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Letters From the Past

Cynthia Caroline (Smith) Presson to her sister Permelia Isabella (Smith) Taylor
of the death of their sister Mary Eliza (Smith) Harvey (1835-1876), who is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in Benton County, TN.

Nov. 28, 1876

Dear Brother and Sister,
This leaves us all well at present. I have been sick but now I'm well. Well sis you cant think hard of me. I was sick a week before Charlie was born. Eliza come to see me several times. I can't recall her visits, I was so bad then. She had the chills two weeks, the day my little Charlie died. She took the pneumonia. My baby was two weeks old when he died. He had spasms all night and fits in the morning he died. I was so troubled about him down low. The doctors had them keep it from me about Eliza being so low. I never heard she was dead till evening and she died at nine o'clock in the morning. Susan Watson came from there there, I asked her how Eliza was, she said she was dead. I told her I heard their lamentation. Jimmy (Presson, who was Cynthia's husband) say "it is the children making a noise", but he knew what it was. He has just left there. I was so weak and low and out of my head he was afraid to tell me so I never saw Eliza anymore. You can't think hard of me, I want you to write.

Jimmy says if you want to hear from him write and he will answer with pleasure. He has sent the last two letters and is tired of waiting for his answer. Write soon. Farewell Brother and sister. James and Caroline to Hutson and Isabell Taylor.

Submitted by E.J. Sims

P.A. Bridges
April 16, 1923

To who may concern:

___ is hereby given that in accordance wit the procession's __ Shannon's code Sec 3637-3691. I ___ proceed to procession my land in the 4th Civil Dist. of Benton County Tennessee. On the 7th day of May 1923, I __ commence on the South West corner of my land Deeded to me by H. ___ and wife and survey such lines as may be necessary to establish the boundary lines of said land and other ____ lands. The survey will continue ___ to day until completed -
April 16th 1923              P. A. Bridges

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Submitted by Juanita Delaney-Sternenberg

Letters from the Past

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