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The following historical outline has been the tireless result of many historians of the past, Church Clerks, Associational Clerks. Teachers and writers of history, even those who collect libraries or old writings and historical events. Many important events will be left out of this account, because complete information can not be obtained. As you read, please feel free to correct any misspelled names, or add to this effort additional information, if you have it. May I be allowed to add a word of apprection for the courtesy or Crockett's Creek, Nevilles Creek and Model Baptist Church Memberships for having this history printed.

Rev. A.R. Nelson, Jr. Stewart County Baptist Associational Missionary

The Stewart Co. TN Genealogy site is indebted to Chuck Allen, his father Charles L. Allen, and Brother William Gray of the Stewart County Baptist Association for making this material available to researchers of our site. Full copyright belongs to the Stewart County TN Baptist Association and this material may not be reproduced or used at any other site or reprinted in any other format without the express written permission of that entity.

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