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Stewart Countians in War of 1812

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Stewart County and the War of 1812

J. Milton Henry, The Land Between the Rivers:
"Quite a few people were settled in the area by the War of 1812, making a militia organization for protection of the area necessary. By the end of 1814, people of the area were concerned about a potential British invasion from the lower end of the Mississippi River, and recruits were responding to take up defense of New Orleans. Thirty-six men from Stewart County signed up for a six-month tour of duty, marching south under the command of Major General John Coffee in October. In November, seventy-five flatboats loaded with Tennessee Militia passed Dover on their way to New Orleans. Stewart County's Captain James Gray served in the division of Colonel William Carroll in the battle. The resulting victory made General Andrew Jackson a hero among the people of the area."


Stewart Countians in the War of 1812

The following articles have been shared by volunteers about War of 1812 veterans from Stewart County:
Pvt. James BYRD and Pvt. John Wesley BYRD

Using the original Muster Rolls and Pay Rolls on file at the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA Microfilm Accession No. 1459), as well as Pension files from the National Archives and, it is possible to have a fairly accurate listing of those Stewart Countians who saw action in this war. The following Stewart Countians are listed as having seen service just before and during the War of 1812.  Note that most or all of these men were already part of the 26th Regiment of Tennessee Militia which consisted of men from Stewart County.

Captain Thomas Gray's Detached Company of Militia Infantry, 8 April - 18 April 1812:  This company performed in the "service of the United States" prior to the declaration of war in June 1812.

Thomas Gray, Captain
Robert Walker, Lt.
Benjamin Boyt, Sgt.
Harris McGregor, Sgt.
William Pearce, Sgt.
Henry King, Corporal
William Griffy
Curtis Alderson
John Anderson
David Andrews
Cornelius Cooley
Joel Cooley
John Cooper
Moses Craig
Thomas Dennis
Benjamin Downs
Kenning Edwards
Asa Gough
Benjamin Hagler
Joshua Hamlet
Jesse Hutson
Stephen Kirksey
Benjamin May
Thomas McGee
Henry Mizell
Jeremiah Norrod
Henry Pugh
Samuel Pyatt
Rhaford Rutland
Alexander Scarborough
Henry Shoure
Caswell Smith
Charles Turner
Thomas Ward
Daniel Warren
John Williams

Detached Company of Militia Infantry, 11 April - 23 April 1812:  This company from the 26th Regiment performed in the "service of the United States" prior to the declaration of war in June 1812.  This appears to be a partial pay roll, with no officers listed.

George Berry
George Boyd
Jesse Cain
James Gray
James Miller
Edward Norrod
Samuel Norrod

Captain Josiah Askew's Company of Militia Infantry, 7 April - 6 May 1812:  This company performed in the "service of the United States" prior to the declaration of war in June 1812.

Josiah Askew, Captain
Richard Ussery, Lt.
James Chambers, Sgt.
Thomas French, Sgt.
Drury Mathews, Sgt.
Thomas Wyatt, Corporal
David Alsup
John Alsup
William Alsup
Elisha Askew
John Barnes
Lewis Brewer
Thomas Brewer
Henry Chambers
John Chambers
Reuben Elliott
Marshall French
Samuel C. French
Samuel Golden
Frederick Gross
Jesse Hutchens
David Jackson
Lewis Jackson
William Kirk
Caleb Litton
John Massey
Blake Massingale
James Massingale
Daniel Murphy
Larkin Norrid
James Perkins
Benjamin Ragsdale
William Robertson
Mark Rushing
James Sessoms
Ebenezer Skinner
Thomas Whitley
Abraham Wyatt
Daniel Wyatt

Captain Elijah Rushing's Detachment of Militia Infantry, 2 May - 9 May 1812:  This company performed in the "service of the United States" prior to the declaration of war in June 1812.

Elijah Rushing, Captain
James Williams, Lt.
Robert Armour, Sgt.
Thomas Gibbs, Sgt.
William Armour, Corp.
Isham Jones, Corp.
Walter Brown
John Cathey
James Cook
John Cormac
William Ezell
George Friday
John Hogan
Eli Jackson
James Lee
Loyd Lee
Robert Lee
Adam McGee
Harris McGregor
Henry Meazles
John Milam
Edmond Randle
George Smith
Michael Smith
John Weatherford
Charles Weeks
William Williams
John Wright
William Wright

Captain Abner Pearce's Company of Militia Infantry, 10 May - 17 May 1812:  This company performed in the "service of the United States" prior to the declaration of war in June 1812.

