This church history is made available through the generosity and research of historian Robert H. Wallace and the willingness of a very special Stewart County list subscriber who transcribed it. Thanks to both of you!



Parent church of Pleasant Hill and Brandon's Chapel Free Will Baptist Churches.


This is not a complete history of the Liberty Church.  Records were taken from the old Liberty Church book which was in very bad condition.  It had some of the pages missing and after 100 to 140 years, the hand written pages were very hard to read.  From 1843 until 1859 the records were torn out of the book.  The list of members was missing.  The list of members in this report was taken from some of the business meetings held beginning in October, 1859 running to January, 1880.  The names mentioned in their business meetings allowed us to get a fairly good record of the ones that belonged to the church.

Liberty Church was established in 1843 when Elisha Williams donated two acres of land on Hayes Fork Creek near Bumpus Mills to build the log church building on.  From reading the minutes, it seems there was some repair work done on the building in 1867 and in 1874 a new church building was built. Even though it said nothing of building a new building directly, in the minutes it stated that John Morgan was in charge of disposing of the old lumber that belonged to the old meeting house and that Riley Wallace took part of it for hauling lumber to the new one and that M. Jacobs got the rest of the lumber in exchange for window lights.  The old meeting logs were sold to Mr. Woodson for $5.00.  A new stove was also purchased. Liberty Church served Bumpus Mills, Antioch, Potneck and surrounding areas for about 50 years.  Because of traveling distance, the church was divided. One was established in Bumpus Mills and the other in the Pleasant Hill community. The old church property was sold to James M. Link for $10.00.

The minutes of the period of time are very interesting to read.  It tells of men and women whose names were erased from the church book for their dancing, drinking, playing cards, swearing or trading horses on Sunday.  If one felt he was not 'fittin' to be a church member, he would ask his name be erased from the church book.  Only by reading the original minutes, can one get the picture of the clerk's writing and spelling.  Example:  read was spelled red;  erased-rasd or door-dore.


Ephrain Gattlin  (1785-8/23/1837)


Some of the members before 1859.  This is not a complete list of the churches members.  This list was compiled from the church minutes.  Other members are not known.

Robert George Robert Jackson Caroline Stalls Dr. Wesley Brandon Lydia Clark
E. E. Colison William Wallace James Ross Albert R. Lewis John Kelley
E. A. Kelley Martha McCoy George Roberts Riley Wallace Green Wall
Sam Vick Austin Taylor Evans Wallace Jonathan Brewer Emeline Page
John H. Morgan James Feltner Polly Kelly Manerva Wallace Joseph Kernell
Henry Jackson M. G. Morgan Frances Kernell Winney Legate George McCoy
Marvin McCoy Ethel Taylor Montelda Legate John Vick Sallie Wallace
Lucinda Jackson G. M. Newberry Martha Taylor Robert Vick John Taylor
Martha Manning Binkley Jackson G. W. Jackson Larena Wallace Elizabeth Clinard
Ben Taylor Isaac Wesley Lewis Henry Jackson

