T. J. Brandon. James (Jim) and Mary Page had nine children who were:
Birtha Page Askew Born 1/19/1890 Died 6/20/1907. Birtha married Benjamin Franklin Askew and had one child by the name of Eva.
Levi Henry Page Born 12/31/1891 Died 4/07/1990. Levi married Esther Shaw and had 4 children.
Elijah Page Born 1/19/1893 Died 7/06/1978. Elijah Married Sennie Elizabeth Jenkins and had 10 children
Manasseh Page Died either at birth or a short time later.
Katie Page Bogard Born 10/21/1898 Died 7/13/1994. Katie married Walter Bogard and had 5 children.
Leroy Page Born 7/25/1902 Died 1/13/1986. Leroy married Irene Page and had 4 children.
Pearl Lena Page(Vick) Wallace Born 12/31/1905 Died 12/21/2003. Pearl married Monroe Vick and had one Child. Pearl then married Willie Wallace.
Sallie Page Wallace Born 6/07/1909 Died 02/10/1987. Sallie married Preston Wallace and had 4 children.
James Evans Page Born 08/31/1912 Died 02/24/2001. Evans married Emma Wallace and had 10 children.

* Eva Askew Wallace Born 10/21/1906 Died 07/21/1998 was the child of Frank and Birtha Page Askew. Eva or Cousin Evie as she was known, was raised by her Grandparents James and Mary Page.

Mary Singer Page and her children (L to R) Katie Page Borgard, Levi Page, and Sallie Page Wallace.

Birtha Page Askew, oldest child of James Monroe and Mary Singer Page, and her husband Benjamin Franklin(Frank) Askew.

Pearl (Vick) Wallace and her brother Leroy Page

Uncle Evans Page

These are pictures of my Grandfather and Grandmother Elijah and Sennie Jenkins Page

Donald Wallace, son of Preston and Sallie (Page) Wallace.

Information shared by descendant Pamela Austin.