Abner Pearce, Captain
Robert Jones, Lt.
John McGregor, Sgt.
Burwell Cato
Prescot Crisp
Richard Fosset
Richard Gatlin
William Gentry
James Haynes
John Hood
Charles Hooks
Henry Jackson
Isaac McKinney
Joseph Miller
Allen Scruggs
Ebenezer Skinner
Hubert Taylor
James Turner

Captain James Gray's Company of Militia Infantry, 19 May - 30 Jun 1812:  This company performed in the "service of the United States" at the time of the declaration of war in June 1812, but its exact service was unknown.

James Gray, Captain
Richard Ussery, Lt.
Travis Wilson, Lt.
Zedekiah Adkins, Sgt.
Robert Armour, Sgt.
James Chambers, Sgt.
Ephraim Gatlin, Sgt.
William Hagler, Sgt.
Jonathan May, Sgt.
Roderick McLeod, Sgt.
John Spencer, Sgt.
James Turpan, Sgt.
Philip Hall, Ensign
Hugh Jackson, Ensign
Henry Smith, Ensign
James Andrews
William Bailey
William Baker
Garrett Bell
George Berry
Byrd Boon
Nathan Boon
Sandford Bramblet
Christopher Branning
David Brigham
William Brigham
Drury Brinson
John Brisby
John Buchanan
John Burgess
Nathaniel Burgess
Bryan Byrd
James Cain
Henry Cato
Nehemiah Cato
John Chambers
John Colson
Jesse Cormack
William Cottingham
Thomas Cox
Jacob Crossnoe
William Daniel
Edward Eblen
Job Elliott
William Ethelridge
Parham Ezell
George Farmer
John Fletcher
Daniel Ford
James Ford
Mathew Free
Francis Frizzell
William Fullington
John Gaston
James Gatlin
Jesse Gilbert
Isaac Gossett
George Graham
William Green
Solomon Gross
Jacob Hagler
Andrew Hendrick
David Hogan
John Hogan
James Howard
Charles Howell
Daniel Jackson
Lewis Jackson
Samuel Jump
Benjamin Kizer
Samuel Lancaster
William Largent
John Lee
John Lock
John Manning
Benjamin Martin
George Martin
Blake Massingale
Levi Massingale
Drury Mathews
William McClure
George McDaniel
William McGee
Malcom McKendry
John McLeod
Malcom McMillan
Solomon McNatt
Charles Metheny
Colin Metheny
John Metheny
James Milam
Solomon Milam
Jesse Mitchell
Daniel Murphy
Edward Norrod
John Palmer
Nathan Parker
John Parradise
James Perry
Nathaniel Purtle
Burrrell Rainwater
Henry Randle
James Randle
Wilson Randle
Reuben Raynes
James Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds
Squire Robertson
Jacob Roden
Zedekiah Rorie
Charles Ross
Isaac Ross
William Ross
Abel Rushing
Dennis Rushing
Britton Sexton
Miles Sexton
William Sills
Ebenezer Skinner
James Smith
Edward Stephens
Abner Stokes
Richard Swor
William Taylor
Nathan Thomas
Mark Thomason
Richard Thomason
William Tomlinson
Wyatt Tomlinson
John Trousdale
Jesse Turpan
Seth Utley
James Vinson
Henry Wall
Hiram Warnack
Jonathan Welch
Charles Williams
Sherrod Winneham
Robert Wyatt
William Wyatt
Nathan Yarborough

Major Robert Cooper's Detachment of Mounted Riflemen, 15 Jun - 22 Jun 1812:  This company performed in the "service of the United States" at the time of the declaration of war in June 1812, but its exact service was unknown.

