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The following historical outline has been the tireless result or many historians of the past, Church Clerks, Associational Clerks. Teachers and writers or history, even those who collect libraries or old writings and historical events. Many important events will be left out of this account, because complete information can not be obtained. As you read, please feel free to correct any misspelled names, or add to this effort additional information, if you have it. May I be allowed to add a word of apprection for the courtesy or Crockett's Creek, Nevilles Creek and Model Baptist Church Memberships for having this history printed.

Rev. A.R. Nelson, Jr. Stewart County Baptist Associational Missionary

The Stewart Co. TN Genealogy site is indebted to Chuck Allen, his father Charles L. Allen, and Brother William Gray of the Stewart County Baptist Association for making this material available to researchers of our site. Full copyright belongs to the Stewart County TN Baptist Association and this material may not be reproduced or used at any other site or reprinted in any other format without the express written permission of that entity.

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Nevil's Creek Baptist Church

"Through the request of some 0 the brethern of Crockett's Creek United Baptist Church 0f Christ, on November 14, 1887, the Elder P.H. Henry of Cherry Corner, Elder W.L. Tidwell, William Outland, and C.E. Acree, of Crockett's Creek, met at Poplar Spring on monday night the 14th., for the purpose of organizing a United Baptist Church at said place".Elder W.L. Tidwell acting as moderator and C.E. Acree, as the clerk. Order of business. The doors of the church was opened for all who wished to go into the organization came forward; ROBERT F. HICKS, MARY HICKS, RUFUS L. WALLIS, JIMMY T. WIGGINS, A.J. SCOTT, RODA SCOTT, VERONA SCOTT, C. DAVENPORT ANDERSON, SALLY ANDERSON, J.T. MORGAN, SARAH MORGAN, W.H. SHAW, NATHAN HICKS, MARY WATSON, all were received by letter from Crockett's Creek Baptist Church. The right hand of fellowship was given by the body. The covenant was read by the clerk and endorsed by the body. The rules of decorum were read and a Charge given the church. Upon a motion and the agreement, the body elected two men to serve as deacons, Brother R.L. Wallace and R.F. Hicks. These were ordained in regular order by W.L. Tidwell and P.J. Henry.Upon a motion and a second clerk was elected, Brother J.T. Wiggins. A motion was made in the selection of a name for the church, and Nevill's Creek was agreed upon. A motion was made to set fourth Saturday and Sunday in each month as the regular meeting time.Upon a motion and a second the pastor P.J. Henry was elected for the year 1888. A motion was made to adjourn to meet the fourth Saturday in November 1887.

In 1888, Effy Corry and Sallie Bilbrey came for baptism and R.L. Sills joined by letter.In 1889, Larry Spiceland and Jim Morgan came for baptism. A petitionary letter was read from the Blood River Baptist Association for Nevil's Creek entrance into the Dover Furnace Baptist Association in 1891.

In 1892, Nathan Hicks, W.J. Crutcher were ordained as deacons by Elder R.R. Allen of Walnut Grove. In this same Year J.T. Stewart was ordained to the ministry and became pastor of the church.Rev. W.E. Davis, preached the evening of October the 7th at Nevil's Creek.

The Association met with the church on October 6, 1893, with Rev. J.J. Parker and Rev. J.M. Ross as the preachers of the meeting. In this year B.F. Stamps was ordained. In 1894, A.J. Scott, Bernon Scott, and McManus came to Nevil's Creek by letter.

In 1895 an arm was extended to Antioch school house about three and one half miles from the church and Robert Hicks, William Crutcher, Nathan Hicks, and C.D.Anderson was to bear the arm. Mrs. Ory Hicks, L.F. Herinton, D.W. Herinton, and Ally Anderson came for baptism.

In 1896 W.H. Shaw and R.L. Wallis were ordained to the ministry, and Gay Wiggins was licensed to preach.In 1899 the following moved their membership to the Antioch community; John Williams Asa Morris, Agy Ross,, Guely Stogner, Mary Ford, Lithy Free, Ellen Morris, Nancy Ford, Betty Williams, Luch Luton, Marsha Wally, Matelon Shaw, W.H. Shaw, and Menty Stogner.

