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Beasley, Thomas & Maiden, W.H.
Beasley, Thomas & McKelvy, John C.
Beasley, Thomas & Wife and Hall, J. S.
Caplinger, K H
Caplinger, J. J. and wife - to R. Evans
George, Matthew - To G. W. Birdwell
Harmons Creek Methodist Church
Holowell, Reddin Sr. - Transfer to Holowell, Reddin Jr.
Hollowell, Stephen - Transfer to George Hollowell
Melton, Cooper - for Beaverdam Church
Presson, Allen C. - Transfer to Stephen Holowell
Totty, J E & Wife - To Elizabeth Capligner
Willson, Archelous

Archelous Willson


Know all men by this I ARCHIBALD WILLSON of the state and county aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that I A. WILLSON have this day bargained sold unto JAMES D. WILLSON a certain tract of land in the county of BE and State of Tennessee in Range 9 and Section 6 and in Civil District containing by estimating eighty one acres be the same more or less and bounded as follows to wit beginning at a stake with post and red oak pointers the northwest corner of our entry of two hundred acres in the of W.D. Nyes and runs east 101-1/2 poles to a post oak then south 45 ~ to a stake in Point Mason Road then east 2 poles to a stake in said road then south 61 poles to a stake in the south boundary of said Entry wit post and white oak pointers then west 102-1/2 poles to the tract to we corner of said Entry and then north 126 poles to the beginning. I ARCHIBALD WILLSON do bind myself my heirs administrators or executors defend of property forever this December 2nd, 1857.


Witnesses   F.M Stroud
       N. Rushing


Personally appeared before me N. Rushing and
made oath in due form of law that he saw
ARCHELOUS WILLSON sign and acknowledge the with-
In deed for the purposes therein contained and
also personally appeared ? Childress and
made oath that this signature purporting to be
(further sentence/s were deleted on handwritten
copy of original deed)

Submitted by Norma Watson

Cooper Melton

This indenture made on the 19th day in May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine between Cooper Melton of the State of Tennessee and county of Benton of the one part and of the Deacon of Beaverdam Churh of the State of Tennessee and county of Benton of the other part witnesseth for and in consideration of the Love that being desirous for the permanent continuance of the Church House of the above named Church hath given and conveyed and by these present doth give and convey unto the said Deacons a certain tract as parcel of land situated and being in the state of Tennessee and county of Benton in the the 12th surveyors' district in the 41st section 8th range, being part of a tract of 170 5/8 acres granted to Cooper Melton by the State of Tennessee by grant No. 6165 and hearing date on the 22nd day of February 1848. Beginning 10 poles north of the creek running by said Beaverdam meeting House on the west boundary line of Cooper Melton's 170 5/8 Occupant Entry at a stake with Hickory and Black gum pn (pointer), and runs east 20 poles to a stake. Thence south __ poles to a stake with black oak pointer, thence north 32 poles to the beginning containing four acres. To have and to hold the above described land and given premises with all the appertenances thereunto belonging, to the said Beacons to the only proper use of the worship of Almighty God, to them, the said Deacons and their Successors in office, forever, and the said Cooper Melton doth hereby promise covenant and agree to and with the said Deacons and their successors in office that we the said Cooper's heirs, Executors, and Administrators shall and will at all times warrant and forever defend the above described land and promises to the said deasons and their successors forever against the claim as claims of all and every person or persons whatever whereby the same may be effected or encumbered to the true intent and meaning of these present. In witness whereof I, the said Cooper Melton, hath hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and date above written. Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of Attes. David Morris, James F. Ross, B.S. Browning, J.P. Arnold. Cooper Melton.
Clerk, William P. Morris (Feb. 19, 1850) Book C pp. 133-134.

Submitted by JPieke

Harmons Creek Methodist Church

Typ deed
Ref H742-43
Dat 13 Dec 1869
Rec 19 Feb 1870
Frm Etheldred Melton
To Age Hall, Henry Pafford, William Cole, Ichabod Farmer, and William H. Melton Con in trust for use of church
Re 1 & 3/4a on Harmon's Creek, Benton Co., TN
Adj Methodist Meeting House now standing
Wit Wayne Rye, registrar, and John Rushing, county clerk
Pt two oak pointers
Ln n; 16p;
Pt rock and two sycamores
Ln e; 19p;
Pt white oak
Ln s; 16p;
Pt boundary of Etheldred Melton
Ln w; 19p;

Submitted by JPieke

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