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55th TN Infantry, Company A

This company consisted of 104 men from Benton County, TN and organized at Trenton, TN on 8 October of 1861 they were under the command of Captain W.A. Jones and assigned to the 55th Tennessee Regiment at Columbus, KY. Many of them were captured at Island No. 10 in the Mississippi River on 8 April 1862. Eight of its companies surrendered and released on parole at Vicksburg, MS on 20 September 1862 and declared exchanged 10 November 1862 After which the company was reorganized.

Sol Jones Captain
H.R.W. Sharp First Lieutenant
Isaac Besson Second Lieutenant
G.W. Ballard Third Lieutenant
W.R. Herrin First Sergeant
W.G. McAuley Second Sergeant
J.M. Hargin Third Sergeant
N.M. Gillespie Fourth Sergeant
T. L. Mauley First Corporal
Green B. Greer Second Corporal
C. M. Herrin Third Corporal
W. W. Eaton Fourth Corporal

Those which served in this company were:

Arnold, John
Atcherson, George P.
Atcherson, Solomon M.
Ballard, G.W.
Bane, John T.
Bane, Robert
Barfoot, E.J.
Beasley, John
Belyew, John
Bend, Wright
Besson, Isaac
Bivans, William E., last record 1864
Blalock, Robert
Bonds, William
Brooks, Albert
Camp, J.R., died December 1861
Castile, James M.
Cole, Lewis, transferred to navy 1864
Corbitt, Empsey John
Cottingham, James, last record 1862
Cottingham, William, died 1862
Cowell, J.R., last record 1862
Crawley, Moses, last record 1862
Davis, W.H., discharged 1862
Deaton, W.W.
Douglas, Joseph
Eaton, W.W.
Elmore, John E.
Evans, Charles
Farmer, Andrew Jackson, last record 1864
Farrar, Henderson
Florence, George W.
Florence, J.W., wounded at Atlanta 1864
Frazier, A.M., last record 1863
Gaddy, G.F.
Gilbreath, G.W., last record 1862
Gillespie, Nelson M.
Gray, Alexander N.
Greer, Green B., corporal and then lieutenant
Greer, Joseph, died 1863
Greer, W.W.
Grooms, J.L.
Hale, John K.
Harqin, J.M.
Harper, James M., died 1862
Harper, John Bell
Hawley, Orrin E., captured 1864
Helams, Miles
Herrin, C.M., last record 1862
Herrin, C.M., last record 1862
Herrin, James M., died 1862
Herrin, William Riley
Herrin, William W., died 1862
Holland, D.W., died 1862
Holland, J.A.
Holland, Nicholas B., last record 1864
Holland, Priqen, transferred to navy 1864
Hubbard, Henry W.
Hudson, Felix G.
Hudson, Henry A.
Hudson, P.W.
Hudson, William R., died 1862
Jones, J.T.
Jones, (Captain) Solomon
Jordan, William W.
Kenan, John
McAuley, T.L.
McAuley, G.W.
McDaniel, G.W.
McDaniel, Milleton, died 1862
McDaniel, W.H., wounded at Atlanta, GA 1864
McRae, Alexander C.
Mathew, James
Melton, David W. deserted 1862
Miller, J.B.
Moriarity, Thomas
Moriarity, W.H.
Morris, A.J.
Murphey, John
Nance, L.R., last record 1862
Nowell, L.R.
O'Sullivan, Daniel
Pafford, Robert C.
Patrick, John M., wounded at Atlanta, GA 1864
Pearson, William B., died 1865
Presson, W.R., died 1862
Sharp, H.R.W.
Smith, Thomas
Spain, William H., died 1861
Spires, Robert
Stiqall, Henry F.
Stiqall, Hezekiah F., died 1862
Strickland, Charles
Strickland, Joseph E.
Summers, John W., died 1864
Taylor, R.C.
Taylor, W.H.
Thomas, John B.
Waters, J.B.
Webb, Benjamin
Webb, W.C,, last record 1863
Wheatley, Hosea L.
Wheatley, J.C.
Wiley, W.C.
Willaims, W.F.

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