In 1901 the Nevil's Creek Church had no building of its own, so a building fund was started and a committee was elected to see the Methodist, and the Cumberland Presbyterian about building one together. Mr. Samuel Joshua Spiceland, though not a member at the time, offered to give an acre of land for the church if Nevil's Creek would surrender here claim to the old log building and allow it to be the District No. eight school house. An agreement was reached and the timber was being cut in preparation for construction. The church at a regular business meeting decided not to move up the hill (near Clyde Spiceland's present home), but remain where they were. So the church never moved. The log building (where Mr. George Watson taught in 1911)continued to be the preaching station. Also, in 1901, a committee was elected by Nevil's Creek of A.A. Lott, W.J. Crutcher, and G.W. Bray to go to Model, Tennessee to seek out the needs of the community, and to keep up the interest and services in the building that was offered by T.G. Askew. During one service M.A. Melton came forward at Model for baptism, and the Pastor G.W. Bray of Nevil's Creek baptized him at Dilday's Landing in the Tennessee River on Wednesday after the 1st Sunday, September 1901. During a revival effort at Model on the 2nd Sunday in September N.T. Travis,Lee Uster, R.W. Melton, Mrs. W.E. Murphy, and Mrs. Luninia Futrell were received for baptism, and Miss M.A. Sills was received by letter. With this much interest at Model, Mrs. Mary J. Lott and Misses Elya and Edith Lott, W.J. Crutcher, Mrs. Alpha Crutcher, Cleveland Crutcher, R.L. Wallace, and Tennie Wallace were granted letters to go into the new organization of Model Baptist Church.

In 1901, Nevil's Creek joined the new organization of Stewart County Baptist Association, and in 1904 the association met with them, with T.L. Shelton and J.W. Pruitt as the speakers.In October 1908 during a revival a large number were received by baptism. They were; Sallie Hicks, Callie Watson, William Spiceland, Willis Counsel, Charley Crutcher, Natie Carney, Flora Morgan, Edith Watson, Conley Crutcher, Shelly Herinton, Nancy Hicks, Henry Crutcher, Barnes Hicks, Masthey Morgan, Jessie Spiceland, L.E. Sills, Petter Sills, Jonn Jones, Umme Belisle, Mattie Cathey, and William Spiceland.

In 1909, a committee was elected, S.J. Spiceland, R.F. Hicks, W.J. Crutcher, and D.C. Hicks to accept the gift of Bethel Church (from an old deed, "Beginning of Tennessee Ridge on a stone at the Pine Bluff and Dover, and Fort Henry and Tharpe Crossing, near where the old Bethel Church ust to stand") provided it could be moved, and the Methodist membership would relinquish all claim to it. A motion was made to make up $100.00 from the membership and borrow $100.00 from the Dover Bank and Trust Co.

The Bethel church was moved and sevices were changed from the school to the building where services were held until 1944 when the old building was sold at public auction and later moved because the land was purchased for the development of Barkley Lake.

On October 22, 1910, Brother J.T. Bailey deeded the church a half acre of land to build on. J.T. Bailey and wife, Two members of Nevil's Creek Baptist Church:

For and in consideration of the love and affection we have for the members of the Nevil's Creek Baptist Church, and our faith and attachment in and to the doctrines and tenets af said church, We, J.T. Bailey and S.S. Bailey do hereby bargain, sell, give, transfer, and convey unto the United Missionary Baptist Church at Nevil's Creek known as the Nevil's Creek United Missionary Baptist Church the following described piece of lot of land, situated in Stewart County, State of Tennessee, Civil District No. 8, on the waters of Nevil's Creek, in the valley north of the old Nevil's Creek church and bound as follows, Viz: Begining on Stone with a sugar tree pointer standing near the bank of the branch thence north 26 degrees west twelve and one half pol to a ton with blackgum pointer; thence east six and three fourth poles to a stone with iron wood pointer: thence 26 degrees east twelve and one half poles to a stone with a hickory pointer: thence west six and three fourth poles to the beginning containing one half acre more or less. The same to have and to hold to the said Nevil's Creek United Missionary Baptist Church for the sole and separate use of the Baptist Church upon which said church may build a house of worship. Specially reservingunto ourselves the right of a road across the half acre herein transferred of said chuch and the right to cut and to remove all the timber that now stands on said half acre and we warrant the title against all parties whomse ever--this 22nd Day of October, 1910.