Robert Cooper, Major
Peter Kendall, Captain
Nathan Ross, Lt.
Anderson Andrews, Sgt.
Asa Biggs, Sgt.
Duncan McRae, Sgt.
Thomas Gray, Ensign
William Allen
George Brandon
Thomas Ezell
Cader Herrald
John Hodges
William King
Joseph McClanahan
William McGee
Ewan McKinney
Robert McKinney
James Miller
George Petty
William Polk
William Pryor
Thomas Randle
William Randle
Wilson Randle
James H. Russell
Caswell Smith
Yancey Thornton
Caleb Williams
Joel Williams

Captain James Haggard's Company of Mounted Riflemen, 28 Jan - 10 May 1814:  One of two regiments which Col. Robert Dyer commanded at different times of the war, this regiment was part of General John Coffee's cavalry brigade throughout most of the Creek War. The unit participated in most of the battles of the war, including Talladega (9 November 1813), where they formed the reserves, and Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814). There were several companies of "spies" in the regiment: companies of cavalry that were sent on reconnaissance patrols and usually took the lead in the line of march for Jackson's army.

Abbreviations in Pension information below: SO=Soldier's Original Pension app.; SC=Soldier's Certificate; WO=Widow's Original Pension app.; WC=Widow's Certificate; BLW=Bounty Land Warrant No.

Muster Roll remarks Pension Information
James Haggard, Captain
Charles Miles, 1st Lt.
Henry King, 2nd Lt.
James Blanks, 1st Sgt. appointed Sgt. 31st March from a private
Martin Cashin, 2nd Sgt.
Charles Winstead, 3rd Sgt.
David Gilmour, 4th Sgt.
William H. Roberts, 1st Corp. transferred to Capt. Molton's Co. 21st March 1814
James Burns, 2nd Corp.
Alexander Ross, 3rd Corp.
Mordecai Lewis, 4th Corp.
James Williams, Ensign
Jonathan Cooley, Turmpeter on furlough 6 Apr 1814 and absent
George Berry, Saddler
William Hust, Blacksmith
James Adams
John Arburthnott
William Bailey
Younger Barker attached 8th April 1814 to this company
John Barton
Robert Barton
William Bell
Thomas Boyd
William Braden
John Brock on furlough from 6th April 1814 and absent
Jonathan Brown
Reuben Bullard
James Cain died 24 Feb 1814
Jesse Cain died 7 May 1814
Samuel Caldwell
William Cannady
William Cantrell
Sampson Connell
Pleasant Crews
Robert Davis m 17 Jan 1814 Montgomery Co. to Betsy Hooper
Pleasant Duke
Hardy Ellis m 22 May 1815 Mont Co to Martha Trotter Dennis; d 1872 Calloway Co. KY
Edward Farris
John Fletcher
Edward Fowler
Francis Frizzell
Andrew Giffin
John Giffin
David Gray
Thomas Haley
John Hoyse on furlough 6 Apr 1814 and absent
Daniel Isbell
William Johnston
John Jones
Robert Jones
Charles King
Samuel Lancaster
William Langley on furlough May 6th 1814 and absent
William Lewis
Mathew Lisby
Willie Mallory on furlough 6th May 1814
Bird Matlock
Charles Matlock
Moses Matlock
John McColough
James Melugin
Joseph Melugin promoted to 1st Sgt. Jan. 28th 1814
Charles Miller
John Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell
Larkin Norrid m Elizabeth _______; WO 10136, WC 5512
Nicholas Norris SO 24666, SC 15680
Thomas M. Oliver
John Palmer
Thomas Randal
William Randal on furlough 6th May 1814
James Read
John Read Jr. SO 8859; SC 5013
John Read Sr.
Charles Roper
Elijah Rudolph
Aaron Smith
Mumford Smith transferred to Capt. Molton's Co. 21st March 1814
John Spencer
Absalom Swift m Mary Ann ______; SO 14804; SC 9360; WO 17759; WC 10656, Capt. James Haggard's & Capt. Francis Ellis' Cos.
Thomas Swift
Nathan Thompson transferred to Capt. Molton's Co. 21st March 1814
William Trousdale
Alexander Truman absent
Martin Wells
Solomon Williams
William Williams on furlough 6th May 1814 and absent
George Wimberly

Captain Thomas Gray's Company of Milita Infantry, 28 Jan - 10 May 1814:  A company formed in Stewart County by Captain Thomas Gray, in Col. Richard C. Napiers regiment. Entered service 28 Jan. 1814 and discharged 10 May 1814.  Part of General Thomas Johnson's brigade, this regiment mustered in at Fayetteville and marched to Huntsville, then Ft. Deposit, Fort Strother, and Fort Williams. While some detachments participated in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814), others stayed at Fort Williams on guard duty (Capt. Preston, for example). Jackson's report of the battle mentions that the troops under Captain James McMurray were on the left line at Horseshoe Bend. Many of the men then marched to the Hickory Ground (near present-day Montgomery, Alabama) where Jackson anticipated another battle with the Creeks, but the defeat at Horseshoe Bend had been decisive and the Tennesseans faced no further massed resistance. The regiment numbered about 500 men. 

