Greene County Tennessee, 1783

When independence was declared on 4 Jul 1776, only East Tennessee was settled, most of it within what was then the Washington District of North Carolina. The following year, on 18 Dec 1777, the assembly of North Carolina created Washington County, which remained the only county in east Tennessee throughout most of the Revolutionary War. Estimated thousands of men (and boys) from Washington County fought in the Revolutionary War, the "Overmountain Boys" who, in fact, changed the course of the Revolutionary War when they fought at the Battle of King Mountain in the fall of 1781. Most of their names may never be known, there being very few extant records of the militia companies of East Tennessee. It is nevertheless probably fair to assume that a large number of those who were residing in that part of Washington County that became Greene less than two years after King's Mountain, participated in one or more military action during the War, and we are fortunate in that there are several extant early Greene County tax lists, including for the year 1783.

These extant lists include (1) the Assessors Return Third District 1783, by Henry Conway, Gidon Richey and James Dillard; (2) the Assessors Return Fourth District 1783 (by whom is not stated); (3) A list of poll taxables; (4) a List of Delinquents; (5) an unidentified Assessors Return; and (6) a compiled list, possibly including all districts. Only the first five lists are originals, part of the Calvin Morgan McClung Historical Collection of Lawson McGhee Library. These were published in the East Tennessee Historical Society's Publications as part of a tax list series that began in Issue No. 23 in 1951, and continued through Issue No. 38, the transcriptions and articles by Pollyanna Creekmore, a long-time and highly respected East Tennessee historian and archivist.

The sixth list was published by Mrs. Louise Wilson Reynolds in the April 1919 issue of D.A.R. Magazine, its origins not given, and her original source still unknown(?). It is this sixth list that has been published below, although publication of the later lists will hopefully follow.

Additional information and links have been added in [brackets] below where known (incomplete - a work in progress). See also Greene County, Tennesseans of the Revolutionary War

Carole Hammett, Coordinator
Tennesseans in the Revolutionary War

1783 Greene County Tax List
Extracted by C. Hammett from "1783 Greene County, TN Tax List" by Mrs. Louise Wilson Reynolds, published April 1919, D.A.R. Magazine, reprinted in The Overmountain Men by Pat Alderman, Overmountain Press, Johnson City, Tennessee, 1970, pp. 239 and 242. All [bracketed] words are additions by C. Hammett.
Allison, Robert

Allison, David

Alexander, James

Alexander, Joseph

Alexander, Ebinezer

Anderson, Daniel

Anderson, Barnibas

Armstrong, John

Armstrong, Langsnell

Atherton, Charles

Balch, Hezekiah

Ball, John

Ball, William

Ballard, Isac

Ballard, Thomas

Barham, William

Barnett, Robert

Barnett, Thomas

Barton, Isac

Barton, Robert

Basher, John

Beard, Hugh

Beard, John

Bearchett, John

Bennett, Thomas

Bennett, William

Biggs, John

Bigham, William

Billings, William

Bird, Amos

Bird, John

Bird, Joseph

Bishop, John

Bishop, Mathew

Blackwell, David

Blake, Hezekiah

Borden, Michael

Blackwell, John

Boy, Elizabeth

Box, Henry

Box, Isac

Box, Israel

Box, Joseph

Box, Robert

Boy, Ezekial

Boyd, James

Boyd, Joseph

Boyd, William

Boyd, John

Boydston, William

Brabson, Andrew

Brabson, Susan

Brandon, Barnett

Brandon, Garrett

Brandon, Thomas

Breed, Avery

Brock, George

Brown, George

Brown, James

Brown, Thomas

Brumley, Augustine

Brumley, Barnabas

Brumley, Joseph

Brumley, Thomas

Bryant, Bryan

Bryant, John

Bryant, Thomas

Bryson, Hugh

Buckingham, Thomas

Bull, John

Bullard, Isac

Bullard, Joseph

Burk, James

Burney, William

Buskin, Jonathan

Byram, Benjamin

Byram, Ebenezer

Byram, William

Cameron, James

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, David

Campbell, James

Campbell, John

Campbell, Robert

Campbell, William

Cannon, John

Carlyle, John

Carson, John

Carson, Robert [born "Greenbriar River near Englishes Ferry," resided in Greene, 
then Jefferson, then Warren Co, TN]