J.T. Bailey; Minnie Bailey; S.S. Bailey

The Association met again with Nevil's Creek, on October 11, when B.F. Stamps and H.C. Brake were the speakers. In this year the church property has been valued at $600.00. The candidates for baptism in 1012 were; Callie Spiceland, B.F. Cathey, Dollie Hicks, and Burnice Morgan. By letter came Plentus Outland. In 1913 the chruch recommended Rev. J.T. Stewart to be the missionary of Stewart County. Those this year who were baptised were; W.E. Hicks, Allin Perry, I.J. Beal, E.H. Spiceland, Joel Pettit, and Oala Hindricks

In 1914 D.S Brinkley was called to help in a revival service in the month of July, and G.C. Crutcher preached in the August meeting. A commitee was elected to oversee the digging of a well, for the benefit of the church and the school, they were: J.T. Bailey, Nathan Hicks, R.F. Hicks, and W.H. Wiggins.

In 1915 the church elected Sunday School officers: Nathan Hicks as Superintendent, G.C. Crutcher assistant, E.H Spiceland as leader of advanced literature with Callie Spiceland assistant, Mollie Spiceland leader of the Juniors and J.J. Hicks assistant, D.C. Hicks teacher of the Bible Class and G.C. Crutcher assistant. Brother Sandy Allen was called to hold protracted meeting for the church.

October 15, 1915, a meeting was called for the ordination of J.T. Wiggins and D.C. Hicks as ministers.In 1916, a box supper was planned for the raising of money to fix the roof with cypress shingles. The committee was; Mrs. Mary Hicks, Mrs. Gus Spiceland, Mrs. Laura Spiceland, Mrs. Mathy Cathey, and Mrs. Sarah Morgan. A motion was made to extend an arm to the Bell Wood Community. Brother G.C. Cathey resigned as Treasurer because of his eyesight and H.C. Crutcher was elected in his place.

August 17, 1919, R.F. Gregory helped Brother J.H. Thurman in a revival and two came for baptism, Joan Chadwick and Clifford Cathey. Sister Hantus Crutcher came by letter and joined the fellowship.

July 1920, Rev. A.M. Hawley was called to hold a meeting. Brothers R.F. Crutcher and W.E. Hicks were licensed to preach the gospel.

In 1922 the Association met with J.P. Riley as the preacher. Both S.S. Bailey and R.F. Crutcher were ordained to the ministry. Brother E.G. Sisk was called to hold a revival for 1923. On October 1922 an arm was extended to the Tip Top Community and also an arm was extended to the Tharpe Community and Brother S.S. Bailey was to carry the word. A motion to license G.C. Crutcher to preach was made and carried. In December 27, 1922, the church granted the following letters to aid in the organization of the Tip Top Baptist Church. Grady Byrd, Lenas Byrd, Wm. Cherry, Dorsey L. Garland, Myrtle Byrd, Ivy Jackson, and Oucie Rowlett.

In July 22, 1923 a revival meeting was held by S.J. Parish and the pastor Clifton Bridges with the following results; by baptism, Sallie Crutcher, Edgar Futrell, Lenord Cathey, Verda Lyons, Manor Cathey, Elois Cathey, Willie Pettit Sister Jessie Spiceland, Sister Sylvesta Hicks, Priney Sills, Raymon Boyd Hicks, Loyd Spiceland, Elvie Freeman, H.M. Oliver, Homer Morgan, Tilford Gulusha, Wilbern Cook, and Roy Cook.

In 1925 Rev. C.C. Sledd preached at the association held at Nevil's Creek and Crockett's Creek.

