Cocke County, Tennessee
Land Grants from TSLA Microfilm, Vol 33

This is a list of grantees from early East Tenn land grants for Cocke County, shown here in alphabetical order. Spelling is as transcribed from the original microfilms. Some names are listed multiple times; that may indicate one individual who obtained more than one grant, or it may indicate different individuals with the same name, common in families.
Submitted by Bruce Price, with many thanks.

Bible, Ezra
Bible, W.L.
Brady, John
Campbell, Joseph (2)
Clevenger, William
Clevinger, Isaac
Dawson, Isaac
Dawson, James
Faubion, William
Free, Elbert
Gilliland, William
Huff, W.H.
Jones, Daniel Jr.
Jones, John F.
Jones, M.M.
McNabb, James
McNabb, R.A.
McSween & Harper
Moore, G.W.
Moore, G.W. & J.L.
Moore, William A.
Morris, J.D.
Richison, F.
Rutherford, Joseph
Sisk, Tillman
Stephenson, Andrew J.
Stokely, Charles Sr. (2)
Stuart, Joseph
Swatsel & Ottinger
Talley, A.A.
Taylor, Samuel B.
Wilson, Samuel
Wood, Thornton
Word, William