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James T. Harper

James T. Harper died in 1864 at the battle of Atlanta. His brother Robert Harper served with the 7th Tennessee Regiment, died in a battle in Tennessee and is buried in Camden, his brother John Bell Harper was in the 55th Infantry Co. A of Tennessee.

Submitted by Toni Harper

John Bell Harper

John Bell Harper served in te 55th Infantry Co. A of Tennessee. His brother James T. Harper died in 1864 at the battle of Atlanta. His brother Robert Harper served with the 7th Tennessee Regiment, died in a battle in Tennessee and is buried in Camden.

Submitted by Toni Harper

Robert Harper

Robert Harper served with the 7th Tennessee Regiment, died in a battle in Tennessee and is buried in Camden. His brother John Bell Harper served in the 55th Infantry Co. A of Tennessee. His brother James T. Harper died in 1864 at the battle of Atlanta.

Submitted by Toni Harper

Benjamin R. Cuff

Benjamin R. Cuff, born August 28, 1829 in Rutherford Co., TN; died August 28, 1899 in Benton Co., TN. Buried at Flatwoods Cemetery. He married Harriett C. Arnold December 28, 1876 in Benton Co., TN.

Captain Pridgeon M. Melton organized Benton County men into the 55th TN Infantry, Company B of the CSA, at Trenton on October 9, 1861. This company was raised with 88 men from Benton County. They were ordered to Columbus, KY. Further, they were in most of the battles that the Army of Tennessee fought and was present at the surrender of General Johnson's Army in North Carolina. They were paroled at Greensboro, NC on May 1, 1865.

Captain Melton listed the following Cuffs in his Company: Andrew J. (died 1863), Benjamin R., David Sylvester (disabled in battle at Atlanta), Francis A. (discharged in 1863), Joseph C. (died 1862), and John M. Cuff.

More Information on Cuff Family

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Joel L. Frazier

Joel L. Frazier served during the Civil War, Company E, 5th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A. He recieved a hip wound at the Battle of Shiloh. He was a tobacco farmer by trade. Joel Frazier was born on December 9, 1835, and died on August 12, 1928. He married Margaretta (Margaret) Elizabeth Florence on December 18, 1862 in Benton County. Margaret died on March 25, 1924. They are both buried at Rushing's Creek Churchyard in Benton County.

Submitted by Dan Florence

Benjamin Franklin Akers
5th Tennessee Infantry Company E

1.1.1a Benjamin Franklin Akers

Birth Date: 20 Oct 1837
Death Date: 12 Feb 1914
Death Place: Benton Co. TN
Burial Place: Crooked Creek Cemetery

Part I. Soldier Application for Pension: B.F. Akers of Faxon, Tennessee filed and accepted: Co. E 5th, Tennessee Infantry.

Born in Henry Co., Tenn. in 1837 and reared in Benton Co., Tenn.
Enlisted in May 1861, Corbitt Co. and Buck Travis' Regiment.
Venable? later served as Colonel.
Battles of New Madrid, Corinth,Mississippi, Shiloh, and other skirmishes. Was wounded at Shiloh.
"The wound in my shoulder did not break the bone, but it has been the cause of a kind of paralysis in this shoulder and arm."
"I was not (discharged), but was left at a private house till I recovered."
"I was left near Shiloh and after a few days came home and was not able to return."
Did not recall the surgeon's name.
Never in prison, paroled, or took oath to U.S. government.
"My wife is 68 years old."
"We have had five children, three girls and two boys."
Earned a scant living as a farmer on about eighty acres of poor land and sold off 100 acres of land plus two mules, cow, calf, and some hogs.