In 1927, Rev. E.G. Sisk was the evangelist.

In 1928, the Association met and J.W. Nelson and J.C. Outland were the preachers.

August 1934, Loman Bailey, Grady Watson, G.C. Crutcher were ordained as deacons.

The Stewart Association met in October with Nevil's Creek, with J.W. Nelson as the moderator, W.E. Hicks, Vice-Moderator, C.G. Sego, clerk, and Joe Martin, Treasurer.

In this year of 1934, plans were made to develop a cemetery behind the church, and Brother J.T. Bailey deeded a plot for the project.

Cemetery of Nevil's Creek

For the consideraion of the sum of two and no one-hundreds dollars we have bargained and sold and by these presents do transfer and convey unto the Baptist Church at Poplar Springs their heirs and assigns a certain tract of land of State of Tennessee, Stewart County and District No. 8 bound and described as follows: Northeast corner of the Church lot and running North one hundred and seventy-eight feet to a white oak corner; thence 113 feet to a white oad' thence South three hundred and thirty five feet to a rock on the branch' thence East thirty five feet to the old corner rock of the Church ground containing three fourths of an acre more or less.

To have land to hold the said tract or parcel of land with the appurtenances, estate, title, and interest thereto belonging, not to the said Baptist Church of Poplar Springs, heirs and assigns, forever, and we do covenant with the said Baptist Church that we are lawfully seized and possessed of said land in fee simple, have a good right to convey it, and the same is unincumbered. And we do further covenant and bind ourselves, heirs, and representatives, to forever warrant and defend the title to said land unto the said Baptist Church their heirs and assigns, against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever--this 22nd day June, 1934.

J.T. Bailey; Minnie Bailey

August 12, 1939, G.C. Crutcher was ordained to the ministry, and on June 4th, Rupert Hicks was ordained to the ministry. October 1940, Nobel Spiceland was ordained to the ministry. In 1942, the Mount Zion Baptist Church gave a gift of song books to the church, also the Rushing Creek Baptist Church, because they had to move from the Tennessee-Kentucky Lake area, decided to give Nevil's Creek their building. By June 1944 the old building was sold at auction and in July, 1943 the Rushing Creek Building was moved to the new location.In 1945 the Association met again with Nevil's Creek.In 1950 W.J. Crutcher, J.R. Crutcher, Grady Sills Watson, Riley Sills, Bobbie Spiceland , and Robert L. Crutcher were ordained as deacons.

The Association met in 1951 at Nevil's Creek.In 1959 Billy Owen Smith was licensed to preach. With the development of the Land Between the Lakes Park, by the TVA, the Nevil's Creek church made plans for disbanding and the distribution of the property and money. Walnut Grove(founded 1893) was in bad need of a more suitable building for worship,so Nevil's Creek gave them the building and $5000.00 for the purpose of moving it. Walnut Grove is located on the old highway 79 between Dover and Kentucky Lake. A sum of $250.00 was sent to each Baptist Church in Stewart County, a special gift was given to the Pastor T.W. Carl and a Trust Agreement was made with The Tennessee Baptist Foundation for the perpetuity of the church in readying the people for Christ.

TRUST AGREEMENT Whereas, because of the formation of a between the Lakes Park, it was necessary for the members of Nevil's Creek Baptist Church, located in the Between the Lakes Park, Stewart County, Tenessee, to sell the church property and vote to disband said church; and Whereas, said church, by offical action recorded on its minutes, has also instructed the Trustees of said church to transfer and deliver a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the church property to Tennessee Baptist Foundation, Nashville, Tennessee, in trust, for the purposes hereinafter set out; Now, therefore, pursuant to official action of the church, this Trust Agreement is made and entered into by and between, G.C. Watson, W.J. Crutcher, and Bobby Spiceland, Trustees of Nevil's Creek Baptist Church, Stewart County, Tennessee, hereinafter called the "Church" and Tennessee Baptist Foundation, a corporation, Nashville, Tennessee, hereinafter called the "Trustee."