Members admitted to the church beginning 1859

Yeatman Cherry  Oct. 1859 A. G. Cherry and wife  June 1860 Mary Wallace   June 1862 Polly Wallace   June 1862
Josiah Wallace  July 1862 Penny Morgan August 1864 Nathan Wallace August 1864 Joseph Vick August 1864
Lucinda Morgan August 1864 Enos H. F. Morgan August 1864 Martha G. Williams August 1864 David Williams August 1864
Mary Williams August 1864 William Williams August 1864 Martha Ross August 1864 Sarah Page August 1864
Samuel Griffin Sept. 1864 Margaret Taylor August 1865 Susan McCoy August 1865 Nancy McCoy August 1865
John McCoy August 1865 Mary Neblett August 1865 Emlis CherryAugust 1865 Rebecca Wallace August 1865
Eliza Cherry August 1865 Emaline Page August 1865 Riggs Griffin August 1865 Tebe Vick August 1865
M. D. Hutchinson August 1865 Jane Stewart August 1865 Henry Legate August 1865 Mary Mitchell August 1865
Frances Wallace August 1865 Milton Newberry August 1865 George Cherry (reinstated) August 1865 Sister Newberry; August 1865
Calista Page; August 1865 Susan Newberry  Sept. 1865 Clarisa Vick   Nov. 1865 Sally Morgan
Frances Page Robert Hinson; Oct. 1866 Sarah Hinson; Oct. 1866 Mary Manning; Oct. 1866
William Free; Oct. 1866 Elizabeth Hinson(restored); Oct. 1866 Clarinda Walker; Oct. 1866 Joseph Free; Oct. 1866
Nathan Wallace; Oct. 1866 Arvilla Wallace; Oct. 1866 Dennis Hargis; Oct. 1866 George Taylor; Oct. 1866
Calista Page; Oct. 1866 Binkley Cherry; Oct. 1866 Ella Hinson; Oct. 1866 Martha Ross; Oct. 1866
Jessie Brewer; Oct. 1866 James Taylor; Oct. 1866 Maniza Vick; Oct. 1866 James Kelly; Oct. 1866
Frances Taylor; Oct. 1866 Montild Stewart; Oct. 1866 Guy W. Cherry; Oct. 1866 Samuel Griffin; Oct. 1866
Elin Clined ?; Oct. 1866 America Ralls; Oct. 1866 Artamisa Vick; Oct. 1866 Mary Wallace; Oct. 1866
Lydia Brewer; Oct. 1866 Eliza Pugh; Oct. 1866 John Hawkins; Oct. 1866 Mary A. Lewis; Oct. 1866
Margaret Mitchell; Oct. 1866 Austin Taylor; Oct. 1866 Arzilla Bogard; Oct. 1866 Martha J. Williams  Sept. 1867
Parazade Wallace; Aug. 1862 Martha Ross; Aug. 1862 Mary Morgan; Aug. 1862 Lilly Wallace; Aug. 1862 
Calista Newberry; Aug. 1862 Mary Wallace; Aug. 1862 Prelina Wallace ; Aug. 1862 Joseph Vick; Aug. 1862
David Lancaster; Aug. 1862 Price Thomas; Sept. 1872  S. H. Lancaster  Dec. 1872 DeWit Morgan; Sept. 1874
Dudley Williams; Sept. 1874 Lucinda Thomas; Sept. 1874 Jol. Taylor; Sept. 1874 Isabella Williams; Sept. 1874
Alabama Newberry; Sept. 1874 Eliza Morgan; Sept. 1874 John Fuller; Sept. 1874 Hardy C. Pace   Oct. 1875
John Page; Sept. 1876 J. E. Taylor; Sept. 1876 Sylvester Taylor; Sept. 1876 J. S. McCoy; Sept. 1876 
R. M. Morgan; Sept. 1876 James Taylor; Sept. 1876 S. M. Vick; Sept. 1876  Rebecca Wallace; Sept. 1876
Nancy McCoy; Sept. 1876 F. H. McCoy; Sept. 1876 Fannie Williams; Sept. 1876 J. D. Morgan; Sept. 1876
W. H. Morgan; Sept. 1876   Fannie Wall; Sept. 1876 Betty Heit; Sept. 1876 James McCoy; Sept. 1876
Fred Westerman; Sept. 1876 B. F. Taylor; Sept. 1876 G. R. McCoy; Sept. 1876 Mary Morgan; Sept. 1876 
Samuel Morgan; Sept. 1876 G. M. Wall; Sept. 1876 W. C. Williams; Sept. 1876 Mary Dennis; Oct. 1878 
Orlanda M. Morgan; Oct. 1878  Joseph Taylor; Oct. 1878  Nancy Ralls; Aug. 1877 George W. Wallace; Aug. 1877
Rubin Wallace; Aug. 1877 Jane Cherry; Aug. 1877 Martha A. Wallace; Aug. 1877 C. Taylor Wallis; Aug. 1877
James M. Cherry; Aug. 1877 Joshua Page; Aug. 1877  Ruth Westerman; Aug. 1877 Henry Newberry; Aug. 1877
James Hawkins; Aug. 1877 John Shemwell; Aug. 1877 William Page; Sept. 1877 Henry I. Cherry; Sept. 1877 
Luella Cherry; Sept. 1877 J. E. McCoy; Sept. 1877     Polly Kelly; Sept. 1877 S. H. Grower; Sept. 1877 
Emanda Ball; Oct. 1879   Eaton Vick; Oct. 1879  


Minutes of the Liberty Baptist Church: 1859-1879

1859 1860 1862 1863 1864 1865
1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871
1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877
1878 1879 1880

Records of Mr. Wallace transcribed by Sandy Shackleford; July 1998

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