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   Colonial Period

   Squabble State

   Land Registration In Early Middle Tennessee, Laws and Practice, by Daniel Byron Dovenbarger

   Tennessee Counties Mentioned in North Carolina Land Grants, by A. B. Pruitt

   Land Grants in Tennessee by North Carolina, by A. B. Pruitt

   Land Ordinance, 1785
      (United States Territory North of the River Ohio)

   Northwest Ordinance, 1787
      (United States Territory North of the River Ohio)

   North Carolina Cedes Her Western Land, 1789-90

   United States Territory South of the River Ohio, 1790-1796

   1796-1806 (Tennessee Statehood to the Compact of 1806)

   Compact of 1806

   The Intruders. Illegal Settlers on Indian Land.

   Indian Land Cessions in Tennessee. (Federal Period)

   Colonial Period Indian Land Cessions. (An Overview)

   Cherokee Nation Cessions, a Map

   Chickasaw Nation, by Fred Smoot

   North Carolina’s Relationship with Tennessee, by Gale Williams Bamman, CG, CGL

   North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee Warrants, Pre-emptors, Certificates, Grants

   Petition of Tennessee General Assembly to U. S. Congress in 1817

   Tennessee Land Law and Legislation

    Tennessee Courts and Land Litigation

    Land Fraud

   Military Bounty Land Warrants and the Glasgow Land Fraud, by A. B. Pruitt

   Land Surveying

   Metes and Bounds System of Survey, by Fred Smoot

   The Maps Our Ancestors Followed. A TNGenNet Inc. History Project.

    Land Record Sources

   Land and Schools

   Tennessee State Boundaries

   Walker & Winchester Lines

   Tennessee ~ Georgia Survey

   Bright’s 1807 Southeast Survey. See 2nd Surveyors’ District Map

   Tennessee County Boundaries

   Surveyors’ Districts, by Fred Smoot

   Tennessee’s First Major Land Law ~ 1806. The Surveyors’ Districts.

   2nd Surveyors’ District Map, by Fred Smoot

   3rd Surveyors’ District Map, by Fred Smoot

   6th Surveyors’ District Map :: Larger Version, by Fred Smoot

   District South of the French Broad and Holston, a Map

   7th Surveyors’ District, a Map

   12th & 13th Surveyors’ Districts Map, by Fred Smoot

   Tennessee Valley Authority

   Homesteading on the Cumberland, 1930s

   Land Terminology, by Fred Smoot

   Trees, by Fred Smoot

   Warren County Land Records

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