WITNESSETH: THAT The Church has transferred and delivered to the Trustee the sum of $3,250.00 cash, to be held in trust and handled as follows:

1-Said trust is to be known as the "Nevil's Creek Baptist Church memorial Trust".

2-The Trustee is authorized empowered and directed to manage and control said trust fund, and any additions thereunto, and to invest, reinvest and keep invested, said funds in good and safe investments so that the funds may bring the best possible income, with full power and authority in said Trustee to do any, and all and everything requisite, necessary or advisible for the different discharge of its duties hereunder.

Making investment from time to time, the Trustee is given as full an unlimited power and discretion as if said trust fund was his own absolute estate, not limiting the Trustee to such investments as Trustees are by law authorized or required to make, but giving it full power and authority to make and to retain any investments which it may deem desirible.

3-One-third of income to be paid to the Tennessee Baptist Children's homes; One-third of income from said trust shall be paid annually by the Trustee to the Executive Board of Tennessee Baptists; and One-third of income to be paid to the Stewart County Baptist Association for the mission work in that area. The Trustee shall make an annual report to the Stewart County Baptist Association of the existance and said Trust and income paid for the above mentioned causes.

Signed and witnessed by the parties this ____day of , 1966 NEVIL'S CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH Stewart County, Tennessee. Trustees TENNESSEE BAPTIST FOUNDATION BY Executive Secretary-treasure Witnesses: Witness:

For the 79 years the Nevil's Creek Baptist Church has been active there were 329 professions of faith and $55,767.97 given by the people for the Lord's work.

1888: R.L. Wallis; A.J. Scott; J.T. Wiggins; Roda Scott; C.D. Anderson; Verna McManus; J.J. Morgan; Ory Hicks; W.H. Shaw; Miss L.F. Herinton; Modelon Shaw; D.W. Herinton; Nathan Hicks

1895: Mary Watson; Edgar Stewart; Gus Spiceland; John Williams; S.W. Carney; Asa Morris

1889 Lucy Sagner; Larry Spiceland; Agness Ross; Will Crutcher; Mary Ford; James Morgan; Masura Wallis; Effy Carney Leta Free; M.T. Bell; E.G. Whaley

1890 Lylian Herinton; Sally Parker; Henry Blilies; Willis Spiceland; Miss A. Morgan; Ide Spiceland

1899 Minny Stalls; Willis Spiceland; Sarah Morgan; Walker Cathey; Emner Spiceland; Nelly Anderson

1891 W.H. Wiggins; P.M. Hicks; Lora B. Wiggins; John Spiceland; E.F. Morgan; Sarah Hicks; H.F. Herinton; Molly J. Houston; B.F. Stamps; Tanny Wallis; R.F. Cathey

1892 J.D. Paschal; James McCarner; Harriet Cathey; Manela Mills; L.P. Cathey; Mary E. Burges; Sally Billy; Eller D. Burges; S.A. Cathey

1893 R.F. Hicks; Mary Hicks

1894 Columbus Wallis; Fanny Wallis


1888 P.J. Henry 1915 A.G. Holland
1889 A.J. Byrd 1916 H. Allen
1890 W.L. Tidwell Joe E. Johnson
1891 A.J. Byrd 1917-1918 J.H. Thurman
1892-95 J.T. Stewart 1919 J.E. Johnson
1896 I.L. French 1920 J.H. Thurman
1897 J.M. Ross 1921-1922 J.W. Nelson
1898-99 J.T. Stewart 1923 Clifton Bridges
1900-01 G.W. Bray 1924 J.H. Thurman
1902 J.W. Pruitt; J.E. Johnson; John T. Stewart 1925 W.O. Hargrove
1903 A.J. Byrd 1926-1927 J.E. Johnson
1904 J.M. Ross; W.O. Hargrove 1928-1932 Fleetwood B. Rogers
1905 J.T. Stewart 1933-1935 J.W. Nelson
1906 J.L. Shelton 1937-1940 John W. Outland
1907-08 J.T. Stewart 1941-1943 J.W. Nelson
1909 J.W. Pruitt 1944 T.W. Carl
1910 J.T. Stewart 1945-1946 J.W. Nelson
1912-13 J.E. Jackson 1947 J.H. Thurman
1914 J.W. Pruitt 1948-1949 A.B. Pierce Grady Watson
  1950-1955 J.W. Nelson Henry Crutcher
  1965-1966 T.W. Carl Charlie M. Crutcher


