Excerpt from Cemetery Map distributed at Natchez Trace State Park Visitors Center (1999)


 1. Antioch (location shown on map is wrong) (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page)
 2. Mt. Comfort (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page) (also photographs)
 3. Parish (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page)
 4. Ritter (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page)
 5. Bradford (Reedford on park map) (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page)
 6. Shiloh (outside park boundary; by Larry R. Pritchard and Carroll Co. TNGenWeb page)
 9. Todd (outside park boundary)
10. Rainey (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page)

Within park but not shown on map: Blunt (Blount) (aka Brewer) (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page)
On park border but not shown on map: Birdwell (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page), Butler (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page), Oak Grove (Carroll Co. TNGenWeb Page).


Henderson County

Excerpt from Cemetery Map distributed at Natchez Trace State Park Visitors Center (1999)

 7. Cary
 8. Greener
11. Dameron (aka Cozart)
12. Rush*
13. Jones*
14. Webb
15. Davis*
16. Milton (called Melton on park map)
17. Myracle
18. Robertson
19. Foster
20. Miller (aka Mt. Pisgah)
21. Olive Branch
22. Mazies Chapel (Mays Chapel on park maps, outside park boundary)
23. Bible Grove (outside park boundary)
24. Small
25. Lovell

Within park but not shown on map: Altom
Outside park: Laster (called Lester and shown on earlier park cemetery map)

*From Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Smith, Memphis, 1976).


            For many years after the creation of Natchez Trace State Park and Forest, little attention was given to the cemeteries within the boundary. By the 1970s most were overgrown and often damaged. In recent years the park has restored the cemeteries. All are now maintained by the park (though maintenance does not necessarily extends to their access roads). During the restoration post and log fences were placed around the boundaries of the cemeteries. Whitewashed concrete blocks replaced fieldstones and probably were placed where sunken spots indicated burials. As a result, all cemeteries are accessible and the number of burials can be estimated. But many of the cemeteries now look alike. Many have lost their individual characters.


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