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The following historical outline has been the tireless result of many historians of the past, Church Clerks, Associational Clerks. Teachers and writers of history, even those who collect libraries or old writings and historical events. Many important events will be left out of this account, because complete information can not be obtained. As you read, please feel free to correct any misspelled names, or add to this effort additional information, if you have it. May I be allowed to add a word of apprection for the courtesy or Crockett's Creek, Nevilles Creek and Model Baptist Church Memberships for having this history printed.

Rev. A.R. Nelson, Jr. Stewart County Baptist Associational Missionary

The Stewart Co. TN Genealogy site is indebted to Chuck Allen, his father Charles L. Allen, and Brother William Gray of the Stewart County Baptist Association for making this material available to researchers of our site. Full copyright belongs to the Stewart County TN Baptist Association and this material may not be reproduced or used at any other site or reprinted in any other format without the express written permission of that entity.

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Model Baptist Church

During a meeting held at Model, Tennessee as an arm extended by Nevil's Creek, on the 2nd Sunday of September, 1901, the following were received by baptism; M.A Melton, N.T. Travis, Lee Kustler, R. W. Melton, Mrs. W.E. Murphy, Mrs Luvina Futrell, Miss M.A. Sills was received by letter. Elder G.W. Bray baptized them in the Tennessee River at Dilday's Landing.

In the organization of Model Baptist Church, Mrs. Mary J. Lott, Misses Ely ?, Edith Lott, W.J. Crutcher, Mrs. Alpha Crutcher, Cleveland Crutcher, R.L. Wallace, and Tannie Wallace were granted letters from Nevil's Creek for the purpose of going into the sister church.

The Model Baptist Church was organized September, 1901, when the members of Rushing Creek Baptist Church also saw the need for preaching in this area. Brother R.B. Askew, Tom G. Askew, A.W. Bilbrey moved their membership to the Model community to aid in the organization.

The Dover Furnace Association in session at Rushing Creek Baptist Church on November 1-2, 1900, dissolved, and advised the church to unite with the Cumberland Association, previously to its dissolution an Executive Board had been appointed with the instructions to hold 5th Sunday meetings and to take the oversight of missionary operations within its bounds and to report to the Cumberland Association.

Some dissatisfaction having manifest itself, the brethern authorized the Executive Board to organize a new association. In response to a call from the Executive Board appointed by the Dover Furnace Association, messengers from the churches hereinafter mentioned convened at Model, Stewart County, October 30, 1901. Rev. J.D. Dilday to preside. The churches meeting were: Crockett's Creek, Hickory Crove, Hughes Creek, Liberty Springs, Model, Nevil's Creek, New Hope, Pleasant hill, Rushing Creek, Tobaccoport, Walnut Grove.

The first building used for worship at Model was a building erected on a plot of land deeded by Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Askew in April 29, 1898 to the Masonic Order and the four leading denominations.

This indenture made and entered into this 29th day of April, 1898, between T.G. Askew of the first part and Worshipful Master and the Warden of the Cedar Spring Lodge F. and A.M., and their successors Biz. That the said T.G. Askew for in consideration of the purpose of having a Masonic Lodge and a Church House combined for the advancement and convenience of the people of Model and neighborhood, herein conveys the right and title of a certain parcel of land, lying and being at Model, Stewart County, Tennessee, about ----- yards southeast of the old Furnace stack bounded as follows; Beginning on a sycamore in a branch, thence southwardly 210 feet to a rock in a branch, with ironwood and white oak pointers, thence eastwardly 210 feet to a stake with maple and ironwood pointers; thence Northwardly 210 feet to a stake on a branch with a sycamore pointer; thence westwardly 210 feet to the beginning containing one acre more or less.

