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Letters From the Past

Isaiah S. Smith to his sister Isabelie Taylor

Letter date December 27, 1896
Dear Sis,
We are all well at present time. Sunday night seems lonely. Twelve months ago Esther was playing around the fireside enjoying Christmas. Who will we be missing next Christmas? Here is her little chair, there hangs her little dress, here is her little picture. There is her sweather. They are life to me. I know I loved her too well, but she was so kind to her grandma and grandpa. Everybody loved her. I don't think that dear little form has been off my mind. She was all, no not all, but the greatest pleasure I had and when I pass by her grave it seems that my heart will burst. Sometime perhaps I will tell you more about it. I will send you her obituary. She died the 7th of November at 3 o'clock. I was gone after a doctor. When I left she could talk to me and when I returned she was cold in death. I was gone only one hour. It seems to me I can't stand it. Several more little girls have died with the same disease.

You wanted to know who Homer Elmore married. He married our circuit riders girl by the name of Dickson. Effie Ballard had a girl and Georgia Ogles married Jeff Brown. I must close sis, write soon.

Isaiah S. Smith

Submitted by E.J. Sims

Isaiah S. Smith to his sister Isabelie Taylor

October 7, 1899
Dear Sis,
We are all up at present. I have been looking for a letter from you for sometime. Glad I received it. Mom is well as common of course she is feeble all the time. We have a girl living with us by the name of Elizabeth Garner. She is good and kind to mom. I haven't heard from John Smith in some time. I haven't heard from James Presson since you wrote me. G.M. Smith family are all well. John Ogles family has gone to Arkansas. Newit Ballard and Effie have been sick five weeks with the Typhoid Fever. It is dry here, we have had two good frosts. How is Fannie and children getting along? Mom send her best respects to Fannie and her children, so Margaret will write. I.S. Smith

Well sis, I will write a little. I want you to come out and see us. I have two fine and pertty children. Our little boy whenever he can, and he can ride a horse, and knows all his letters but does not like to study. Launnah is a great big girl, she running all over the floor playing. She can say some words. She can say Bay, when wants to catch the cat. She is a Smith all over.

Well sis, we have a Baptist Church at old Prospect and we've had a fine meeting there in August. Well Sis, I will close. I will try more next time. Write soon.

Margaret Smith goodby.

Submitted by E.J. Sims

Daniel Richard "Dick" Collins letter to brother-in-law Winfield Scott Brewer

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Fulton, KY
Dec. 17, 1928

Rev. W. S. Bruer,

Dear Brother in Christ, I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know I am still in the land of the living. This leaves us all well and hope will find you the same.

I sure would like to see you I was at Camdan 4 weeks ago yesterday for the first time in about 36 years. I happened to go to Bro. Bill Yates and in quiring of people I ask him if he new where you lived and he said you lived near Hunington. I would hav stoped and tried to of found you but we had had some car trouble and it was so lat we didn't stop. I thank if we are both living untill Spring I will try to come to see you.

I only saw 4 people in Benton I was ____ with Bill Yats and wife. Gin. Lashley oldest girl and his boy was all the people I new. the people that lived there with I was there was all dead and moved away. The last time I saw there there was 5 of the Lashley boys living and now there is only one. 4 of them is dead.

Scot I want you to come to see me if it so you can.

I live 3 miles right due west of Pierce Station 4 miles from Fulton KY if you was to deside at any time to come you could write and I would meat you at Fulton or Martin Lather.

So will close.
So Be Sure to answer soon.

From your Brother
D.R. Collins

With Love and Best Wishes.

D.R. Collins
Fulton KY

Submitted by Charles Richard Collins

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