The 1788 Sullivan County, Tennessee
Militia List of Capt. Thomas Vincent

The following militia payroll is for Sullivan Co NC (TN) men serving under Capt. Thomas VINCENT in the Chicamauga Campaign of 1788 who were "entitled to compensation for equipping themselves with horses and provisions."

N.B. This list was in poor condition, and as a result it was very difficult, impossible in some instances, for the transcriber to decipher the script. Notations within brackets [ ] are those of the transcriber, and indicate probabilities as versus certainties.

Note: Some of the men listed below, including Capt. Thomas VINCENT, were residents of Washington County, not Sullivan.


Returnd for pay for Capt. Thomas Vincent, Chukamagy Expedition in the Year 1788 for 29 days also finding the [muels?] horses and ten days ration

Draw backs Officer Rations
Thomas Vincent Captain
Samuel Breshears Lieutenant
Nicholas [M-r--r/s?] Ensign
John Chrater [Chester?] Sergeants
James Waldrope ["]
Thomas White ["]

Thomas Jackson

Private men

????? Gilling---
Richd. Calvall
William Jackson
??m Muarty [aka Moriarty?]
[Jhnaham? Jonathan?] Titsworth 5
Patrack Morrowson
David Morrowson
John Combs
Presley Buckner
James Cooper 10
John [?] Light
Vashal Light
----- Fa[?]sure
Charles Prewett [Previtt?]
Jeremiah Cloud 15
Moses Hunt
William Simpson
Michal Simpson
William Shoemaker
Thomas Bledsoe 20
Martin Roler
Adam Stoke
Benjamin Hambleton
John Fis [her?]
Samuel Coharn 25
John Clendinen
Stofle Wilfley
John Boman
John Pogue
Doneal Derossett
John Dogan
Hugh Ellitt
Thomas Ellitt
John Hawk
George Christian
Jacob Irland
R [- ng?ead?] Ad [k?] ison
William Gifford
Jacob Rhodes
James Hankins 40
James Carran
Robert Pogue

(Draper Collection, Tennessee and Kings Mountain Papers, Calendar Series, Vol. III, 2XX33-34, Transcribed by C. H ammett, Jun 1996, revised 1998, 1999).

See also Combs & Families' Annotated 1788 Militia List of Capt. Thomas Vincent

See Also: RW Pension File of John FIELDS, who, although not on the above militia list, adds significantly to the knowledge about the activities of this time and place and also includes additional COMBS and BRASHEAR material.

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