To the present Worshipful Master and Wardens of Cedar Spring Lodge No. --of F. and A.M. of Stewart County, Tennessee and their successors in said Lodge, and to them in trust for the different Christian Denominations hereinafter named on the conditions specified. This title remains bonafied to both lodge and churches as long as these agreements are followed, namely; The people of the Masonic Fraternity and to the different church denominations and of the county generally agree to build, jointly a house on this land. The upper room of which is to belong exclusively to the Masonic Fraternity and to be under their jurisdiction absolutely. The First or lower room to belong to and used exclusively by the Presbyterian Minister on the first Lord's Day of each month, to the Christian Minister on the 2nd Lord's Day of the month, to the Methodist Minister on the 3rd Lord's Day of the month, and to the Baptist Minister on the 4th day of the month. Meither one nor the other of these organizations is to infringe or to interfere with the arrangements of the other. After said house is built and has been used, should it need repairing, then it shall be the duty of the Masons to repair its apartment, and that the churches repair their apartments and in case of need of general repair, then both Masons and Churches to repair as the title to said acre of land is to both fraternity and churches jointly, but to the fraterity in trust as there are no church organizations to deed to. Should any time in the future should the house be burnt or destroyed and not rebuilt or at any time in the future should the house be abandoned and not used for the purposes herein stated, the title to this acre of land shall revert back to the said T.G. Askew or his heirs. Otherwise he together with his wife, Eunice F. Askew, hereby convey to the parties of the second part of this deed of general warranty to the within bounded one acre of land for the purpose herein named and none other. His wife Eunice F. Askew, herein relinquishes all of her right of homestead and dower on and to said acre of land for the purpose herein stated. He herein covenants to forever warrant and defend this title or deed until the Masonic Fraternity and the four named churches shall abandon the use of the house agree to be built on the within bounded acre of land. Then said land is to fall back to said T.G. Askew of his heirs and said house to be sold to the highest bidder and proceeds be proportioned among the donors. Given under their hands and before these witnesses this day and date herein given.

T.G. Askew; Eunice F. Askew

In 1904 the church handed a letter to the Stewart Association and asked for membership formally and was voted and accepted. Even though messengers were sent each year the church had not asked to be a member. The Model Church continued from 1901, when A. Moore was called as the pastor, till 1917 when the church was reorganized. It would seem that Model Church, by 1917 had dissolved to a very few people in attendance.

On Dec. 2, 1917 the Rushing Creek, Nevil's Creek, and Crockett's Creek Baptist Churches met to help in the reorganization of the Model Baptist Church. R.F. Gregory preached from Hebrew 13:14. When invitations for members were given the following came forward: Elder J.T. Wiggins Nevil's Creek; J.M. Askew Rushing Creek; Dr. A.D. Russell Rushing Creek; R.B. Askew Rushing Creek; J.J. Futrell; Ira G. Moore Crockett's Creek; A.W. Bilbrey Rushing Creek; J.P. Rushing Rushing Creek; S.B. Perry; T.G. Askew Rushing Creek; F.P. Geurin; Mrs. Ora Hicks; Mrs. Amanda Askew Rushing Creek; Mrs. Ella Bilbrey Rushing Creek; Mrs. Cozey Lee Russell Rushing Creek; Mrs. Mary Ellen Murphy; Mrs. Beula Moore Crockett's Creek; Miss Lena Hicks; Mrs. Euphemy Futrell; Mrs. Mallie Askew Rushing Creek; Mrs. Lizzie Rushing Rushing Creek; Miss Elizabeth Suratt Rushing Creek.

Brother J.H. Thurman prayed the closing prayer. The presbytery was directed by Elder R.F. Gregory, Elder L.E. Outland, Elder J.H. Thurman, and Brother --------- was called as pastor.

March 24, 1918 Brother J.J. Futrell, Sister Eupermy Futrell, and Mary Ella Murphy were received by relationship.

In 1925, Rev. J.H. Thurman was asked to preach a revival service in the yard of the church.

In the course of years the building was in such bad repair that the people could no longer meet with comfort. On June 24, 1933, Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Askew redeeded the property to the Missionary Baptists.

Whereas, on April 29, 1898 the undersigned T.G.Askew and his wife Eunice F. Askew, executed a deed conveying to the Worshipful Master and the Warden of the Cedar Spring Lodge F. and A.M. and their successors certain real estate in the village of Model in the eighth district of Stewart County, Tennessee, and Whereas, the consideration for said conveyance as above recited was for the purpose of having a Masonic Lodge and a Church combined for the advancement and convenience of the people of Model and surrounding neighborhook, said conveyance, as above recited, being to the officials of the Masonic Lodge as heretofore recited for the benefit of said lodge and to be held by them for the use of the Presbyterian minister, the Christian Minister, the Methodist Minister, and the Baptist, and Whereas the deed above recites that should the house erected in said land be burned or destroyed and not rebuilt or in event said house should be abandoned and not used for the purposes set out in said deed, that Title should revert back to the grantors, and Whereas, the said Masonic Lodge, namely Cedar Spring Lodge F. & A.M. has ceased to exist as a lodge having surrendered its Charter and the Presbyterian, Christian, and Methodist Churches have ceased to use said house for religious worship or otherwise as set put and provided for in the afore mentioned deed and said house has become dilapidated, badly in need of repair, and it being evident that unless same is done immediately said house will go to ruin and be useless for any purpose, and, Whereas, the Missionary Baptist Church of Model, Tennessee, it being the same Missionary Baptist Church provided for and set out in the deed heretofore executed, now proposes and agrees to furnish all funds necessary for the repair of said building and to the up-keep of same.

