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BALL3.gif Letters from G.W.E. Herrin of Ada, Oklahoma, to Sam T. Allison of Clayton TX
BALL3.gif P.A. Bridges to who it may concern
BALL3.gif Daniel Richard "Dick" Collins letter to brother-in-law Winfield Scott Brewer
BALL3.gif Wyly Price Davidson, Jr. letter to his cousins
BALL3.gif Cynthia Caroline (Smith) Presson to her sister Permelia Isabella (Smith) Taylor
BALL3.gifIsaiah S. Smith to his sister Isabelie Taylor
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BALL3.gif Owen and Luannah Smith letter to their daughter Isabelle Smith Taylor
BALL3.gif Another Owen and Luannah Smith letter to their daughter Isabelle Smith Taylor
BALL3.gif Another Owen and Luannah Smith letter to their daughter Isabelle Smith Taylor
BALL3.gif Owen and Luannah Smith letter to their daughter Permelia Isabell and her husband William Hudson Taylor
BALL3.gif James Franklin Smothers letter to son, Ernest Hawkins Smothers

Letter written by James Franklin Smothers to his son, Ernest Hawkins Smothers

May 15, 1913

"This leaves me well as I hope it will find you you the same. E H i cain't come as expected. Sunday is Memorial Day at Palistine and I want to go as Mother and her children is buried there. Come when you can. I am badly behind. Ain't don planting cotton. The ground is so hard we cain't plow. Last in several days. Aint don planting corn.

Yours for Ever J F Smothers"

Submitted by E.J. Sims

Letter written by Owen and Luannah Smith to their daughter Isabelle Smith Taylor

June 1, 1883

"Dear children, I take this opportunity writing a few lines to let you knowm we are all well at present. Hoping this will find you both enjoying the same blessing. I will give you a sketch of our welfare. Your Pap has had terrible good health. I fell on the ice in the sleet and was bad hurt by the fall I haven't been long over it but I am well now. I have spun and wove a piece of cloth. Well I must tell you my garden is right pretty. I have lots of beans, tators and cabbage plants but few pickles. I have 40 little chickens. Well how will I put this - Cynthia Smith never came. She stayed at Jack Harvy. They will come in the fall. The children are well as far as I know. Theres been a heap of death here. I suppose you got Malinda Ogles letter stating her little boy Cortes hasty death. Aunt Annie Presson died, the others Dick Rushing died, the old man Lashlee died, ____ Haskins died, Buck Hutson died. It wakes up all the old folks. Tell Patsy her mother wants to hear from her soon. Give my love to all my friends there - Miss Taylor, Janey Taylor and the boys, Miss Brandon, Mr and Miss Lewis. I will write no more. So farewell dear children.

To Hutson Taylor and Bell Taylor from Owen and Luannah Smith"

Submitted by E.J. Sims

Letter written by Owen and Luannah Smith letter to their daughter Isabelle Smith Taylor


"Dear children, I will write you a few lines to let you know we are still living and are as well as common. Owen and myself are in common health. We can still walk around. The children are well as far as I know but poor Malinda Ogles. I can't tell you she is in such trouble. The cancer busted, then rotted off, then rose up again. They don't get so high no more. Her pain ain't all together as hard when it is low. She cant help herself hardly and she is almost helpless at times. She told me to tell you she could not yet write. She is so weak she can hardly live but she is prepared to go. I hope you can read this. I cannot write when I am talking about her. She is so pitiful. She can eat a little. She can't sleep only by morphine. She has more warts comming. She says the flesh will all rot off of her. Well, George Smith has a girl. They named her Little Florence. Owen Smith is up. He sends his love to you both. He has the dropsy. Well here is some mixed cucumber seed. I could do no better. I could not make out the name of the seed. I have 25 young chickens and six hens a setting some ready to hatch.

Owen and Lulannah Smith"

Submitted by E.J. Sims

Letter from Owen and Luannah Smith to their daughter Permelia Isabell and her husband William Hudson Taylor

January 27, 1876

"Dear children, It is our pleasure to set down to let you know we are all well as common in health. I have a bad scalded foot. I can't do hardly anything. I burned it last Sunday. I wish I could see you both and hear you talk. Eliza Harvy and Jack was here Sunday.

Jackson Harvey has bought John Ogles grape land. I wrote you before. Maybe you haven't got my letter and you hadn't heard it. I have never got but one since you left. John Thomas Blast says he saw you and Hudson. I was glad he did for it look to me you were both dead or forgot me.

Well I say Georgia Bell Bane is married. He was married last Wednesday night. He will move in a day or two. He is going to your old place, the Dick Nance place. Well in case you haven't got my last letter I will say Sarah Ann Ogles and Ben Watson married. Arvel Presson is a young brag with a fine boy. I will say that I want to see you both so bad. I can't tell when I look at your picture they look so plain but they can't speak to me. I hope that time will come when we will meet again if not in life, I hope we will meet in heaven.

Well children, when I set down to write I'm so scatterly I can't word so you will look over that I Hope. But time is hard here. The Pressons are gone by scores to Missouri.

Harrison Presson is gone, John Rushing starts Monday. We have Mr. Reidecil for out pastor this year, I think. Tell cousin Joseph Taylor and family howdy for Owen and me. Tell him we would be glad to see him. I talk with him. I want you to write soon and often. We have looked for them all week but no letters.

May the blessings of God await you and the Son of Glory shine along the path before you, may no sorrow distress you and joy await you and and live for Heaven. Farwell dear children, read and think of your mother.

Write soon. Owen Smith and Luannah Smith to Hutson and Isabelle Taylor"

Submitted by E.J. Sims

Owen & Luannah Smith to Hudson and Isabelle Taylor

March 25, 1876 from Benton County, TN

"Dear Children,
I set down the wet morning to answer your ink letter we received yesterday dated 20 March. We was glad to see and hear from you if I can't be with you. Owen and I are well as common. Isaiah (Smith) got a bad cold but is up and about. The connections are well as common. Malinda Ogles has a fine daughter. She calls her George Bell Ogles. Frank Edington has moved back. He says he come like the prodigal son to his father. I can't think what to write. We've had a deep snowfall Sunday night and Monday, but it is about gone.

John Smith was here some time ago. He stayed a week around us. He says they were all well. Well Hut, Jimmy and Caroline think you ought to write them. He says he will answere all your letters. My mind is all torn up whin I go to write to my children so I can't write for thinking about you. I hold you to my heart and can not forget you. It makes my heart swell to think of times past with each other but if we never meet on earth, hope we will meet in heaven.

I haven't had the chance of sending - I wish you all well. I have received a letter from Texas from Bell York. They all landed safe and sister Lumurah and her children all satisfied so far with. I saw Riley Bane and Nicey Herrin married. Caroline and Jemmy are looking for a response from you. Owen is working on his fence rows.

Isaiah is gone to Pressons to roll logs today and I am writing but must knock around tomorrow. Brother Ned Williams day to preach to us. I love to go to meetings. Sis I want you both to sing "How Firm A Foundation Ye Saints of the Lord" and think of me.

Study it thru. It strengthens me and in every line is smoothing and conforts me. It is mine and let all my children try to serve God. Well Hut, John Franklin Smith is a deacon in the Latter Day Saints. He is changed. He is well posted in scripture. He wanted someone to come and argue. He wanted to show them but non came. I think he will preach. He has the Testament by heart.

I wish you could be here. Owen and Luannah Smith"

Submitted by E.J. Sims

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