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This page provides genealogical information about Campbell County Families. The information can be in the form of descendancy outlines, narrative histories, biographies, pictures, etc. except for GEDCOMs.

If you have an outline of your Campbell County family or a picture that you would like to have posted here, please email me with the information about the family.  All families with Campbell  County history are welcomed and encouraged to submit information.  Because of copyright issues, please include a list/bibliography of your sources (bible records, census records, marriage records) when submitting information.  Non-referenced material cannot be posted.   Family History information complied strictly from internet genealogies must include credit back to the original researcher/website from which you obtained your data.

If you have questions about anything posted here, or would like more information on a particular family line, please contact the submitter.


Major General Joseph Alexander Cooper

Burgin E. Dossett

Thomas Dossett

Reuben Rogers Hampton

John and Nancy Huckaby

Daughters of David Jackson

Lewis Baird

Jackson and Martha Dossett Miller

John Miller & Nellie McCulley

Joseph Owsley (Housley) and Phoebe Longmire

Thomas Marlow

Thomas Miller

William Pauley

Benjamin Phillips

The Sharp Family

Unknown Folks of Campbell County

Yarber Family Tree

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Baptising and Homecoming at
Holly Chapel Baptist Church

Campbell County Miners with Benny Fowler

Sarah Carroll (1868-1964) and
Mary Idella (Shoemaker) Carroll

Chapman Family

Tempy Dupuy Chapman

Evan & Mary Louisa Childress Lambdin

Coke Ovens in LaFollette Tenn.

Charles Jesse and Barbara (Norton) Collins

Charles Meadows and Friend

Convention of the UMW of
Jellico TN, Aug. 18, 1892

Elias Richmond Davis

Dossett Family
Photo Set #1 | Photo Set #2 | Photo Set #3
Photo Set#4Photo Set#5 | Photo Set #6
Photo Set # 7 | Photo Set # 8

Burgin E. Dossett

The Foley Men

Forrester Family

John Housley

Margaret Housley

Bertha Sharp Hughes

Bertha Sharp Hughes and daughter Cora

Mary B. Reynolds Langley

Dewey Harrison Marlow and Rosa McGhee Marlow

Thomas Marlow, Jr.

Parsydia McGhee Marlow

Moon Shine Still and Turley School House

William J. Buck Norton

A Perfect Church Record

Post Office

Gravestones of William Riley Perkins and
Nannie Alice Tidwell Perkins

Perkins Family
Photo Set #1  |  Photo Set#2  |  Photo Set#3
Photo Set#4  |  Photo Set#5  |  Photo Set #6
Photo Set#7  |  Photo Set#8  |  Photo Set#9

newLee and Edith Petree Family

Caswell Rains Family

Drew and Sam Roberts

The Rogers Family

Lincoln Seiber's Badge

Lincoln Seiber and Church Members

Bertha Hughes Sharp

Ruth Siler and Mr. Copper

Benjamin Franklin Smith

Virginia "Betty" Smith

Margaret Boyd Smyth

Store and Gas Station

Stuckey's of LaFollette, TN

James Wright

The Lay/Sexton Family
Photo Set 1 | Photo Set 2 | Photo Set 3

Unknown #1   |  Unknown #2   |  Unknown #3
Unknown #4   |  Unknown #5   |  Unknown #6
Unknown #7

Unknown Photographs from the Collection
of Sarah (Wright) Farmer)

United Mine Workers Convention

Wooldridge Mining Camp Houses

Yarber Family Photos
Page one | Page Two

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