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c1966 Stewart County Baptist Association


The following historical outline has been the tireless result of many historians of the past, Church Clerks, Associational Clerks. Teachers and writers of history, even those who collect libraries or old writings and historical events. Many important events will be left out of this account, because complete information can not be obtained. As you read, please feel free to correct any misspelled names, or add to this effort additional information, if you have it. May I be allowed to add a word of apprection for the courtesy or Crockett's Creek, Nevilles Creek and Model Baptist Church Memberships for having this history printed.

Rev. A.R. Nelson, Jr. Stewart County Baptist Associational Missionary

The Stewart Co. TN Genealogy site is indebted to Chuck Allen, his father Charles L. Allen, and Brother William Gray of the Stewart County Baptist Association for making this material available to researchers of our site. Full copyright belongs to the Stewart County TN Baptist Association and this material may not be reproduced or used at any other site or reprinted in any other format without the express written permission of that entity.


Whereas, because of the formation of a Between the Lakes Park, it was necessary for the members of Tip Top Baptist Church, located in the Between the Lakes Park, Stewart County, Tennessee, to sell the church property and vote to disband said church; and Whereas, said church, by official action recorded on its minutes, has also instructed the Trustees of said church to transfer and deliver the proceeds from the sale of the church property to Tennessee Baptist Foundation, Nashville, Tennessee, in trust, for the purposes hereinafter set out; Now therefore pursuant to official action of the church, this Trust Agreement is made and entered into by and between L.A. Fitzhugh, Dan Hester, and Leroy Rowlette, Trustees of Tip Top Baptist Church, Stewart County, Tennessee, hereinafter called the "Church" and the Tennessee Baptist Foundation a corporation Nashville, Tennessee, hereinafter called the "Trustee." Witnesseth: That The Church has transferred and delivered to the Trustee the purchase price of $1,997.80 cash, to be held in trust and handled as follows: 1. One half of above amount to be held in trust with the income added to the principal each year and to be delivered to the trustees of Corinth Baptist Church in Stewart County at such time as the Corinth Church does not enter a building program within five years from the date of this Trust Agreement. The date of this Trust Agreement, The Trustee will pay the income annually to the Tennessee Baptist Children's Homes as a Memorial to Tip Top Baptist Church. 2. The remaining one half received for Tip Top Baptist Church is to be held in trust by the Trustee and be known as the Tip Top Baptist Church Memorial Trust. The income from said Trust to be paid to the Stewart County Baptist Association each year for the promotion of mission work in Stewart County. a. The Trustee is authorized, empowered, and directed to manage and control said trust fund, and any additions thereto, and to invest,re-invest, and keep invested, said funds in good and safe investments so that the fund may bring the best possible income with full power and authority in said Trustee to do any, all and everything requisite, necessary or advisable for the efficient discharge of its duties hereunder.

In making investments from time to time, The Trustee is given as full and unlimited power and discretion as if said trust fund were its own absolute estate, not limiting the Trustee to such investments as Trustees are by law authorized or required to make, by giving it full power and authority to make and to retain any investments it may deem desirable. The Trustee shall make an annual report to the Stewart County Baptist Association of the existance of said Trust and income paid for the above mentioned causes.

Signed and witnessed by the parties this 18th Febuary, 1966. Tip Top Baptist Church, Stewart County, Tennessee. L.A. Fitzhugh; Dan Hester; Leroy Rowlette; Trustees. Tennessee Baptist Foundation By: Dr. Henry Huey.Witnesses: T.W. Carl. Witness: T.W. Carl


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