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J. J. Caplinger and wife to R. Evans

"J. J. Caplinger and wife to R. Evans 62 1/2 acres: We J. J. Caplinger and Susan F. Caplinger have this day bargained and sold & by these present do grant bargain sell and forever convey unto Richard Evans His heirs and assigns forever for the consideration of Two Hundred and Seventy Five dollars for which he has paid one hundred fifty dollars bearing even date with this deed due January 1st 1874 a certain tract of land containing sixty two and half acres more or less lying in the state of Tenn and county of Benton Civil District no 9 Range 8 & section --- Bounded as follows begining at the NE corner of an entry in the name of Daniel Lightner for three hundred acres on a white oak, chestnut & poplar pts and next west 88 poles to a white oak thence So 80 poles to a stake 2 red oak ----then east 18 poles to a stake at the edge of the field then S 28 poles to a stake then east 70 poles to a chestnut, oak (white) and 2 rd oak pts then N one hundred and eight (108) poles to the beginning to have and to hold the same to the said Richard Evans his heirs and assigns We covenant with said Evans that we are lawfully seized of said land and have a good right to convey the same and the same is unencumbered we bind ourselves our heirs and representatives to warrent and forever defend the title of said land to the said Evans against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever. Given under our hands and seal this Dec 14, 1872. John Caplinger

Susan H. Caplinger

Wit: I. K. Wheatly
J. H. Huggins.
(No Book nor page # given for this doc).

Submitted by Jean Stringham

Matthew George Deed to G. W. Birdwell

1859, January: "Matthew George: Deed to G. W. Birdwell 199 Acres: Whereas by the state of dower of Dower I am lawfully seized of the lifetime Estate in a tract of land in the state of Tennessee Benton County and District No 9 containing by estimation 199 acres bounded as followes: Beginning at Stake 2 whiteoak pointers the southwest corner of and Entry 177 acres in the name of Morgan McDaniel runs North 57 poles to a stake with Dogwood and white oak pointers thence west 140 poles to a whiteoak with hickory pointers thence east 87 poles to a stake white oak and Spanish oak pointers thence north 48 poles to a Spanish Oak with pointers thence east 68 poles to a stake with 2 Hickory and white oak pointers thence north 128 poles to a stake with white oak pointers thence west 15 poles to the beginning.
   "Now for the consideration for the consideration of two hundred dollars to me paid I have bargained and sold and do hereby convey my said lifetime Estate in the said tract of land to one G. W. Birdwell to have and to hold to the Said G. W. Birdwell for and during the term of my natural life the to which for the said term I do warrant and agree to defend against the lawful claims of all persons whatever this day of January 1859.

Matthew X George (seal).

Test (K H Caplinger ).
(William J George).
(J R Thomas ).
"State of Tennessee ) Benton County ) Personally appeared before me W. M. McAuly Clerk of said County Court William J. George & J. R. Thomas two of the subscribing witnesses to the within deed and after being duly sworn deposed and said that they were acquainted with the bargainor Mathew George and that she acknowledged the due execution of the same in their presence for the purposes therein contained witness my hand at office the 3rd day of February 1859.

"State of Tennessee ) Benton County) Register's Office April 27 1859 at 9:00 A.M. thus was the foregoing deed and Clerk's Certificate duly Register'd Officially in Book F on pages 515 and Noted in Note Book No 1 Page 89.

B. H. Lightfoot.
Ref: Benton County Deed Book F, Page 512, 513."

Thomas Beasley & W. H. Maiden

Benton County, TN Land Record # 2
Deed Book CC; Page 452
Thomas Beasley & W. H. Maiden
April 27, 1887

Thomas Beasley    }   I Thomas Beasley have this day bargained
              } Deed of    }   Sold Conveyed and transferred to
              } Trust       } WH Maiden for and in Considerat-
W F Maiden            } ion of five dollars to me in hand
     Trustee               } paid and the other considerations
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} herein after mentioned, the following described property "To Wit" all of the remainder of a 397 acre tract of land in the 5th Civil District of Benton County Tennessee bough of I B Casnes on the 25 of December 1857 consisting of about 105 acres be the same more orless and bounded as follows, to wit, on the north by the lands of John smith and on the South by the lands of John McKelvey and J. T. Beasley on the East by the lands of John Prince and on the west by the lands of Jasper and Joseph McKelvey The same being known as my old place in the fifth civil district in said county of Benton and State of Tennessee and the only land I now own in said district to have and to hold the same to the said W.F. Maiden his heirs and assigns. I covenant with the said Maiden that I am lawfully seized and possessed of Said land and have good right to convey the same and it is unincumbered I further bind my self to warrant and defend the title to the same against the lawful claim of all persons whomsoever. I also tranfer and convey the following personal property one saw and grist mill belonging the Same being now situated on my farm in the Sixth civil district of the said county of Benton and State aforesaid all of which said property is unincumbered and I further bind my self to warrant and defend the title of said property together with the lands before described to the Said W.H. Maiden his heirs and assigns forever. But this deed is made for the following uses and Trusts and for no other purpose. That is to say I an indebted to L.L. Renfrow In the sum of $916.85/100 nine hundred and Sixteen dollars and eighty five cents which Said amount is evidenced by a promissory note of (Page 453 of Deed Book CC) this date. Signed by me and made payable to L.L. Renfrow due the 20 day of April 1888 and bearing interest at six percent from date and am desirous to secure and make certain the payment of the same. Now if I shall pay or cause to be paid the said note of $ 916.80/100 with interest thereon on or by the 20 day of April 1888 then this deed is to be void but if I shall fail to pay the same or any part thereof by Said time before mentioned, then the Said W.H. Maiden as Trustee after giving notice and Advertising acording to law made and provided in such case, Shall at the East Court House door in the town of Camden Tennessee Sell Said property to the highest bidder for cash in hand, selling first the personal property as before described in this deed and in the event the Same does not pay all of Said debt, interest and cost, then the Said Maiden as Trustee is to Sell the land as before described upon a credit of Six Months to be Sold free from all the Equity of redemption and after paying Said Debt, interest and all cost is to pay the Balance to me. This the 20th day of April 1887

Thomas X Beasley

State of Tennessee Benton County, Personally appeared before me A C McRae Clerk of the County Court of Said County, the with in named Thos Beasley, the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he executed the within Instrument for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand at the office this 20th day of Apl 1887

AC McRae Clerk State of Tennessee        } Registers office 20th day of
Benton County               } April 1887 at 3 Oclock PM
Thence was the foregoing Deed of Trust with Clerks Certificate filed for Registration and noted in note book No B on page 13 and duly Registered in book CC on page 452 & 53
A H Mitchell

( In the left hand margin of page 453 this is noted, L. M. Beasley) Rec'd this day $ 254.05 remainder in full of the note herein mentioned for the $ 916.85 assigned me by L.L. Renfrow on Thos Beasley and this trust deed is released

E B McAdoo by
Jas. E Jones atty

Transcribed from the original land records book found in the Court Clerks office in Camden, Benton County Tennessee. All spellings and phrases are as found in the original document.

Submitted by Larry M. Beasley
Great Grandson of Thomas Beasley

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