Therefore in consideration of the above recited premise and the further consideration of the interest we have in the religious welfare of the community and for the purpose of promoting and encouraging same and to secure the repair and upkeep of the building for that purpose, we T.G. Askew and wife Eunice F. Askew, have this day bargained and sold and hereby transfer and convey unto the Deacons of the Missionary Baptist Church at Model, Tennessee, at present being Sanford Griffin, Sid Perry, B.B. Sills, Cordis Fox, and A.W. Bilbrey, and their successors, subject to the conditions hereinafter set out a certain tract of real estate in the village of Model, Stewart County, Tennessee, it being the same set out and described in the deed heretofore mentioned as haveing been executed on April 29, 1898 and bound and described as follows: Beginning on a Sycamore in a branch thence Southwardly 219 feet to a rock in a branch with iron wood and white oak pointers; thence Eastwardly 210 feet to a stake with maple and iron wood pointers; thence Northwardly 210 feet to a stake on a branch with a sycamore pointer; thence Westwardly 210 feet to the beginning , containing 1 acre, more or less. To have and to hold unto the Board of Deacons of the Missionary Baptist Church at Model, Tennessee, composed of the membership above recited in this deed, and perhaps others, and their successors as long as the property is used for the purpose of worship for said church; but in the eventit is abandoned and said church ceases to use it for the purpose of worship, then said property is to revert back and become a part of the estate of the said T.G. Askew or his heirs. This deed and conveyance is made on the assumption that the rights of the Masonic Lodge, Presbyterian Church, Methodist and Christian Church have been abandoned and that their rights under the deed executed April 29, 1898 and recorded in book 89 at page 27 of the Registers office of Stewart County, Tennessee, has ceased to exist and that said property, as to them, has been abandoned in the sense and meaning of the terms set out in the deed heretofore executed and described in this conveyance and it is necessary to make this conveyance that the necessary expenditure may be made on said building to keep it in the proper state of repair for use.

As heretofore set out and described in this conveyance the purpose and intentions and consideration for making same is to promote and encourage the religious welfare of the community and the guarantee of title herein made is such as we can make in view of the entire situation set out in the pemises of the conveyance. This the 12th of May 1933.

T.G. Askew; Eunice F. Askew; L.G. Acree, Notary Public; J.B. Wofford, Register

At first the Baptist decided to just repair the building, putting on a new roof, but after removing the old roof, they decided it would be impractical and unwise to put a good roof on such and old dilapidated building. Consequently in November 1933 they decided to wreck the old building and use the best of the material in the construction of a new, modern building. After the new building was just about finished the Masonic order laid claim to the part interest in the old building. The other three denomination which had long since abandoned the property laid claim to part interest in it. The Baptist immediately ceased their construction work until the matter could be adjusted. A satisfactory settlement was soon made with the Masonic Order, but the three denominations were not so easily satisfied. After a number of meetings composed of representatives of the churches involved, a settlement was finally reached, when the Baptists deeded to the other three denominations a plot of land adjoining the old property. then the Baptists went forward with the construction, and on December 1933 only two months after they set out just to repair, they held their first service in the new building, completed with the exception of the exterior painting.

In 1933 the Model Church petitioned the Stewart County Association for membership from the Blood River Association, where it had been a member since 1917.

The Stewart Association met with the church in 1939 and 1952.

In 1959, the church ordained six deacons; Thomas Lee Askew, J.W. Hutchinson, Jack Compton, Joe Dill, W.A. Futrell, and Luther Hendon.

In 1959, a pastor's home was purchased, remodeled, and Rev. T.W. Carl and family, moved on the field.

In 1965 the church began to make plans for the disbandingbecause the TVA began making land purchases for the Land Between the Lakes Park.

The main problem facing the congregation was, (How can Model Baptist Church live in perpetuity and aid the most people?) The church property was divided among the sister churches in the following manner:

Deacons of the Model Baptist Church met in called session January 5, 1966 by chairman Luther Hendon. For the purpose of disposing of church money and Pastors home and contents.

