Revolutionary War
James Houston
of Early Tennessee
Compiled by C. Hammett, 2001
for TNGenWeb (TNGenNet) and the Combs &c. Research Group

ENSIGN JAMES HOUSTON, born 12 Nov 12 1757, Augusta County, Virginia, applied for his revolutionary pension on 10 Aug 1832, a resident of Blount County, Tennessee. He was born 12 Nov. 12, 1757, in Augusta County, Virginia. He enlisted in the spring of 1776 under Capt. William Buchanan and then resided in Augusta County. He served in the battle of Long Island and in the Chickamauga Expedition under Col. Shelby. He volunteered again under Capt. Nathaniel Henderson and was in the battle of King's Mountain. He moved in 1782 from Washington County, Va., to Greene County, North Carolina, now Tennessee, and is on the 1783 Greene County Tax List. He again moved about 1792 to what is now Blount County, Tennessee. He was a member of the Convention of 1796 from Blount County, and was also a member of the First General Assembly of Tennessee. He was an Ensign in the battle of King's Mountain as he was promoted to that office at the death of Lieut. Edmundson. (Rev War Pension File) Ensign James Blount, Virginia Militia, $102.66 Annual Allowance $307.98 Amount Received January 14 1833 Pension Started Age 77 (1835 TN Pension Roll, Blount County)


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