Carter, Abraham

Carter, John

Carter, Michael

Casteel, William

Casteel, John

Casteel, John, Jr

Chamberlin, Jane

Chamberlin, Stout

Chambers, John

Christian, Isham

Cisco, John

Claggs, William

Clowers, Jacob

Colly, James

Colton, John

Condry, Henry

Conway, Henry

Conway, Philip

Corbitt, John

Cooper, Jacob

Cooper, John

Copeland, David

Cotter, John

Cotton, Young

Cowan, Philip

Cox, Benjamin

Cox, Ephraim

Cox, Mathew

Cox, Thomas

Crabtree, James

Craddick, David

Craig, David

Craig, James

Craig, James Jr

Craig, John

Cravan, Robert

Crawford, John

Creamer, Daniel [Rev. War pensioner on 1835 Greene Rolls]

Crockett, John

Crockett, Robert

Cross, Henry

Crow, James

Crow, John

Crow, Joseph

Crowson, William

Crump, Edmund

Cunningham, John

Curtis, Nathaniel

Curtis, Robert

Davis, Alexander

Davis, Nathan

Davis, James

Davis, John

Davis, Joseph

Davis, Nicholas Day

Davis, Philip

Davis, Robert

Davis, Samuel

Davis, Thomas

Dawson, William

Delaney, Francis

Delaney, James

Delaney, John

Dillard, James

Dillon, Peter

Dixon, Samuel

Dotson, Charles

Dotson, John

Doty, Azariah [1835 Greene County Rolls]

Doherty, George [King's Mountain]

Doherty, Joseph

Doherty, James

Dudley, Abraham

Duncan, Cravan

Dunham, Henry

Dunham, Joseph

Dunham, Robert

Dunn, William

Dunwoody, Samuel

Dunwoody, Adam

Dunwoody, James

Duval, Thomas

Eagleton, David

Eakin, Joseph

Edmunds, John

Eldridge, Thomas

English, Andrew

English, James [1787 State of Franklin Petitioner]

English, Daniel

English, John

English, Joseph

English, William

Epperson, David

Epperson, Joseph

Ernest, Henry [1787 State of Franklin Petitioner]

Evans, Evan

Evans, Jonathan

Eaton, James

Falls, Thomas

Fant, John

Fant, Philip

Farnsworth, Henry

Fincher, Robert

Fine, Peter

Fine, John

Fine, Phillip

Forby, Henry

Frame, David

Francis, William

Furman, James

Fuston, Robert

Galbrath, Alexander

Galbrath, James

Galbrath, John

Galbrath, Joseph

Galbrath, William

Gass, John [1835 Greene County Rolls]

Gass, Thomas

Gibson, Samuel

Gilbert, John

Gilbert, Richard

Gillespie, James

Gillespie, Thomas

Gilliam, Robert

Gilliland, John

Gillis, John

Gist, Thomas

Gist, Avery

Gist, Benjamin

Gist, John

Glass, Jacob

Glass, Joseph

Glaze, Lawrence

Goforth, William

Godden, Benjamin

Gooden, James

Gooden, Thomas

Gorrell, David

Greene, Jacob

Griswell, Daniel

Gross, Thomas

Guthrie, James

Guthrie, William

Garrett, David


Hardin, Joseph

Hardin, John

Hamilton, Francis

Hadden, Elisha

Hale, Alexander

Hale, Shadrack

Hale, William

Hall, Alexander

Hall, Gailor

Hamilton, Isiah

Hammond, John

Hardin, William

Hawkins, Joseph

Haynie, Charles

Haynie, James

Hays, Charles

Hays, James

Hays, John

Hays, Joseph

Hays, Nathaniel

Hays, Naoma

Hayworth, Abraham

Hayworth, George

Hayworth, James

Hemile, Joseph

Henderson, Daniel

Henderson, John

Henderson, Joseph

Henderson, Thomas

Henderson, William

Henkle, Thomas

Henry, James

Herman, Robert

Hicks, Jonathan

Hightower, Richard

Hill, James

Hodges, Drury

Hodges, William

Holly, Elizabeth

Holly, Johnathan

Hood, Robert

Hopton, John

Hornback, John

Hough, John

Houston, James [King's Mountain]

Houston, Samuel

Howard, Abraham

Howard, Richard

Hubbard, Samuel

Hubbard, James

Hubbard, William

Hubbs, Caleb

Huffman, Michael

Hughes, Andrew

Hughes, Edward

Hughes, John

Hughes, Francis [1835 Greene County Rolls]