First order of business--prayer. Second order of business - To give Brother T.W. Carl $2,000.00 dollars when when the church disbands, or sooner if the church sees fit to do so. Third order of business - To give Dover Baptist Church $7000.00 dollars to be used for their building fund. Fourth order of business - To give Corinth Baptist Church, $2,000.00 dollars to be used in their building fund. Fifth order of business - To put in trust $3,000.00 dollars through the Baptist Foundation for Stewart County Baptist Association and the proceeds to be paid annually. Sixth order of business - To put in trust of what is left of $3000.00 through out Tennessee Baptist Foundation and the income from said trust shall go annually the following way: One third of Income - Tennessee Baptist Children's Home. One third of Income - Lottie Moon Foreign Mission Offering. One third of Income - Annie Armstrong Home Mission Offering. Seventh order of business - To give Brother Carl the Pastor's Home and contents, when the church desbands on August 31, 1966. Eighth order of business - Deacons of Model Baptist Church decide to keep church and contents until the church sees fit to dispose of same. Deacons recommended, to deposit money in bank until needed or disbands and that interest be added to the principal.

Signed by the Deacons of Model Baptist Church. Bro. Luther Hendon; Bro. T.L. Askew; Bro. Joe Dill; Bro. G.F. Fox; Bro. J.W. Hutchison; Bro. Jack Compton

The Deacons, with the Pastor met in session Febuary 9, 1966, at 7 p.m. to consider what we should do with the personal property of our church. Therefore we would like to make a motion that we dispose of said property in the following manner: 1. To the Corinth Church: The Church pews, the rugs and venetian Blinds.; 2. To the Carlisle Church: Two tables and straight chairs, one air conditioner, one piano, and seats in the auditorium Sunday School rooms.; 3. Bumpas Mills Church: Two desks, all vacation Bible school books, and library books.; 4. Bear Spring Church: The pulpit and all curtains and bulletin boards.; 5. New Haven Mission: One air conditioner, two pulpit chairs and pulpit table.; 6. Pleasant Grove Church: Two gas floor furnaces. 7. Fairview Church: All song books 8. Dover Church: The complete church building of the Model Church, less all items listed above, and that Dover Church can sell or move any or part of said building. The funds were placed in the Trust Agreement with the Tennessee Baptist Foundation, preserving the memory of the church and providing in a realistic way, funds to aid mission efforts till Jesus returns.


Whereas, because of the formation of a Between the Lakes Park, it was necessary for the members of Model Baptist Church, located in the Between the Lakes Park, Stewart County, Tennessee, to sell the church property and vote to disband said church; and Whereas said church, by official action recorded on its minutes has also instructed the trustees of said church to transfer and deliver a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the church property to Tennessee Baptist Foundation, Nashville, Tennessee, in trust for the purposes hereinafter set out; Now therefore pursuant to offical action of the church this Trust Agreement is made and entered by and between J.W. Hutchison, Joe Dill, and T.L. Askew, Trustees of Model Baptist Church, Stewart County Tennessee, hereinafter called "Church" and Tennessee Baptist Foundation, a corporation, Nashville, Tennessee, hereinafter called the "Trustee".

WITNESSETH ; That The Church has transferred and delivered to the Trustee the sum of $33,000.00 cash to be held in trust and handled as follows; 1. The income from $3,000.00 to be paid annually to the Stewart County Baptist Association to be used for mission work in that area. 2. The income from the remainder of the above Trust to be paid annually as follows; a. One third of the income to be paid to the Tennessee Baptist Children's homes. b. One third of the income to be paid annually for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Foreign Missions c. The remaining one third to be paid annually for the Annie Armstrong Offering for Home Missions 3. Said trust to be known as the Model Baptist Church Memorial Trust. The Trustee is authorized, empowered, and directed to manage and control said trust fund, and any additions hereto, and to invest, re-invest, and keep invested, said junds in good and safe investments so that the fund amy bring the best possible income, with full power and authority in said Trustee to do any, all, and everything requisite, necessary, or advisable for the efficient discharge of its duties hereunder. In making investments from time to time, the Trustee is given as full and unlimited power and discreation as if said trust funds were its own absolute estate, not limiting the Trustee to such investments as Trustees are by law authorized or required to make, but giving it full power and authority to make and retain any investment which it may deem desirable. The Trustee shall make an annual report to the Stewart County Baptist Association of the existance of said Trust and income paid for the above mentioned causes.

Signed and witnessed by the parties this 28th day of August 1966; Model Baptist Church; Stewart County, Tennessee

T.L. Askew; Joe Dill; Jack C. Compton

Trustees; Tennessee Baptist Foundation; By: Dr. Henry Huey; Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Witnesses: Theodore Allen; Ruth Dill; Orlene Compton. Witness: rev. A.R. Nelson, Jr.

