History of Campbell County, Tennessee
Campbell County, Tennessee and Beyond

 By Dallas Bogan

Time Line

Dallas Bogan has written columns for the LaFollette Press called Campbell County, Tennessee and Beyond and for The Volunteer Times. He has generously donated copies of his column as well as other miscellaneous articles to the Campbell County TNGenWeb site. Many thanks to Dallas for sharing his research.  All these articles have been previously published in the aforementioned newspapers. 

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1883 Train Trip From Knoxville To Jellico Described In Old Knoxville Daily Tribune


American Indians Had Plenty Of Dogs, But Spaniards Introduced Horses To Continent 

American Indians' Ways Changed World's Culture More Than Any Other Civilization, Says Writer

American Women During World War II

America's First Bible Belt Began In Northeast, Spread During Great Awakening Of The 1700s

Anderson County , Tennessee

Antebellum Slavery

Anthras Got Its Name from Anthracite Coal; Block's Name Came from Thick Coal Vein

Appalachian Music Mostly Based On Ballads, Instrumental Dance Tunes Of Anglo-Saxons

Area Names in early Campbell County

At The End Of 19th Century, Mountain Lumbering Was Done By Man, Animals Without Machines

Ausmus Family Roots Spring From Germans Who Fled To Holland To Escape Persecution


Baird, Dosset Families Go Back To Early 1800s In Campbell County, Says Goodspeed's History

Baird Surname Has Ancient Ties To Campbell

Balmy Days Of Indian Summer's American Origins Date To Revolutionary War Times

Before Iron Tools, Indians Felled Trees With Fire; Bow, Arrow Fell Into Disuse When Trading Began

Biographies Of Campbell County Tennessee

Biographies Of Campbell County Tennessee II

The Black Dutch - Melungeons

Blacksmithing, One Of The Oldest Crafts, Was Important Trade In Early History Of County

Blockhouses, Often Crudely Built, Vigilance Were Settlers' Defense Against Indians

Bloomeries - Early Iron Forges - Were Among First Industries In Campbell County; Earliest Was In 1824

'Blue Gem Coal' Name Coined After Its Blue Blaze Captured Attention at Woolridge Home

Bogan Explores History of Welsh Coal Miners in the Knoxville Region

Border Forts And The Block-House

Boston Tavern Handled First Overseas Mail Sent From European Countries In 1639

Bow, Arrow Tipped With Quarried Flint Was Great Labor-Saving Invention For Native Americans

Bowman And Johnson Killed, James Bunch Wounded In Powell's Valley

Bradford Demarcus

The Briceville Air Force Base

Buffalo Trails Led The Way For Pioneers

Buffalo Trails Provided First Connection Among States

Bullocks, Among The First Americans In East 


Campbell County Authorized By General Assembly In 1806, County Seat Chosen The Following Year

Campbell County Col. Joseph A. Cooper Organized Union 6th Tenn. Regiment in Kentucky in 1862

Campbell County's Early Post Offices Included Jacksborough, Big Creek Gap, Primroy, Girl, Agee

Campbell County Had 150 War Dead During Wwii; First, George Lamb, Won Distinguished Service Cross

Campbell County Muses Trace their History to Isaac Muse, Who Married Here in 1873

Campbell County Seat Named For Judge Jack, Spared By Friendly Indian; Location Led To Bitter Court Dispute

Campbell County Sheriff, 1892-93: John M Burnett

Canoe Construction And Usage

Caryville Got Its Name From William Carey, Land Owner, County Judge, Freight Line Operator

Caryville Through the Years

Cherokee 'Mountaineers' Claimed Roughly 40,000 Square Miles Through Eight States

Cherokee Myths

Cherokee Practices

Church Of God Got Its Start With Small Band Of Believers On Banks Of Barney Creek

