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49th Tennessee Infantry History

The regiment was organized 24 December 1861; captured at Fort Donelson, TN; paroled at Vicksburg, MS; reorganized in September of 1862; the few members remaining were paroled in 4th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment at Greensboro, N.C. on 1 May 1865.

The 49th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was organized at Fort Donelson on 24 December 1861. It was captured at Ft. Donelson in February 1862. The enlisted men were taken to prison at Camp Douglas at Chicago, Illinois where many of them died. Others took the U.S. oath of allegiance to the Federal Government while in prison and returned home. A petition from Camp Douglas on 17 April 1862 from men in the 47th, 48th, 49th and 50th Tennessee Regiments was sent to Andrew Johnson, the Military Governor of Tennessee, requesting him to use his influence to secure permission for them to take the oath of allegiance and return to their homes. The regiment was released on parole at Vicksburg, MS, 26 September 1862, and declared exchanged 10 November 1862.

The field officers were sent to Fort Warren, Massachusetts, the line officers to Johnson, Illinois.

The Field Officers were:
Colonels - James E. Bailey, David A. Lynn and William F. Young.
Lieutenant Colonels - Alfred Robb, Thomas K. Grigsby, J.B. Cording and Thomas M. Atkins.
Majors - David A. Lynn, Thomas M. Atkins and Robert H. McClelland


49th Tennessee Infantry Company I

Company I of the 49th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was commanded by Captain Thomas Alonzo Napier and Isaac Anderson. The company was gathered at Chalk Level in Benton County, TN in November of 1861 and mustered in with 78 men at Camden, TN under Captain Thomas A. Napier.

Alonzo Napier Captain
"Mira" Nunnery First Lieutenant
Henry Roberson Second Lieutenant
H. K. Camp Third Lieutenant
A.H. Mitchell Orderly Sergeant

Those who served in Company I, 49th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry were:

Alexander, Hugh W. died 1862 at Camp Douglas
Allen, Jasper died in 1862
Allen, Newton died 1862 at Camp Douglas
Anderson, Isaac W. at the surrender in 1865
Anderson, W.C.
Bailey, Wesley died 1862 at Camp Douglas
Baker, Zacheriah
Barnes, J.L. last record 1863
Bayliss, William
Bunn, William died 1862
Butler, J.C. last record 1862
Camp, Harris K. resigned 1863 (only officers were permitted to resign)
Cole, Mark
Cole, William
Cox, Nathaniel took U.S. Oath of allegiance to Federal Government
Cox, S.H. died 1862 at Camp Douglas
Curtis, Joshua died 1862
Dalton, James last record 1862
Earp, Littleberry
Ford, M.C.W. last record 1862
Ford, W.A. last record 1862
Davidson, James B. last record 1862
Gulley, J.R. died 1862 at Camp Douglas
Hall, Henry
Hardin, Elijah last record 1862
Hardin, Isaac, last record 1862
Harris, William last record 1863
Hatley, Mark A.
Hicks, J.H. last record 1862
Hicks, John J. last record 1863
Hinnant, Henry C. died 1862
Hinnant, J.C. last record 1862
Holmes, E.B. last record 1862
Irby, J.H. died 1862 at Camp Douglas
Johnson, Jesse last record 1863
Johnson, William last record 1864
Key, Thomas J.
King, Duncan last record 1862
Larkins, Benjamin B.
Lewis, J.H. died 1862 at Camp Douglas
Miller, George W. died 1862
Mitchell, A.H.
Mitchell, Camey C.
Mitchell, James R. last record 1862
Moore, John G. last record 1862
Nowell, James
Nunnery, James discharged 1863
Nunnery, Jeptha E. last record 1863
Nunnery, Nehemiah M. last record 1863
Oatsvall, Charles last record 1862
Pace, W.C. died 1863
Porter, Stephen M.
Prater, John died 1862
Prince, John last record 1862
Reaves, Felix R.
Roberts, T.A. died 1862
Roberson, Henry conscript officer
Roswell, William last record 1863
Smith Frank last record 1862
Smith, Georqe W. died 1862 at Camp Douqlas
Smith, Irwin last record 1862
Smith, Nathaniel died 1862 at Camp Douqlas
Smith, Simpson
Smith, Thomas last record 1862
Summers, E.J. last record 1863
Swindel, James E. wounded at Shiloh, TN
Swindel, John E. last record 1863
Swendel, John S. last record 1863
Swendel, Thomas
Tyner, J.W.
Utley, A.J. discharged 1863
Watson, W.S. died 1862 at Camp Douqlas
Wyly, T.K. last record 1862

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