Hunt, Abraham

Hunt, Thomas

Hutchins, Smith

Inman, Shadrack

Jamison, Andrew

Jamison, Benjamin

Jamison, George

Jarvis, James

Johnson, James

Johnson, John

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, William

Jones, Evan

Jones, Henry

Jones, William

Keel, James

Keel, Robert

Kelly, John

Kelly, Johnathan

Kenedy, Daniel

Kenedy, Francis

Kenedy, Moses

Kenedy, William

Kerr, Robert Sr

Kerr, Robert

Kerr, William

Kesterson, John [See John KESLERSON [sic] on 1835 Greene County Roll

Keykendall, James

Keykendall, John

Keykendall, Joseph

Keykendall, Mathew

Kilgore, Charles [1835 Greene County Rolls]

King, German

King, James

King, Joseph

King, Robert

Kirkland, Daniel

Kirkwood, David

Kyler, Joseph

Lane, Dutton

Lane, Isac [King's Mountain]

Lawson, Anthony

Lee, Abner

Lee, George

Lee, Thomas

Leeper, Andrew

Leeper, Mathew

Leggett, John

Leming, David

Lovitt, Elisha

Lewis, Uriah

Lincoln, Mary

Lindsey, David

Lintz, Alexander

Livingston, Robert

Lonas, James

Lonas, Joseph

Long, Zopher

Loony, Richard

Lovelady, James

Lovelady, John

Lovelady, Marshall

Lusk, Joseph

Lyle, James

McAdoo, John

McAdoo, John, Jr

McAlpin, Alexander

McBroom, William

McCall, Robert

McCartney, Charles

McCartney, John

McCartney, James

McCartney, James

McCartney, William

McClung, Hugh

McClung, John

McClung, James

McClure, Nathan

McConnell, Jacob

McCool, Gabrael

McCouglan, Alexander

McCrosky, John

McCurdy, John

McCurdy, Andrew

McCurdy, Archibald

McDowell, Ephraem

McFarland, Alexander

McFerrin, Andrew

McFerrin, James

McGaughey, William

McGhee, Terrell

McGill, James

McGill, Robert

McGill, Robert

McGuire, Cornelius

McGuire, Francis

McGuire, Francis  Jr.

McKeehan, Samuel

McMeans, Samuel

McMurry, William

McMurray, Samuel

McNew, Shadrack

McPherron, James

McPheters, Joseph

McPike, William

McWilliams, David

Martin, Andrew

Martin, George

Martin, Richard

Mathew, Phillip

Mathews, Joel

Mathews, Obediah

Mathews, Peter

Mathews, William

Mays, Samuel

Mays, Thomas

Meek, Israel

Meek, Adam

Middleton, John

Milburn, Joseph

Miller, Andrew

Millican, Alexander

Millican, James

Mitchell, Andrew

Mitchell, David

Montgomery, Alexander

Montgomery, James

Montgomery, Thomas

Mooney, George

Moore, Anthony

Moore, Hugh

Moore, James

Moore, John

Moore, Moses

Moore, Mary

Moore, Robert

Moore, Samuel

Moore, William

Morgan, Adonijah

Morgan, Levi

Morgan, Thomas  [enlisted in Botetourt, moved to Washington (the part that became
Greene) in 1779, served with Henry Reynolds  (see below) under Capts. Dougherty 
and Jacob Brown]

Morris, Gideon

Morris, John

Morris, Shadrack

Morrison, Patrick [Rowan Co, NC to TN. See also 1788 Sullivan County, TN Militia Co.
of Capt. Thomas VINCENT and 1787 State of Franklin Petition]

Morrow, William

Mulholland, William

Murphy, John

Murphy, William

Neas, Peter

Neil, Mathew

Neil, Nicholas

Neil, Walter

Nelson, James

Nelson, Joseph

Nelson, William

Nelson, William

Newby, James

Newby, Joseph

Newman, John

Oliphant, John

O'Neal, Bartholomew

O'Neal, Cornelius

O'Neal, Robert

O'Neal, William

Oren, David

Oren, Thomas

Orphan, Thomas

Owens, John

Owens, William

Painter, Adam

Parker, William

Parks, James

Parker, William

Paris, Robert

Parton, Samuel

Pate, Mathew

Patterson, James

Patterson, John

Pennington, Absalom

Perciful, Thomas

Perkins, James

Perkins, Joseph

Phillips, Thomas

Posey, Abraham

Pickens, James

Pierce, James [King's Mountain Capt.]

