Myracle Cemetery, February 2002


            Myracle Cemetery is located about 30 yards off Sheepwallow Road. Look carefully because the short drive is easy to miss and Sheepwallow Road beyond the cemetery drive is in very poor condition. The cemetery contains two markers and two concrete blocks. Recorded February 4, 2002.

            Cova Lewis recorded this cemetery in 1976. Her record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. 1, p. 61.


Myracle, W. H., d. June 9, 1905, "Aged 57 Ys. 29 Ds.

Myracle, M. A., Dec. 5, 1847-Oct. 6, 1924, "Wife of W. H. Myracle"


Cova Lewis reports these people:

Myracle, Martha, d. about 1875, "Dau. of Abraham" Died About 1875 (unmarked grave)

Myracle, Abraham, d. about 1885 (unmarked grave)



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