Cocke County, Tennessee
Land Grants from TSLA Microfilm, Vol 11

This is a list of names from early East Tenn land grants for Cocke County, pages 541 to 571 of Volume 11. In this listing spelling is as transcribed from the original microfilms.

Submitted by Bruce Price, with many thanks. Email Bruce for further information on these grants and be sure to include names and numbers.

Grantee Number
Allen, Thomas 12887
Black, Joseph 12156
Caruthers, Eliz. 12906
Christian, Thomas 13886
Clark, James 13879
Coleman, William 12897
Davis, Arthur 12901
Denton, Abraham 12895
Dewitt, H. & N. 12880
Dougherty, Rebecka 13876
Easterly, Jacob 12896
Ellison, John Jr. 12169
Eslinger, David 12168
Fowler, Thomas 12161
Fox, William 12884
Fox, William 12894
Freshower, John 12881
Gibson, William 12875
Harrison, Reuben 12909
Hicks, Nancy 12158
Huff, John  
Huff, Stephen 12904
Huffman, Jacob 12159
Huffman, Jacob 12890
Joseph Williams 12164
Larew, George 12165
Larew, George 12893
Leatherwood, Thos. 12903
Mantooth, Thomas 12157
Massey, Isaac A. 12877
McDaniel, Jacob 12885
McKay, Abraham Jr. 12902
McSwain, Murdock 12900
Neas, Phillip 12160
Netherton, Henry? 12163
Odell, Benjamin 12155
Odell, Benjamin 12167
Odell, Esther 12166
Parrott, Job 12910
Phillips, Martin 12888
Smith, Alexander 12162
Smith, Jacob 12889
Smith, Jesse 12892
Story, William C. 12898
Swagerty, James 12907
Walsh, John 12899
Walsh, John 12901
Winfew, Wyley 12882
Wood, Jonathan 12882
Wood, Jonathan 12908
Worth, Anderson 12878

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