The Civil War In And Around Campbell County, Tennessee

Civil War Sites in the Siege of Knoxville

The Civil War Sutler

Claiborne County , Tennessee

Coal Dust Memories Of Block, Tennessee

Coal Fields Of Kentucky And Tennessee

Coal Mining

'Coal Mining Towns' Tells Story Of East Tennessee

Coal, Timber Turned Sleepy Town Of Smithburg Into Bustling Jellico, Spurred Building Of First Baptist

Coffee Rations, Though Small, Were Considered Godsend To Soldiers During Civil War Period

Col. Joseph A. Cooper, Campbell County Native, Beat Confederate Cavalry In Pine Mountain Fight

Completion of Knoxville, Ohio Railroads Opened up East Tennessee: One of Nation's Richest Areas

Confederacy's Railway Deficit, High Damages May Have Contributed Heavily To Loss Of War

Confederate Major Kept Superiors Notified Of Troop Status In Campbell

Confederate Newspaper Described Geography Facing 'Vandal Abolition Hordes In The North'

Confederate Soldier John Wesley Pitts Wrote Wife, Vin, From Encampments Near Cumberland Gap

Cooking Stoves: Dutch Ovens, Deep Iron Kettles Highly Treasured

County's Namesake, Col. Arthur Campbell, Moved From Virginia To Middlesboro, Died There In 1911

County's Revolutionary War Veterans Listed

Cumberland Gap Played Crucial Role in Transition of Frontier; Some 8,000 WHIGS Met There in 1840


Daniel Boone, 30 Woodsmen Blazed Famed 200-Mile Wilderness Road In Spring, 1775

Daniel Boone's 1775 Wilderness Road First Platted By White Man Into Tennessee Territory

Daniel Boone Hunted For Business, Not For His Amusement Or Pleasure, 1784 History Book Says

Davy Crockett Describes Bear Hunting Exploits, Boat Building Experience During Fall of 1825

Davy Crockett Describes Bear Hunting Exploits, Boat Building Experience During Fall Of 1825 (Long Version)

Daniel Goins

Death Practices In Appalachia : In Earlier Days, Bells Tolled For Each Year Of Life, Family, Friends Dug Grave

Discovery Of Coal In Jellico Mountains Changed Small Village Of Smithburg From 1833 To 1878

Disastrous 1906 Dynamite Explosion In Jellico Killed 8, Injured 200 More, Wrecked Downtown

Dodge McCulley's Account of Roach's Funeral Home

Doing The Laundry In Another Day

Dragging Canoe & The Chickamuga Cherokees


Each Of Tennessee's Three Grand Divisions Has Its Own Distinctive Manners, Culture

Early Appalachian Marriage Customs: Most Relationships Prearranged By Family Members

Early Canal System Employed Germans, Irish

Early Hunting Was Not For Sport, But Life

Early Indian Lifestyle

Early Life On The Frontier, Hominy Block: Pioneer Way Of Making Meal

Early Pioneers Lived In One-Room Log Cabins, Heated By Fireplace In Which Wood Was Cooked

Early Resident Tells Of Timber Harvesting Here During 1800s

Early Road Building And Transportation Involved Lots Of Planning, Manpower

Early Southern Church Problems

Early Stations Or Forts

Early Vocations And Schools

East Campbell Businesses Flourished

East Tennesseans Voted Against Referendums For Civil War Secession

Eight Horsemen Killed In Powell Valley

Elder John Seiber, Pioneer Baptist Preacher


Famed Naturalist John Muir's Journal Reported Travels In Remote Tennessee, North Carolina

Family of John Housely and Margaret E. Taylor

First Methodist Church In Area Established Before 1840, But 1842 Revival Spurred Growth

First Recorded Indian Massacre On Powell's River Claimed Daniel Boone's Son, Others

First Settlements In Powell's Valley Followed Purchase Of Land By Henderson And Company

Foods Of The Early Tavern And Household

Four Militia Soldiers From Powell Valley Slain

Frank, William Hancock Became First Settlers Of Walnut Grove, Between Rivers

Fratersville Explosion Killed 184 Miners In Anderson County


Ginseng, In Use For More Than 2,000 Years In China, Has Been Prized Cash Crop For Mountain Residents

