Laster Cemetery is located on the east side of Pritchard Road approximately mile north of Taylortown Road. It is outside the park but was listed on some earlier park cemetery maps. The cemetery probably is mown once or twice a year. The number of depressions equals at least the number of marked burials, and the depressions occur throughout the cemetery area. The cemetery may be full.

            David Donahue recorded Laster Cemetery December 2, 2001. Brenda Fiddler and Bonnie Bradford recorded Laster Cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (Memphis, R. H. Harris, 1976), Vol. III, p. 575. This is referred to as Fiddler and Bradford in notes below.


Anderson, Grizzy Ann, Dec. 23, 1838-Aug. 25, 1927

Anderson, Robert Cortez, Oct. 9, 1873-Apr. 13, 1956

Bryant, J. L., Aug. 11, 1832-Nov. 12, 1868, "Husband of Mary Jane Bryant"

Cagle, Henry O., no dates, military marker "Co E. 7 Tenn. Cav." (eroded)

Lasater Beedy, d. Mar. 2, 1858, Aged 38 ys 17 Ms 17 Ds, "Wife of Hugh Lasater"
Lasater, Hugh, d. Jan. 12, 1877?, Aged 66 Ys, 7 Ms. 9 Ds., "Husband of Beedy & Antonette Lasater" [difficult to read; death date reported as Jan. 26, 1877 by Fiddler and Bradford]
Lasater, Antonette, d. Apr. 27, 1894, "Aged 72 Ys 8 Ms 11(?) Ds." [last number reported as 20 Ds by Fiddler and Bradford]

Laster, Anne E., 1866-1904
Laster, Wm. Henry, 1863-1926 [replacement]

Laster, Infant, born & died Aug. 15, 1895, "Infant son of B. E.. & M. J.Laster"
Laster, Infant, born & died Sept. 6, 1896, "Infant son of B. E.. & M. J.Laster"

Laster, Jonathan C., 1849-1929, "Dr."

Reed, Aric T., 1902-____ [Fiddler and Bradford report death year as 1974]
Reed, T. F., 1876-____

Reed, Bill William, Apr. 6, 1904-Nov. 2, 1930, military marker "Tennessee Pvt. 9 Inf." [birth date was later addition to marker]

Reed, Infant, Apr. 4, 1897-May 5, 1897, "Infant dau. of S. J. & Nancy Ann Reed"

Reed, Nancy Ann, June 13, 1865-Sept. 27, 1932, "Wife of S. J. Reed" "Mother" [replacement]

Reed, Samuel J., Oct. 12, 1858-Jan. 6, 1919, "Husband of Nancy Reed" "Father"

Sanford, S. C., Aug. 29, 1840-Jan. 21, 1902, "Wife of J. A. Sanford"

Speer, Dan, no dates [reported by Fiddler and Bradford as an unmarked grave]


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