Sworn to on August 27, 1908 by B. F. Akers with witnesses of G? Hudson, physician, F? E. Young, M.S. Parker in Benton Co. State of Tennessee

Part II. Medical Examination: "...that he was wounded in the right shoulder in the Confederate Service from which he has never recovered the use of his arm. It is partially paralyzed, and he is not able to perform but very little manual labor on account of age? and other disbilities." W.D. Cooper, clerk, D.E. Young, M.S. Parker

Spouse: Mary Frances Wilson
Birth Date: 16 Sep 1841
Birth Place: Henry Co. TN
Death Date: 13 Mar 1917
Death Place: Crooked Creek Cemetery, Benton Co. TN
Spouse Father: James David Wilson (1821-1889)
Spouse Mother: Jane Brewer (1822-1870)

Spouse Notes:
Part I. Widow's Pension
Mary Frances Akers in her application for Civil War Pension stated that she lived in Faxon, Benton Co., Tenn. She lived in Tennessee all her life, was born in Benton Co., Tenn. in 1841 and her maiden name was Wilson. Her husband was Benjamin F. Akers, born in Benton Co., Tenn. They were married there by J. Davidson, Esq. Mr. Akers died Feb. 13, 1914. They had (?) children, ages thirty to sixty. Mrs. Akers lived with her daughter. Witness who was named for support was J. C. Parker, Faxon, Tenn. March 1, 1914, signed by Homer Parker.

Part II. Witnesses
James H. Reddick, resident of Faxon, Tennessee, stated that he knew Mr. and Mrs. Akers all of his life, and they both enlisted in the Civil War at Big Sandy. They were members of the same regiment 5 Co. E. Mr Akers performed military duty for two and a half years. He left after the Battle of Shiloh. Mr. Akers died in Benton Co., Tenn on February 12, 1914. Sworn to by J.H. Reddick and J.P. Atchinson on Feb. 27, 1914, Signed by Homer Parker.

Part III Relative to Services of B.F.Akers
J.H. Reddick on November 23, 1914 swore to the following statement before Homer Parker, Notary Public:
"I was personally acquainted with the applicant Mary F. Akers' husband during the years from 1862 to 1865, and know of my own personal knowledge that he joined the Confederate army near the beginning of the war of 1861 to 1865; that he remained in the service for several months, and that he came home disabled from duty; that he was not physically able for duty as a soldier during the remainder of the war. This disability as I have always understood has been attributed to a wound which he received at the battle of Shiloh.

Part IV Letter from J.C. Parker, Sheriff:
On October 28th, 1914, Mr. J.C. Parker, the sheriff of Benton Co., wrote to Mr. Frank A. Moses, Pension Examiner in Nashville: "I was a neighbor of Mr. Akers for the last twenty five years of Mr. Aker's life, and he was regarded as an honest, upright gentleman in every respect. And I do know further he drew a pension as an old soldier, and we cannot see why his aged widow can not draw it, as they were married in 1868, and is now very old and in destitute circumstances."

Part V The War Department, The Adjutant General's Office, Washington, September 04, 1908:

"It is known by the records that B.F. Akers, private, Company E, 5th Tennessee Infantry, Confederate, States Army, enlisted May 10, 1861. On the muster roll of that organization dated August 16, 1862, the last on which his name appears, he es reported absent, with remark: 'deserted May 20'."

Part VI Benton Co. Tennessee, April 17, 1914:
" John R. Hawkins and John Garner (swear) that they have known the late B.F. Akers and wife Mary F. Akers for 45 years, that they were married sometime in the year of 1863 and lived together as husband and wife until his death."

Part VII Benton Co. Joseph Davidson, J.P.
"This is to certify that B.F. Akers and Mary F. Childress were united in Marriage by me at Little Creek on the 5th day of January in the year of our Lord 1863 in the presence of W.H. Wheatley and Henry Wynn."
"This is the best proof available as the county records were destroyed about the close of the war, and the witnesses to the marriage are all dead." Homer Parker, N.P.

Submitted by JPieke

D.C. Dickey
5th Tennessee Infantry Company M

Dickey D.C. was a physician in benton married to elizabeth mathews and had a daughter florence married about 1857.

Submitted by Robert Harris

William (Bill) Harris

William (Bill) Harris (1829) served as a Private in Company I, 49th Tennessee Infantry, CSA. After his discharge, he returned to Benton County where he worked as a farmer until his death. He is listed in the book TENNESSEANS IN THE CIVIL WAR.

Submitted by Gary Barnes

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