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Watson Cemetery

  Submitted by Georgia Bristol



This Cemetery is also 5 miles from Loudon on the same road as Mt. Zion
Cemetery.  At the Davis School House you turn to right, up the Burton Hill
Ridge Rd. about 1 mile.  The Watts Cemetery is on the farm of B.L. Watts.

It is a very nice cemetery, kept up well.  There are also a few others
buried there besides the family.

There are 65 unmarked graves, 36 records.  Copied by Richard Flohr, Lenoir
City, Tenn. Feb. 5, 1938

Pearl Ann Watts
Did Nov. 10, 1936
Age 46 yrs. 1 mo. 12 days.

James Watts
Born -1852
Date obliterated
May he rest in peace.

Mary Ann Watts
Wife of James Watts
apr. 26, 1853
Jan. 10, 1919
T'was hard to give thee up,
but Thy wil, O God Be Done

Lillie J., Dau. of
Oscar & Minnie Watts
July 15, 1918
July 16, 1920
Our Darling

Tommy Lee, Son of
d.O. & Fannie McNabb
Sept. 16, 1917
Nov. 4, 1918

Jacob Lee Evans
Aug. 17, 1874
Jan. 24, 1919
Gone but not forgotten.

J.W. Burton
Sept. 1, 1925
June 18, 1926
Asleep in Jesus

Infant Watts
Died Apr. 17, 1933
Age 1 day

Caroline Dau. of
Rachel Skidmore
Oct. 9, 1899
June 1, 1925
The grave itself is but a covered
bridge leading from light to light
through a brief darkness

Rachel Skidmore
Died Jan. 6, 1933
Age 60 yrs. 11 mos. 11 days

Thomas F. Skidmore
Jan. 20, 1910
June 20, 1913
>From earth to Heaven.

Mrs. Rachel Robinson
Died Nov. 29, 1937
Dates obliterated

Mary M. Watts
Jan. 30, 1853
May 28, 1921

Harse L., Son of
S.L. & Sallie Watts
June 16, 1897
Jan. 26, 1905
A little bud of love
to bloom with God above.

William H., Son of
Tom & Nancy Watts
Born July 6, 1837
Died Sept. 18, 1887

T.J. Watts
1867 - 1925

Oley Costner
Jan. 13, 1897
Jan. 4, 1956
Hero of the World's War

May Costner
Mar. 24, 1897
Jan. 4, 1926

Whitlow Costner
Feb. 24, 1920
Jan. 4, 1936

Johnie Shubert
Son of Mr. & Mrs.
Dock Shubert
Mar. 14, 1911
Jan. 15, 1932
Budded on earth to
bloom in Heaven.

L.D. Nicholson
Died July 4, 1883
Age 25 years 4 mos. 22 days

Laurie M. Sims
Died July 18, 1883
Age 1 yr. 5 mos. 29 days

Eliza, Wife of
James Simes
Born Jan. 9, 1862
Died June 19, 1905

James Wilson Simes
Died Nov. 7, 1933
Age 72 years

Sadie McCarrol
Died Dec. 5, 1930
Age 48 years

B. Charls Wilkerson
Died Nov. 29, 1932
Age 1 month 18 days

William A. Presley
Jan. 24, 1900
June 26, 1924

J.C. Presley
Oct. 21, 1853
May 24, 1922

Miner Watts
Oct. 7, 1905
Mar. 18, 1910
Our loved one.

Bessie Mae Harvey
Oct. 10, 1914
July 31, 1916
Gone to be an angel.

James Hugh, Son of
John & Martha langley
Feb. 2, 1916
Aug. 1, 1925
Christ loved him and took him Home

J.W. Watts
Feb. 24, 1920
Feb. 24, 1920

Sarah E. Watts
Mar. 29, 1865
Date obliterated

J.W. Watts
June 5, 1925
Age 71 years

Stella Maree Watts
Mar. 11, 1912
June 22, 1922
Darling, we miss thee.

Clara Skidmore
Date obliterated
Asleep in Jesus



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