Cocke County, Tennessee
1839 Tax List, All Districts

The following were returned by William McSween, County Court Clerk of Cocke Co, to the Comptroller of the Treasury. The bound originals are in the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the only known early Tax List of the county.
Submitted by Bruce Price


A white poll was a free white man age 21-50. Slaves were age 12-50.

In 1823, a price restriction on land was removed and land could be sold for less than $1.00 an acre. The Tennessee General Assembly provided for the sale of waste land outside the Congressional and Cherokee reservations for the price of 12 1/2 cents an acre. All revenue was to be placed in the common school fund, thus, these lands were called school lands.

In District 6, the revenue commissioner apparently wrote the number of a specific lot. In the rest of the districts, he wrote "1" for 1 lot or "2" for 2 lots.

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