R.L. Wallace; Rupert Hicks; R.P. Hicks; E.H. Spiceland; J.T. Wiggins; J.W. Nelson; A.J. Scott; Maynard Cathey; R.F. Hicks F.B. Rodgers; Nathan Hicks; O.C. Crutcher; C.D. Anderson; J. Conley Crutcher; Sam J. Spiceland; Riley Bailey; T.W. Herndon; Manor Cathey; C.W. Wallace; Mrs. Dorothy Watson; W.H. Wiggins; J.T. Bailey; B.F. Stamps; Boyd Allen; J.A. Houston; Walker E. Cathey; D.C. Hicks; Riley Sills; B.F. Cathey; Robert Cathey; R.H. Allen; Edward Allen; W.P. Byrd; Mrs. Nancey Watson; W.H. Shaw; Mrs. Jean Lyons; G.C. Crutcher; Mrs. Jannita Nelson; L.E. Sills; Mrs. Zanie Hicks; R.F. Crutcher; Mrs. Sylvester Jackson; W.E. Hicks; Mrs. Vera Johns; W.E. Crutcher; Mrs. W.C. Crutcher; Sam S. Bailey; Henry Crutcher; Henry C. Crutcher; T.C. Crutcher; J.S. Ahart; Boie Spiceland; Neal Allen; Ilene Lyons; E.H. Spiceland; Robbie Jackson; Noel Spiceland; Dorris Spiceland; Loman Bailey; Mrs. Clara B. Carl; C.M. Crutcher; Mrs. Blanch Spiceland.


1902 - Nellie Steinson(Sept. 7), J.D. Paschal (Oct. 24)
1905 - Allis Acree (May 3)
1909 - Harley Carney
1910 - Mrs. Nettie Carney (Jan. 19), C.L. Anderson (Dec. 3), Sally Par-(Jan. 26)
1911 - Mrs. Murtie Counsel, Mrs. Forest Hasten, Miss E.F. Morgan (Feb. 12)
1915 - Sarah Hicks (Jan. 6)
1918 - Mattie Cathey (Mar. 30)
1919 - Effie Chadwick (Mar.)
1925 - D.C. Hicks, James Morgan (Dec.)
1926 - S.J. Spiceland (Jun 15)
1928 - H.J. Crutcher, Smith Crutcher
1929 - Mrs. Lizzie Page (Jan. 17)
1930 - Mrs. Amanda Miles
1931 - Homer Bailey, Mrs. Mary Watson (Jan. 18)
1932 - R.(Bob) T. Hicks (Mar. 19), Mrs. Lizzie Miller, Mrs. Edna Pettit (Jun 8)
1935 - William J. Spiceland
1936 - Florence Burgess (Jan), Mrs. Laura Spiceland
1939 - J.L. Sills (Nov)
1940 - Mrs. Catherine Bailey, Wayne McDougal, Gus Vinson
1941 - W.J. Crutcher
1942 - Mrs. S.J. Spiceland (Apr.), E.H. Spiceland (Mar)
1944 - Mrs. Laura Wiggins (Jan. 14), Mrs. Mary Hicks (Dec. 25)
1948 - Willis Spiceland, Mrs. Minnie Bailey
1949 - Estell Hicks
1950 - Mrs. Bessie Crutcher
1951 - J.M. Jackson, Alpha Crutcher (Apr)
1954 - Michael Spiceland (Nov.), Eva Cathey (Mar.)
1958 - Cpl. Max Ronal Sills
1962 - G.C. Crutcher(july), Mrs. Vada Outland (Jul. 4)
1963 - Neal Allen (May), Mrs. Virgie Sills (Jul)
1965 - Mr. Wes Wiggins

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