Abbreviations in Pension information below: SO=Soldier's Original Pension app.; SC=Soldier's Certificate; WO=Widow's Original Pension app.; WC=Widow's Certificate; BLW=Bounty Land Warrant No.

Muster Roll remarks Pension Information
Thomas Gray, Captain
William King, Lt. sick absent 6th May 1814
Ardader Bass, Sgt.
Walter Brown, Sgt.
Thomas Gibbs, Sgt.
Harris McGregor, Sgt. on furlough 6th May 1814
Daniel Curtis, Corp. on furlough 6th May 1814
Thomas Curtis, Corp.
John Hyer, Corp.
Isham Jones, Corp.
Absolam Clark, Ensign sick absent 6th May 1814
Joseph Allen on furlough 6th May 1814
Samuel Alsup
John Anderson SO 3659, SC 19329
David Andrews sick absent 6th May 1814
Jared Bell
George Boyd
James Byrd WO 31778, WC 19156; m 20 Aug 1814 Stewart Co., Harriet Brigham
John Byrd on furlough 6th May 1814 WO 3698, WC 2032; m 27 Oct 1814 Stewart Co. Louisa Brigham
John Collier
William Daniel
Samuel Davis on furlough 6th May 1814
Edward Eblen
Etheldred Folks transferred to the artillery 12th March 1814
Jeremiah Forsythe
Richard B. Hicks on furlough 6th May 1814
James Hogan
John Hood on furlough 6th May 1814
Charles Hooks on furlough 6th May 1814
William Hornberger
Jesse Hutson sick absent 6th May 1814
Andrew Irwin
Eli Jackson m Margaret _______; WO 22948, WC 24899
Elisha Jackson
Samuel Jump
John Kitts on furlough 6th May 1814
Thomas M. Lane
Loyd Lee
Isaac Lowry on furlough 6th May 1814
Joseph McClanahan on detachment 1st March 1814 as wagoner
John McGregor on furlough 6th May 1814
Robert McKinney
Daniel McMillan on furlough 6th May 1814
Joseph Miller
Charles B. Moore on furlough 6th May 1814
Stephen Parker
Edmond Randle
Thomas Robinson
Elisha Scruggs on furlough 6th May 1814
Ebenezer Skinner on furlough 6th May 1814
Edwin Stephens died 26th April 1814
Johnathan Stephens
James Summers SO 9138; SC 8245
Hiram Warnack on furlough 6th May 1814
Frederick Weston
Elijah Whatley SO 16647, SC 10657
Martin Wyatt
Robert Wyatt
Nathan Yarborough

Capt. James Gray's Company, 2nd Regiment, West TN Miltia, 13 Nov 1814 - 13 May 1815:  A company formed in Stewart County by Captain James Gray, under Col. John Cocke, in service from 13 Nov. 1814-10 May 1815.  This regiment was one of three West Tennessee militia units at New Orleans under the command of Major General William Carroll. They were part of the flotilla that went down to New Orleans via the Cumberland, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers. The Nashville Clarion of 21 February 1815 mentions that Captain John Weakley, of Montgomery County, was at the breastworks of Jackson's line at New Orleans during the battle of 8 January. Muster rolls of the regiment show no battle casualties, but do reveal many deaths due to sickness -- a common occurrence for troops stationed at New Orleans in the months of February/March 1815. Colonel Cocke was sheriff of Montgomery County at the time of war. He is not to be confused with Major General John Cocke of East Tennessee who commanded the 1st Division and was counterpart to Andrew Jackson -- Jackson commanding the 2nd Division. 

