Cocke County, Tennessee
Land Grants from TSLA Microfilm, Vol 3

This is a list of names from early East Tennessee land grants for Cocke County, Volume 3, from 1810 to 1813. Numbering breaks indicate grants for other East Tennessee counties. Spelling is as transcribed from the original microfilms, and names listed are assumed to be the buyer. It is arranged by grant number, so use your browser's "Find" feature to locate a name.
Submitted by Bruce Price, with many thanks.

Allen, John 1701 head of English Creek
Sisk, Barlett 1720 English Creek
Dougherty, John 1738 waters of Groundhog Creek
Dennis, John 1739 waters of Cosby Creek
Ellis, John 1747 Pigeon River
Denbow, John 1753
Erixon, John 1757
Evans, Samuel 1758
Dennu, Charles A. 1769
Drennon, James 1770 Dennys Mountain
Dougherty, Edward 1771 Cosby Creek
Dennis, Joel 1781 Cosby Creek
Fine, Mary 1782
Collector, William 1786
Huff, Leonard 1788
Guinn, William 1789
Graves, Richard 1790
Grigsby, John 1791
Gilliland, William 1792 Cosby Creek
Denton, John 1800
Davis, Joel 1809 English Mountain
Ebbs, John 1816
Dunn, Polley 1822 Sinking Creek
Dunn, Daniel 1826 Indian Creek
Green, Francis 1828 Caney Fork of Cosby Creek
Groce, George 1830 waters of English Creek
Groce, Richard 1834
Gilliland, Robert 1836 Cosby Creek
Gilliland, William 1837 Cosby Creek
Gordon, William 1838 Indian Creek
Fulton, David 1839 waters of Sinking Creek
King, Thomas 1844 west side of Pigeon River
Henderson, John 1898 waters of Little Laurel
Hendrick, Edom 1937
Stokely, Jehu 2143
Stokely, Jehu 2144
Christian, Anthony 2145 Clay Creek
Christian, Thomas 2146 Clay Creek
Christian, Thomas 2148
Holland, Thomas 2159
Winfrey, Wiley 2175
Patterson, James 2216
Wall, Frethias? 2255
Gordon, George 2257
Henderson, John 2372
Allen, James 2451
Fowler, Thomas 2661
Fowler, Thomas 2262
Fowler, Thomas 2263
Taylor, James P. 2587
Christian, Thomas 2735 / 613
Worth, John 2983 / 615
Worth, John 2984 / 616
Swagerty, James 3171 / 714
Henderson, John 3823 / 715

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