On August 28, 1966 the Model Baptist Church met for the purpose of signing the Trust Agreement with the Foundation, and giving a sum of money to Dover Baptist Church and Corinth Baptist Church.

A song was led by Bro. Theodore Allen, with Miss Loretta Askew at the piano, followed by announcements and introduction of the speaker, by the supply pastor, A.R. Nelson, Jr. the Associational Missionary Dr. Henry Huey was the guest speaker, whose subject was " He being Dead yet Speaketh." After the message, the church treasurer, Bro. Joe Dill, presented the checks to the representatives of Corinth Church, Bro. Max Hester, and of Dover Church, Bro. Woodrow Dill. The Trustees signed the trust, with several members witnessing their signatures. Dr. Huey signed for the Foundation and Bro. Nelson witnessed his signature.

The service was closed with a song and prayer. The following people were present: William Cherry; Mrs. Jack Compton; Jack Compton; Mrs. Evin Allen; C.E. Fox; Mrs. Theodore Allen; Joe Dill; Mrs. Joe Dill; Luther Hendon; Mrs. Cordis Fox; Richard Carl; Mrs. Christine Whitford; T.L. Askew; Mrs. Monica Vinson; Bobby Cherry; Mrs. Loretta Askew; Jimmy Compton; Dr. Henry Huey; Danny Whitford; Max Hester; Theodore Allen; Woodrow Dill; Mrs. Richard Carl A.R. Nelson, Jr.

A summary of the Churches efforts over the past 65 years is 203 baptisms reported with $72,977.40 and the amount of total giving toward all causes.


1901 A. Moore 1931 Roy Tatum
1902 J.W. Pruitt; A.A. Lott 1932-1935 D.W. Pickwsimer
1904-1905 A.J. Byrd 1936 W.C. Skinner
1906 C.A. Stewart 1937 J.W. Nelson
1910-1911 John T. Stewart 1938 Kidwell Thomas
1912 W.L. Tidwell 1939-1940 John W. Outland
1917-1918 J.H. Thurman 1941-1946 J.W. Nelson
1924-1927 M. Knight 1947-1954 J.H. Thurman
1928 J.W. Nelson 1955-1957 Ed Cremer
1929-1930 D.W. Billington 1955-1966 T.W. Carl


W.J. Crutcher; C.M. Griffin; R.L. Wallace; R.B. Askew; J.J. Sills; Marvin Allen, Jr.; M.A. Melton; J.W. Hutchison; J.M. Askew; Jack Compton; W.B. Cole


A.J. Lott; J.T. Kibble; W.J. Crutcher; J.W. Hutchison; A.W. Bilbrey


W.J. Crutcher; Ira Sills; A.A. Lott; Wiford E. Hicks; R.M. Melton; J.W. Nelson; George Goddard; Thomas Lee Askew; P.R. Burcham; T.T. Hicks; John J. Futrell; Mrs. J.W. Nelson; R.L. Wallace; Mrs. T.T. Hicks; G.C. Crutcher; Elmer Sills; Grove Cleveland Crutcher; Luther Hendon; Robert Melton; Theodore Allen; Isham Josephus; Sills Jack Compton; A.D. Russell; Marvin Allen, Jr.; J.M. Askew; J.W. Hutchison; Joseph H. Hicks; Mrs. J.W. Hutchison; Luther Cathey; Mrs. Dewey Fox; Barney Butler Sills; Mrs. Cordis Fox; A. Walker Bilbrey; Mrs. Jack Compton; Ronie B. Askew; Mrs. Luther Hendon; Clarence M. Griffin; Mrs. T.L. Askew; Miss Sanford Griffin; Mrs. K. Fox; Elmo Bilbrey; Winnie Fox; Arwood Askew; Mrs. Mayme Allen; Cordus F. Fox; Luther Cathey; L. Luther Downs; Mrs. Joe Dill.


1935 - Mrs. Mattie Sills, Dr. A.D. Russell
1936 - Mr. T.G. Askew, J.J. Futrell
1937 - Mrs. Euphemy Futrell
1938 - Mrs. Ora Hicks, Mrs Minnie Hicks
1939 - Mrs. Willie Hicks
1952 - J.H. Hicks, Mrs Climie Russell, Joe Morgan
1957 - Mrs. Fannie Hicks
1958 - Plomer Griffin, A.J. Downs
1960 - Marvin Allen, Sr., Mrs. Amelia Hendon
1961 - Mrs. Jessie Barne, Barney Sills
1962 - S.B. Perry, Miss Emma Griffin, Donwood Shaw
1964 - Mrs. Ella Futrell
1965 - Mrs. Minnie Fox

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