G.W.E. Herrin Letters


Copy of a letter written by G.W.E. Herrin of Ada, Oklahoma, to Sam T. Allison of Clayton TX. Copy was made by Nora Herrin Brown, wife of W.C. Brown, pastor of Pinehill Baptist Church, and a daughter of Lemuel Herrin, this Lemuel being the grandson of the Lemuel Herrin discussed in this letter. Date of copy 19 Jan 1981.

Ada, Okla. March 15, 1921

S.T. Allison
Clayton, Texas

Dear Cousin:

I was glad to hear from you all. I would be glad to be with you at hour home coming. I have always wanted to see my kin folks in Texas. I have heard my mother speak of them so often. I feel like that I know them.

Since I wrote to you I have found the exact dates that you will want. Abner and wife, Louisa, joined Rushing Creek Church by letter July 10, 1830 and was dismissed by letter about 1838. Uncle Lemuel Herrin and his wife Polly joined Rushing Creek Church by Letter July 8, 1826 and he was ordained to preach December 9, 1826. Presbytery was Jacob Browning, John Home and Hall. He was pastor for this church and was Moderator of our Association for some time and was held in high esteem by the people. He was dismissed by letter on February 10, 1836.

Uncle Lemuel and Abner Herrin were brothers to Elisha Herrin and they had three sisters, Elizabeth who married John Smally. They had four sons – Payton, Harrison, Clayton and Jackson and two daughters Mary Ann who married a man by the name of Tom Jones and went to East Texas about 1848 and Betsy Jane who married a man by the name of James Yarbrough. They went to Alabama about 1846. I have forgotten the name of grandfather’s second sister, she married William Black. Polly never married. Elisha Herrin also had five sons, William Herrin who had no children, Elisha, Jr. had twelve children. Marlain Herrin had two sons. Paxton had two sons and three daughters. Abner Herrin had four sons of which I, G.W.E. Herrin am the oldest and he had two daughters.

Uncle Lemuel Herrin’s son, William married Martha Ann Herrin, the daughter of Beverly Herrin and she had three half-brothers living. I saw her when she came to Tennessee on a visit several years ago.

Now these dates are correct. The Herrins have all, or most of them moved off or died out. Now I will give you a little history of our grandfather’s church. This church at Rushing Creek was organized in 1825. Grandfather was clerk up to a few years before he died. We have a nice framed house to worship in. Our great-grandmother was a Gresham and her name was Agnes. Our grandmothers, Martain, Grandfather Elisha and his mother and wife and sisters are buried at Rushing Creek, Benton County, Tennessee.

I would be glad to be with you at your meeting. I don’t feel like making the trip as I have been a little feeble. I am 70 years old, so when you have the meeting write me and tell me all about it. So I will close. Hoping to hear from you soon, I am

Your affectionate Cousin

G.W. E. Herrin, Ada, Oklahoma

(Another letter from G.W.E. Herrin)

Camden, Tennessee
January 30, 1920

Mr. Leland Malone
Carthage, Texas

Dear Brother:

I will try to answer your letter of inquiry regarding Lemuel Herrin, who was my Uncle.

Lemuel, Elisha and Abner Herrin, with four sisters were the children of Moses and Agnes Herrin, who came from Wales to Georgia, U.S.A.

About 1800 the brothers went to Tennessee.

Elisah Herrin was in the organization of the Rushing Creek Baptist Church on Saturday, May 2, 1825. Jacob Browning was a Moderator and Elisha Herrin was Clerk.

Lemuel Herrin and wife, Polly, joined this church by letter July 6, 1826. The following December he was ordained to preach by this church with Jacob Browning, John Home, McGowen and Hale constituting the Presbytery. He was very active in the church work, especially in Missions.

He often preached for the church on Saturdays and represented the church in the Associational and Union meetings. He also was in the organization of several churches.Lemuel Herrin, wife and daughter were dismissed by letter from the Rushing Creek Baptist Church on Saturday, February 19, 1838.

These dates are from the old book kept by the church at Rushing Creek and are as correct as the old book. I have been a member of the Rushing Creek 50 years and have been clerk 40 years.

Will close hoping that this will be of service to you.

Your Brother in Christ

G.W.E. Herrin