Piper, Martha

Poor, Moses

Posey, Abraham

Prather, Alexander

Prather, Thomas

Prewitt, David

Prewitt, Martin

Prewitt, William

Price, John

Pryor, John

Pryor, Richard

Perciful, Thomas

Rankin, David

Rankin, Thomas

Rankin, William [1835 Greene County Rolls]

Rawlings, Ashahel [1787 State of Franklin Petitioner]

Ray, Benjamin

Ray, William

Reece, John

Reece, Abraham

Reece, John

Reed, David

Reed, George

Reed, John

Ray, Thomas

Reed, Michael

Renfro, Samuel

Reynolds, David

Reynolds, Henry [Rev War pensioner, b Sussex PA, removed to Washington Co in 1779]

Reynolds, Job

Reynolds, William

Richison, Abel

Richison, James

Richison, John

Richison, William

Richey, Gideon

Richey, Thomas

Ricker, John

Riggs, Edward

Riggs, Jenny

Riggs, Reuben [Morris Co, NJ, Surry Co, NC, Washington Co, TN, Jefferson Co, TN, 
                         Giles Co, TN, fought in the Battle of Boyd Creek]

Right, James (Wright)

Rightsell, George

Ringo, Cornelius

Ripper, Hardy

Roberts, Barnard

Roberts, Edward

Roberts, John

Roberts, Johnathan

Rodgers, James

Roberts, Samuel

Robertson, Charles

Robertson, Francis

Robertson, James

Ross, John

Rowan, Charles

Rowan, Francis

Rudder, James

Running, Isac

Russell, David

Russell, Thomas

Rutherford, Thomas

Ryan, William

Samples, Samuel

Sampson, Anthony

Serratt, Joseph [Perhaps the Joseph Screat [sic] who was one of the signers of the 
1787 Petition to Form a New State]

Serratt, Elisha

Scott, Adam

Seaton, Isiah

Seaton, Jacob

Sellers, Sebert

Sheffy, John

Shelly, Luke

Sherrell, Adam [1776 Watauga Petitioner]

Sherrell, John

Sherrell, Phillip

Sherrell, Samuel

Sherrell, Samuel Jr

Shores, Alexander

Simpson, Andrew

Simpson, James

Simpson, Mary

Simpson, Reuben

Sloan, John

Smiley, Jacob

Smith, Alexander

Smith, Francis

Smith, John

Smith, Thomas

Smith, Turner

Stanfield, Thomas

Starnes, Adam

Starnes, James

Steel, James

Steel, Richard

Steel, Robert

Stephenson, John

Stewart, Benjamin

Stewart, Robert

Stockton, William

Stone, John

Stone, William

Stuart, Benjamin

Stuart, James

Stewart, Joseph

Swaggerty, Abraham

Swaggerty, Frederick

Tadlock, Jeremiah [Jeremiah, John, Josiah and Thomas TADLOCK were all 
1787 State of Franklin Petitioner]

Tadlock, John 

Tadlock, Josiah

Tadlock, Mathias

Tadlock, Thomas 

Tate, Thomas

Taylor, Isac [1787 State of Franklin Petitioner]

Temple, James

Temple, Major

Temple, John

Temple, William

Thomas, Andrew

Thompson, William

Tidence, Emanuel

Toby, Henry

Tony, Zopher

Tool, John

Totten, John

Trimble, John

Trimble, Moses Tye John

Vance, Samuel [1787 State of Franklin Petitioner]

Vance, John

Vanhooster[?], John

Veatch, Amos

Veatch, Elijah

Veatch, Josiah

Veatch, Jeremiah

Veatch, Nathan

Walker, Joseph

Wallace, Samuel

Ward, James

Wear, Samuel

Wear, John

Wear, Hugh

Webb, George

Webb, Richard

Wells, Henry

Wells, Thomas

Welty, John

West, Thomas

Whittenburg, Frederick

Whittenburg, Henry

Whittenburg, James

Whitson, Henry

Wilhoit, Adam

Williams, James

Williams, John

Williams, Joseph

Williams, Thomas

Williamson, William

Willis, Joseph

Wilson, Alexander

Wilson, Ephraem

Wilson, James

Wilson, John

Wilson, Joseph

Wilson, Robert

Wilson, William

Winningham, John

Wood, John

Woodward, John

Woods, Richard

Woolsey, John

Wright, James

Wyatt, Samuel

Wyatt, William

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