Abbreviations in Pension information below: SO=Soldier's Original Pension app.; SC=Soldier's Certificate; WO=Widow's Original Pension app.; WC=Widow's Certificate; BLW=Bounty Land Warrant No.

Muster Roll remarks Pension and Supplemental Information
James Gray, Captain
Thomas W. Lewis, 1st Lt.
Nelson Crosswell, 2nd Lt. SO 13594, SC 20842
Matthew Powell, 3rd Lt.
John Hodges, 1st Sgt. m Mary _______; WO 25744,WC 21918, SO 21245, SC 19479
Daniel L. Futrell, 2nd Sgt.
William R. Hagler, 3rd Sgt. m 1 May 1807 in Mont Co. to Elizabeth Hagler; WC 2954; sol died 17 Oct 1832 Madison Co. IL; lived IL 1850-71
Thomas French, 4th Sgt. died coming up in the steam boat the time 20th March 1815
James Greer, 5th Sgt.
Samuel C. French, 1st Corp.
Frederick Smith, 2nd Corp. died 2 Feb 1815 m Delilah _______; Old War WF #12980
Walter Boswell, 3rd Corp.
William Jackson, 4th Corp.
William Brigham, 5th Corp.
Charles Bass, 6th Corp.
Cornelius Cooley, Ensign died 10 Feb 1815
Benjamin J. Hagler, Drummer
Daniel L. Minor, Fifer
John Aaron sick absent
Thomas Almond
Drury Angling "sick absent March 18th 1815"
Isaac Ballentine or Delyser? died 8 Jan 1815
Tinney Boatwright died 13 Mar 1815
Sandford Bramblet
Charles Brandon
Robert Bridges
David Brock WO 40912, WC 32011; 1st wife Elizabeth Lowery; 2nd wife Nancy Moore m 20 Aug 1845; d 1860
John Buchanan
William Buntin sick absent March 18th 1815
John Burgess died 22 Jan 1815
John Burns
Solomon Castleberry "Jesse Weston substitued for Solomon Carsonberry and drew the pay and he died March the 13th 1815"
Andrew Cathey (d 13 Feb 1815 ??); substituted for James Taylor
Green Chambers SO 26121, SC 19124; m 11 Aug 1817 Stewart Co. to Margaret Cassels
Henry Chambers WO 21398, WC 16575; m 5 Aug 1817 Stewart Co. to Sarah Ridings
John Chester
Josiah Clark
William Colson
John Cottingham discharged by court martial 18 Nov 1814 WO 12235, WC 28731; m. 1814 Humphreys Co. to Obedience Brown
James B. Cowell SO 11113, SC 6549; m. 1813 Stewart Co. to Nancy B. Cormack
Jacob Crossnoe sick absent 18 Mar 1815 BLW 43854-80-50; m. 20 Sep 1811 in Stewart Co. to Jane Greer
Elisha Crosswell Voluntarily joined 21 Nov 1814 SO 13595, SC 10126; m. 21 Feb 1821 in Stewart Co. to Elitha Summers
Thomas Dennis sick absent March 18th 1815
Benjamin Dunn sick absent March 14th 1815
John Edwards
Thomas Ferrill m 28 Sep 1819 Stewart Co to Elizabeth Anderson
Mathew Free died 23 Feb 1815
Gideon French m 9 Aug 1806 Stewart Co to Rebeccah Anderson; d 3 Oct 1870 Carroll Co.
Martial French
John Gaston
William Gentry BLW 38728-80-50, 38851-80-55
Jesse Gilbert m 12 Jul 1810 in Stewart Co. to Mary Edmonds; sol. D 6 Apr 1851 Mont Co; Capt. Searcy's militia; lived Mont & Stew Cos.; WC 2031
John Greer warrants 4539-80-50, 48487-80-55 to Martha Jane Greer
Solomon Grice
Joel Hagler SC 14957
John Hood
Levi Johnson sick absent March 18th 1815
Jacob Johnston died 13 Feb 1815
Jeptha Joiner died acomming up in the steam boat 20 March 1815
Samuel Lancaster
George Lee m Hannah _______; WO 10104, WC 24714
John Lee
David Lowry died 14 Feb 1815
Drury Mathews
John Mathewson
John McGeehe
Malcolm McKinsey m Nancy _______; Old War WF #16332 rejected
Gilbert McMillan
Benjamin McNatt
Henry Moore enlisted 16th of November 1814 in the regular service; absent without leave from 26th of Nov. to 20 Feb.
Samuel Morrow
Stephen OGuin
John Rasbury SO 26744, SC 17504
Abel Robertson
Jacob Roden died 14 Feb 1815
Charles Ross m Mary E. ______; WO 26272, WC 27225
Abel Rushing
Dennis Rushing Dec. 18th promoted to corporal in place of Wm. Brigham 1814