Good Poplar, Pine White Oak Logs Brought $5 Apiece When Rafted Down The Clinch River

Growing Up With Aprons


The Hatfield Family Of Campbell County

History Of Briceville And The Coal Industry

History Of Briceville Schools

History Of The Presbyterian Church

Hundreds Of Boys Worked In Area Coal Mines From Early Morning To Evening, Missing School



Indian And White Engagements

Irish William Murphy First Baptist Minister To Preach Word In Campbell County - In 1797

Iron Works Established on Grant's Creek in 1801, Became Baker's Forge In 1822

Irwin Family In Campbell County , Tennessee And Vicinity


James Kennon: Pioneer Baptist Preacher

Jellico Got Its Name From ???????

Jellico's Early School System

Joseph Janeway, Pioneer Baptist Preacher


The Keelboat and Flatboat

The Kentucky Long Rifle

Knoxville In Olden Times

Knoxville, LaFollette, Jellico Railroad Completed April 3, 1905; Jellico-Knoxville Line Built in 1893


Laban Sharp, Entrepreneur Of 1800s, Predicted Town Would Stand Where Lafollette Is Located

LaFollette Hotels of the Past

Lafollette Presbyterian Church Traces Its Roots To 1920s Gathering Over Drug Store

"The Land of the Lake " Excerpts as Written by Dr. G.L. Ridenour (Part I)

"The Land of the Lake " Excerpts as Written by Dr. G.L. Ridenour (Part II)

The Lay Family Of Elk Valley Played Significant Role During The Civil War

Life Of A Coal Miner; Its Slow Progress: Boy Begins In Breaker, Old Man Ends In Breaker

Like Melungeons, There's Not Definite Record Of Beginnings Of 'Black Dutch,' Writer Finds

Living In New Country: Every Day Another Challenge

Long Before I-75, Dixie Highway Was Main Route Through Lafollette As First North-South Interstate

Long Hunters Got Their Name From Duration Of Hunt

Longhunters Were First To Penetrate Wilds Of Tennessee, Kentucky, Then The West


Maj. Gen. Joseph Alexander Cooper Tried To Muster Union Support In Campbell County

Manskers' Travels Include Local Area

Maple Sugar and Maple Syrup

Mining Town Of Beech Grove Was Well Managed, With Large Commissary, Movie Theater, Game Room

Miscellaneous Items Concerning Campbell County

Modern-Day Practice Began In Tennessee Church In 1910


New River Lumber Industry's Existence Depended On Railroad That Reached Into Area From Oneida


Observer Says American Indians Feasted on Vension, Green Corn, 'Kind of Hominy' Potatoes During 1700S

Official Records Of Civil War Recount Various Skirmishes In Powell's Valley,Cumberland Gap

Old Fashioned Water Wheel

Old Miami Trail Has Traversed The Ages

Old Newspaper Article Describes 'Pure Italian Blue Gem Coal,' Mined In Jellico, Market's Best

One Million Native Americans Occupied Present United States In 1500 Spoke Over 100 Dialects

Overhill Cherokees, Who Sold Land To Henderson & Co., Caught In Struggle Between English, French


Pete Ellison Recalls Early Funerals In Jellico; One Minister's Service Went 7 Hours With 16 Speakers

Philip Francis----Coal Miner

Philip Francis,. Pennsylvanian Of Welsh Descent, Spent 72 Years Mining Coal Here

Pine Mountain Stretches As Fault Ridge From Elk Gap At Pioneer To Sandy Breaks, Kentucky

Place Names In Campbell County

Political History Of Tennessee Began In 1772 With Adoption Of 'Written Articles Of Association'

Prehistoric Inhabitants in the Vicinity of Jellico , Tennessee

Produce Prices in the Mid-19th Century

Progenitor Of Family Here Died In Indian Battle

Prominent Residents Of Jacksboro In April 1900 Included Familiar Campbell County Family Names

Pryor A. Morton, Pioneer Baptist Preacher


Recalling Pioneer Baptist Preachers

Revolutionary War Figure Thomas Paine Proposed Plan For 'Modern' Social Insurance In 1795

Reconstruction in Tennessee


The Saga Of J.P. 'Johnny' Goins

Sequoyah Had Profound Impact On Educating, Improving Cherokee Nation

The Scotch-Irish Migration Patterns Into Tennessee

The Seiber Family

A Short History Of Area Railroads

Smithburg Came A Long Way In Five Years Before Arrival Of Railroads, Renaming Of Town To Jellico

Snake Tales And May Snowstorms Pepper The Writings Of Local Resident Ozias Muse

The Soap Making Process from the Olden Days

Southern Baptist History

Spanish American War Camp, Banks, Church Revival, Store Move Made Page 1 In 1930

Speedwell Academy

Spiritual Gloom Pervaded America at the End of the 1700s, No More than 5 Percent Claimed Church Membership

'Southern Baptists' Grew Out Of Civil War Strife, Shaping, Characterizing Southern Society

State Of Franklin Created Before Tennessee Was Carved Out Of North Carolina Territory

Stinking Creek Traces Its Name To Bitterly Cold Winter Of 1779-80 When Animals Perished

Story Captures Coal Mine Conditions

Story Of The Longhunters In The Beginning

A Summary Of The States That Seceded From The Union

Sure-Footed, Sturdy Mules, Stabled Underground, Often Used To Haul Coal Cars Inside Mines

Surnames And Their Origin

Surveyors Error In Drawing 'Walker Line' Kept Tennessee, Kentucky At Odds For Many Years

Surviving Wives Desperately Fight Off Attack By Indians On Their Settlement At Ennis Bottom


Taking Cattle And Hogs To Market Common Sight In Early Tennessee Days As Drover Business Thrived

Tennessee's Early Distilling Process

Tennessee's First Agricultural Bureau Organized under President Andrew Johnson; Fair Held Following Year

Tennessee's Name Dates Back To 1567 Spanish Explorer Captain Juan Pardo

Tennessee River Valley Resources

Tennessee -- The Volunteer State

The Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Working Man Described as Free Spirited, Arising From Frontier Past

Thanksgiving Day History

The Trail Of Tears

They Weren't Superhighways, But Buffalo, Indian Trails Were First 'roads' Used By American Pioneers

Thomas McClain Tangled With Indians, Built Stone House That Still Stands In 1806-08

Tobacco, Cash Crop For Many Campbell Countians, Was In Use By American Indians As Early As 1 B.C.

Tobacco Use in Days Gone By

Tree Harvesting In The Cumberlands


Union Army's Hardtack Considered Nutritious All-Purpose Meal For Soldiers - Weevils And All

Union, Confederate Forces Faced Off Skirmishes At Big Creek Gap, Jacksborough

Union Strategy During The Civil War

Union Tennessee Volunteers 1st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry

Unprecedented Lafollette Fire Of 1904 Left 31 Businesses, 10 Saloons, In Ashes


Veterans Pensions Were Offered During The 1800s

Volunteer State Soldiers Played Large Role In War Of 1812's Battle For New Orleans


Walnut Grove, At Forks Of Clinch, Powell Rivers, Had One-Room Frame School That Burned In 1889

Wampum, North America’s First Monetary System

Well Spring Methodist Church Began In 1893; It Operated 9 Months As Private School, 3 As Public

Who Are The Melungeons? There Are As Many Theories As Researchers On Puzzling Question

William Lay (1809-1907) Had Impact On Communities In East Tennessee

William Pauley

William Pittman And Henry Scaggs: Longhunters

Women Had Difficult Time In Early Years - Worked Hard, Girls Hardly Ever Had Schooling

Woodsons, Kincaids, Agees Trace Their History In Campbell County Area Back To Mid-1800s


Young Civil War Recruits Had To Learn Process Of Soldiering Hard Way - On Long Marches


Zie Muse Recounts Experience Of Being Lost, Desperate In Maze Of Abandoned Coal Mine 

Time Line


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