Willis Rushing died coming up in the steam boat  March 28th 1815
Larry Satterfield
John Scolds died 20 Jan 1815
George Smith died 28 Mar 1815 alleged; m Jane _________; WO 34144, WC 24577
Benjamin Spencer
John Spencer
George Stephens
William Strong joined Feb. 24 1815 as a substitute for William Brigham
James Taylor
Joseph Thomason
Reuben Throgmorton enlisted in regimental service Nov. 22 1814
Uriah Tomlinson
Jesse Turner
John S. Venters died 25 Jan 1815
Henry Vinson m Permela _______; WO 31743, WC 26938
James Vinson
John Wallace
David Warnack
William Weatherford
Jesse Weston died 13 Mar 1815
Charles Williams died 15 Feb 1815
John Williams died 5 Feb 1815
Daniel Wyatt died 9 Mar 1815
Other Stewart Countians in the War of 1812
Jacob Bird John C. Dodd's KY Militia SC 9127; m Oct 1816 in Dover to Biddy Hancock; Private in Capt. John C. Dodd's KY Mil.
Christopher Buchanan Alexander Gray's 24 US Inf. m 24 Aug 1814 in Stewart Co to Isabella McLeod; SC 17375; Capt. Alexander Gray's Co., 24 US Inf.; lived in Stewart & Houston Cos.
David Cahoon Benjamin Reeves' KY Militia WO 10276, WC 6645; m Mar 1809/1810 in Stewart Co. to Rebecca Futrell
Samuel Dancer Capt. J. Gray's Co.; SO 29806; m 23 Mar 1823 in Stewart Co. to Nancy Barnes
Dennis Duff Daniel Newman's Co., 3rd Regt., TN Militia drafted at Sparta; m 1st ?; m 2nd 18 Nov 1842 in Stewart Co. to Nancy Clark; d 28 Feb 1875 in Houston Co.
James Dycus Francis Ellis' Co., 2nd Regt., West TN Militia drafted at Nashville; served 6 mos. in 1814-15; m 5 Nov 1816 in Montgomery Co. to Mary Studdard; lived in Stewart Co. ca. 1860 until his death in 1874
Joseph B. Edwards Joe Williams' Co., TN Militia m 14 Aug 1806 Mont. Co. to Ann Fentress; d 2 May 1848 Stewart Co.
George S. Elliott Peter Searcy's West TN Militia m 23 Mar 1815 Stewart Co to Henrietta R. Oldham; d 1851 Weakley Co.
Jacob Faulkner d 1 Jul 1860, age 85, in Stewart Co
Joseph Griffin John F. Walker's NC Militia m 1808 Northampton Co NC to Charity Bass
Philip B. Nolin obituary, Nashville Union and American, 11 Jan 1854

"The Battle of New Orleans "

Written by: Jimmy Driftwood

In 1814 we took a little trip

Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip,

We took a little bacon and we took a little beans

And we fought the bloody British in the town of New Orleans.


(chorus)We fired our guns and the British kept a-coming

There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago

We fired once more and they begin a running,

On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico


We looked down the river and we saw the British come

And there musta been a hundred of 'em beatin on the drum

They stepped so high and they made their bugles ring

We stood behind our cotton bales and didn't say a thing.



Ole Hickory said we could take 'em by surprise

If we didn't fire our muskets 'till we look 'em in the eyes.

We held our fire 'til we seen their faces well

Then we opened up our squirrel guns and really gave 'em, Well..

[ chorus ]

They ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles

And they ran through the bushes where the rabbits couldn't go.

They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em

On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

[ chorus ]

We fired our canons 'til the barrel melted down

Then we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round.

We stuffed his head with cannon balls and powdered his behind,

And when we shot the fire off the gator lost his mind.

[ chorus ]

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